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JAN 17

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"The comment above stole my fire. If you want to green your life by go..."

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Apple MacBook Paper: The Greenest Computer Ever

We all know that the buy levitra soft tabs MacBook Air is the greenest Mac ever...right? No mercury, no arsenic, low-wattage, and very recyclable.

Well, what if we told you there was a Mac out there that could be made 100% from recycled materials, fit in a regular envelope, and use fewer resources and buy tramadol single pills power than any computer on ever produced...including the abacus?

Welcome to the Apple MacBook Paper.

Thanks to Pocky for the tip.

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written by weee, January 18, 2008
Great video.
written by Rob, January 18, 2008
Dude, I hope that's recycled paper... ;).
Wouldn't it be nice...
written by Carl Foner, January 21, 2008
Another great parody in a long line of Apple commercial parodies. :)

But on a serious note, wouldn't it be great if our computers really had that little of an effect on the environment? I know it's a long way off, but I put together a few ideas on we use it cialis prices what I think a great eco-friendly computer could be like. You can read about it here.
Link correction
written by Carl Foner, January 21, 2008
future technology
written by Hoping ..., January 22, 2008
hope that recycled materials are working, there is a reason why it's being recycled right ?
written by Kathryn, January 22, 2008
Okay, the principal and I watched the video after all of the kids left the school, and we laughed for like ten minutes. That was hysterical.
Response to "future technology" post
written by Carl Foner, January 22, 2008
Thanks for your question.

When a computer gets thrown out or recycled, it's often because one part goes bad. (Often it's the hard drive). The rest of the computer is usually still in good working order. Those parts could reused.

In the case where the parts are no longer usable either because they're broken or they're just too old, the hope is that the materials could be recycled and new parts created. I believe this would be the easiest for the metals, but some of the materials would be a challenge.
Seems like Apple didn't like this video.
written by qwertzguy, January 23, 2008
Youtube just removed this video and I can't find it on either... It seems like Apple had something against it. But what? >:(
If you can't get a new MacBook....
written by Ted, December 10, 2008
...and I wish I could! Computers really are using way more energy that we would ever guess. Just the computers bought last year alone will use as much energy as 2.9 million U.S. homes if used for just four hours a day for a year. Here's a pretty cool startup that is making computers carbon neutral no matter what type they are:
written by zach, December 10, 2008
The comment above stole my fire. If you want to green your life by going out and purchasing the latest laptop, then you are already in a position to be making a serious contribution to the movement. For the rest of America, the vast majority, the above link provides a practical option for those of us without a ton of extra spending cash.

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