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Air-Powered Cars in America by 2010: 800-Mile Range!

Wow! Well, this week certainly has been a good one for MDI, the company that first decided it was possible to run a car on compressed air. First, they announce that Tata Motors has invested $30M to get the cars on the road in India and Europe this year, and now, They're Comin' to America!

The cars run off air that is compressed into a extremely strong tank. The air is then slowly released, driving an engine that can propel the American version of the car up to 95MPH. The American distributors, Zero Pollution Motors, already has its price set ($17,800) and a design (seen above).

This also comes with a new bit of news about the levitra shop Air Car's propulsion system. The air tank can only hold so much air, right, so how do they extend the range and power for the American market? Well...what does air do when it's heated? It expands! So MDI has developed a way for the car to get a range of over 800 miles! A small petrol engine heats the air, providing the extra energy necessary to get the car up to 95 MPH and more than triples the vehicle's range. So, indeed, you will have to fill up both a gasoline tank and an air tank to get the car to work.

The bad news is that it takes about an hour to fill the air tank. But, theoretically, the car could come with an at-home charger...since being parked at a gas station for an hour-long fill-up would be pretty horrible. The other bad news is that you'll be burning gasoline...which kinda defeats the purpose...right?

Well, not if the car gets an effective 106 mpg when traveling above 35 mph and doesn't use a drop of gas when going slower than that.

Sounds to me like a pretty good compromise for bringing this otherwise not-very-suited-for-the-American-lifestyle car to America.

Via Auto Blog Green and BusinessGreen

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crazy idea
written by smith, February 22, 2008
taking about an hour to fill the air tank would really drive people crazy
Not really
written by Bill, February 22, 2008
It's not like you would have to stand there. How long does it take to charge an EV-1?
written by Magnulus, February 22, 2008
I remember back in the day, they talked about gas stations with air compressors would be able to re-fill the air tank in 2-3 minutes. Maybe they hit a speed-bump while developing it.

I guess if they figure that filling issue, they could make some sort of dual-filling station that fills gas and air into two separate inputs at the same time. Would make things very easy for people filling up.

Some time in the future, when I have an actual income other than student loans, I'm getting an Air Car.
Typo, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Steve, February 22, 2008
I too, have read that it should only take about 10 min to fill the air tanks on a compressed air car.

I think the real issues is that the oil companies control the US. I'm sure technical issues exist, but I think if you want cars with advanced technology you have to "pay the only for you ordering levitra overnight delivery fossil fuel tribute" and give them "their" due.

written by Steve, February 22, 2008
I live in an apartment building, an old one, like many people.

Any car that requires more than 15 min to reengerize at a "gas station" or requires the installation of home charging equipment is not ready for many people.

Not everyone who regularly uses a car is a suburbanite with their own garage.
written by Greg, February 22, 2008
Here in sunny Texas you could easily install a solar panel or two on the roof to power an electric air pump--or at least offset the power needed to fill the air tank. Then you just have the modest gas cost to deal with. My car is used 90% for commuting 45 miles round trip each day. Such a setup would really be economical over the long-run and significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Add a little tax incentive for solar and alt fuel and it would be very enticing. We need to get used to the idea that our future transportation will be fueled my multiple sources and the buy prescription cialis without more of it you can do it at home, the better.
written by James, February 22, 2008
I listened to a video of the air car about 6 months ago and it had an unfortunate sound, like a phut-phut-phut of high pressure air thumping in an engine. I hope they worked that OUT of the design. Also, when filling the air tank only every 800 miles, that hour wait could be combined with a stop at the coffee shop, and a little reading, and not seem like such a big deal. Every 20 days or so..? Probably it can be done much more quickly anyway.
written by ND_Guy, February 22, 2008
Man I would buy this car the second it came to the US. Seriously, I bought a $16k gas guzzler a year ago and have been kicking myself every since. I would probably only use the air car for driving to and from work, but then I could sell the stupid Jeep and save a $100 a month.

Compressed air isn't affected by extreme cold is it? The temp drops from -10 F to -40 F for a couple weeks a year where I am from.
Filling the tank?
written by bob, February 22, 2008
Hank, according to an article in http://www.climatechangecorp.c...ntid=5154, owners will have the option of either filling the tank in 3 minutes at a designated compressed air station (at a cost of about $2), or they can fill it themselves at home by plugging it in for about 4 hours and letting the onboard compressor do the work. If that's true, then it would allow for both quick on the road fillups and overnight at home fillups. Now of course the gas stations would have to buy the compressor equipment for this to work - I'm sure its alot more than your normal air hose!
written by bob, February 22, 2008
sorry - the link in the comment above is bad - try - its under technology - article is called Tata aids air car launch.
written by Magnulus, February 22, 2008
I'm just curious as to whether that website used the old information I've read or if that is actual new news. I do agree with James on that the one hour can seem like a small deal considering the time and money saved on such an amazing mileage and range.

