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JAN 14

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"I'm a girl. And I love the look of this car. I hate the tiny bubble ..."

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Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid Reveal Video

Remember earlier today when I said that Jeep was showing the only non-GM range extended electric vehicle at the Detroit show….well, I was only half right. Fisker, a high performance auto manufacturer just unveiled their first production car, a plug-in hybrid called the “Karma.” The car can run 50 miles on pure electric power, and only then switches over to become a regular hybrid.

So while it's not technically a REEV (because the internal combustion engine powers the buy viagra at a discount wheels in addition to the electric motors), it does have an extended, all-electric range, which gives you the same advantages of an REEV. That advantage, in particular, is the car's ability to be a zero-emissions vehicle on most short trips.

The difference is that, because there are two drivetrains, the car is of course going to be expensive, around $80,000. Of course, Fisker was never going to make cheap cars. It’s not just the hybrid drive that keeps the cost high. It’s also the solar panels on the roof, the limited edition styling, 6-second zero to no prescription sixty time and tramadol next day delivery no prescription the 125 mph top speed.

Fisker hopes to sell more than 10,000 Karmas per year following their Q4 2009 launch of vehicle sales. However, if the record of high-end EV maker Tesla is any indication, their goals may be a bit optimistic.

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written by Jessica, January 14, 2008
Hank, if you were going to buy a car right now, which didn't need to be used for much more than commuting and didn't run on something really difficult to get, what would you buy?
written by bandung, January 15, 2008
a car for $80 grands is much expensive
written by Foto, January 15, 2008
Great car for great money ;-).
That is an awesome looking car!
written by Eric Dewhirst, January 17, 2008
I love the lines of this car - yes 80K is expensive - however it is best dose for daily cialis an exotic and perhaps it can find its niche. I get excited when elegant designs like this start showing up for EV's and EV hybrids.

Cheers - Eric
written by Matt, January 18, 2008
Sure, buy this car if you want to buy good karma with a hybrid. But if you are going to do that, why not invoke some change. Try the Tesla Roadster. It may be 20 grand more, but what is the difference between $80k and $100k. It is a PURE EV with a range of usa generic cialis over 200 miles and goes 0-60 in 4 sec. Much better way to spend your money if I says so.
Tesla Roadster - yes - sweet as well
written by Eric Dewhirst, January 20, 2008
@ Matt

I agree the Tesla Roadster is hot and worth the extra 20k if you have it. I guess my thing is the more I see sweet looking EV's and EV-hybrids the more excited I get.

Cheers - Eric

written by Diana, January 30, 2008
oh my God...this car is very expensive but the viagra drug company car is of course going to be sexy's car. ;)

I like this!
written by Azeron, March 22, 2008
I am a huge Tesla fan, but this car has a solar panel option. I think Tesla should jump on i recommend best quality cialis that idea.
the best looking by far
written by Jerry, March 29, 2008
I like the look of this much better than Tesla. Also the solar panel thing is an idea whose time has come.
green glow grow
written by Jerry, March 29, 2008
Instead of just baking the paint off, some of that solar energy can go into the battery. Kudos!
Tesla "Buggy"
written by Freddy, January 12, 2009
Tesla has HUGE technical problems that they still have not resolved. The Fisker KARMA has a proven drive system from Quantum Fuel Systems and is ready to levitra ed go now! Spend $100k? You'll look foolish pushing this (the Tesla) down the road with your friends!
I'm betting on the KARMA
An Overpriced Volt
written by Ilya, July 10, 2009
This is little more than an overpriced Chevy Volt.
This is not your Father's Car.
written by Candy pfau, February 04, 2012
I'm a girl. And I love the look of this car. I hate the tiny bubble electric cars. Look like toy cars.

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