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From the CES Archives: Nokia's Green Plans

Nokia's employees are passionate about creating technology that has a low impact on the environment - and they came all the way from Finland to share their passion with us at the buy chinese herbal viagra 2008 CES. While I found it odd that a booth entitled "Ecology Meets Technology" would be set up in front of a single TV reaching from the floor to we choice viagra price the ceiling, I liked what the gentlemen there had to say about how they've reduced their packaging and buy generic cialis from india taken toxic chemicals out of their products.

Nokia certainly has a strong environmental platform, and they made the top of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics when it first came out. They've slipped recently due to ease-of-use problems with their takeback practices in the Philippines, Thailand, Russia, India, and Argentina, and could stand to improve their recycling scorecard a bit, too. All told, though, they have an impressive record and it was great to meet some of the people who make it happen!

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