However, I don't agree with James on the sound of the car. I'd take the phut-phut-phut of the air engine over the BWRROOOMMMMMM-BREEEEEE-BRRRAAOOOOWWMMM!!!! of internal combustion ANY day, especially in the big city. If all I heard was a cacophony of phut-phut-phuts during rush-hour (well, that and some shouted cusswords from various aggressive drivers) then I'd be a happy man. Also, I think we should include the aromatic properties of internal combustion and air engines in that equation. *shudders*
written by Andicus, February 22, 2008
Compressing air takes a huge amount of energy. A lot of energy is wasted as heat. Some small part of it could be recaptured. Once the usefull link cheap prescription viagra battery issue really gets resolved in electric cars, that will be much more straight forward. Ideally you charge your electric car with local pv/wind power evading much energy loss.
written by steve, February 22, 2008
I see compressed air cars as ELECTRIC cars with a compressed air tank as a battery. It already solves the problems of conventional electric batteries. You can fill it up it about 10 min on the professional compressors and you can get 100 miles out of it. I would only have to fill my car up once a week. On roadtrips it would not be unreasonable to stop for 15 min every hundred miles.

Compressed air tanks lack the pollutants and other environmental issues of nickel batteries.

They are also incredibly flexible. Any energy source that could run an air compressor can be used. Nothing to embargo

Charge Time
written by Hank, February 22, 2008
The short charge time referenced a few times above is based on the Indian / European version of the car that has a top speed below 70 mph and a range of less than 125 miles.

Figuring that Americans would never go for that en masse, they made the tank bigger to fit more (and more highly compressed) air in. Hence the larger charge time.

If an infrastructure was built up for high-pressure air chargers, I'm sure that the charge time would decrease, possibly into the sub-10-minute range...which would be fantastic. But, right now, building a compressed air infrastructure is not something that gas stations will do on their own. We'll see...if the air car takes off, chances are we can force them into it!

- Hank
Energy Independence Now
written by poetryman69, February 22, 2008
Energy Independence Now!

No more Oil Wars!

Stop funding the terrorists!

Drill in Anwar.

Build more nuclear power plants

Use More coal.

Use more natural gas

Turn trash into energy

Double the online scams viagra efficiency of windmills and solar cells.

If France can do nuclear power so can we.

If Brazil can do biomass/ethanol power so can we.

If Australia can do LNG power so can we.

Domestically produced energy will end recession and spur the economy.
written by lowpressure, February 23, 2008
what i love about air powered cars is that there is no gear box or engine, so it dramatically reduces running costs and extends the life of the vehicle. I figure we spend nearly as much on depreciation and maintenance of a vehicle as we do on fuel, so increasing the life span and running costs as well as fuel costs will make this a remarkably sustainable vehicle.

To me infrastructure side is much simpler than any bio-fuel. There is no fuel transporting costs, any store or parking lot can supply compressed air for little or no cost. Even a power point on parking meters would be easy to set up.

I want one as soon as possible! A vehicle like this will sell millions! Bring it on investors!!! make some money out of this one!!
Dipletro engine
written by James, February 23, 2008
I just came across another engine design that strikes me as much better than the French one. Angelo Dipletro from Australia made an ingenious air engine that is smoother and ultra light and small. Check it out:
I think this is better than the old piston style, but I don't know how much power it is capable of producing.
I was a big fan of electric motors, but some of the comments above are getting me interested in air. Why carry around an expensive and online levitra sales heavy set of batteries, when the energy can be converted to compressed air? Also, why not heat the tanks with the levitra without perscription new cloths dryer technology mention on this site earlier? If it is really as efficient as the article stated, it would be another improvement to overall efficiency.
written by wesley bruce, February 23, 2008
For about two decades several hundred Permaculture graduates including myself have been telling Mr Negre to install a fuelled burner to heat the air. Bill Mollison has been talking about heating compressed air lines for 30 years now. Mr Guy Negre has finally got the point and done a good design. Ideally it needs to be biofueled not gasoline.

The 1 hour refuelling time quoted is correct if you have to fill up the tanks with the petrol stations tyre filler. It wont take long for someone to come up with a light truck loaded with extra tanks of high pressure air, a more powerful compressor and a high voltage or high amperage power cord. Who needs petrol stations when your a cell phone call away from a truck load of high pressure air.

If all else fails a stranded driver could recharge that tank to 10% in a few minutes at the Petrol station crawl home slowly with the air line heater running at full bore. Expect to see an embarrassed driver checking the street directly for the next petrol station.

Mr Negre has designed a high pressure compressor with some storage, a bowser for his cars. They may show up in a park near you. They don't need to be at a petrol station. Particularly if billing is fully electronic and wireless.
Air or Battery Power
written by Frank Turley, February 24, 2008
106 mpg is very very bad news, this cannot be true?, It must do a lot better this otherwise it's not worth it. Can they not use batteries to heat the air?
Otherwise the future must be batteries, we just have to wait until the technology gets a bit cheaper and it going in the right direction now.
Now we have a Tesla sports car for $98,000 which may cost a lot, but its a great start for battery power. Just imagine what the the best place viagra paypal price will be in 3 years for a small 4 seater family battery car from Ford, Toyota, etc..
Cost of Air?
written by Peter Glyman, February 24, 2008
So we'll have barrels of oil, oranges, pork and "Air". Imagine the market for Air. In about 10 years you'll go to fill up your air tank at $4.60 per/min of air.
MDI's past
written by Cannonball, February 25, 2008
I will believe in the air-fueled car the day it will actually be on sale at the shop. I am Italian and Mr. Negre announced, several years ago now, that he would produce the air-fueled car in as much as 6 months. I still remember very well the press conference in which his spokeperson said that in a few months the first vehicles would have been donated to the Vatican. They opened a factory not far from Rome, in Rieti, just to get the funds from EU, and even started recruiting staff, who never worked a single day, and did not get paid (despite being kept on hold). Everything is on the net, you just need to scout for it...
I am looking forward to the actual delivery of the car, I will be among the first customers, but I want to see it working.
Soap Nuts (Soapnuts) - The Environmental
written by Matt Johnson, February 27, 2008
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written by Bob Smith, April 16, 2008
Incorporate regeneration in the design and use de-acceleration to run the air motor in reverse acting as an air compressor. Could conceivably almost eliminate the need for friction brakes thereby creating additional savings. Or use friction brakes to produce the heat needed to expand the air thereby increasing the pressure with accompanying increase in *mpg*.
think twice
written by corny, April 19, 2008
compressed air can be compared to nitro gliseren
a tube exploded at a power boiler (2500 psi)it went through the wall of the power house and viagra cheap price 250' into a car in the parking lot this doesnt seem that safe to me and to put this technology in a car
I'm in!
written by Tim, April 23, 2008
Would totally buy one of these, ideally with regenerative braking to recharge the reserves.
Doubtful until I see it in action
written by Ben, April 25, 2008
I have a 3 horsepower 10 gallon air compressor.
Takes 3-4 minutes to simply fill it's own tank up to 100 psi. If I'm filling my portable Airtank which is another 10 gallons it takes the better part of 8 minutes to fill them both. Also warnings on most aircompressors state that the warranty will be voided if run on an extension cord since most extension cords won't carry the amps necessary to run the electric motor properly. Seems it will take a lot of electricty to fill up the air tanks on these cars to the pressures I'm reading about. Also the larger Aircompressors like the Auto Shops use typically take 240volt 30amp curcuits. Again a lot of energy..

I can't see these "Air" stations selling air very cheaply since they will have probably as much $$ invested in their systems as a conventional gas staion has in it's underground storage tanks and gas pumps

But the idea of carrying around lightweight airtanks for power sounds much better than heavy batteries.

I guess we will have to wait and see...
written by James, April 28, 2008
I agree that this sounds pretty scary in a high impact collision. Contrary to every action film ever made, gasoline tanks almost never explode. As for maintenance, the same is true for electric cars - no rad fluid, engine oil, etc. We have had electric buses and streetcars run for 50 years in our city. So it's not only the oil companies, but the car companies who have a huge vested interest in the internal combustion engines. They typically make most of their money these days on service, not on selling the cars.
Lastly, would it not be possible to make an air/electric hybrid? Might have enough range to go really far...
Author/Show Producer of Food, Home, Heal
written by Jon McClure, May 03, 2008
I moved from Pa. to beautiful Alabama and It's like dieing and going to heaven...Now, we have a new Mercedes, Honda and visit web site cialis info Hyandai plants and a Toyota engine plant and we soon may have a new V.W. plant to go with our new Air Bus plant and new high quality stainless steel German plant... We are a very "LUCKY" state... Now, I want the one of many "compressed air car" plants to be built soon. Embrace this new technology, it's cheap, non-polluting, safe and we can go 800 miles on a fill-up! Maybe, we will be able to fill-up at stores who want our business while we shop? Maybe, solar recharging or that small engine could recharge the air-compresser? Regardless, let's open our hearts and minds to a blessing from Mr. Tata and his attempts to help us all...

written by Al, May 05, 2008
I am skeptical of this at first glance. Compressed air is typically very expensive. Large low pressure compressors are about 20% efficient at best. The rest is lost to heat. It is interesting it has a rating of 4500 PSI and an on-board compressor that can handle that. If the ratings for range and compressor power are accurate, it looks to be promising. Maybe a cylinder exchange station would help save the time of refilling. I hope that some sort of cheaper energy will become available, or maybe America will stop being scared of nuclear power.
Want it now
written by Donald Fussell, May 09, 2008
I wish the air powered cars was already here in the US. I know I would go out and buy one in a min. This is a great idea, why didnt US auto makers come up with it first. I thought that US had the best technology over the other countries. If I good convert my van to air power I would. Spread the word people maybe our government will listen.
Want it now
written by Donald Fussell, May 09, 2008
I wish the air powered cars was already here in the US. I know I would go out and buy one in a min. This is a great idea, why didnt US auto makers come up with it first. I thought that US had the best technology over the other countries. If I good convert my van to air power I would. Spread the word people maybe our government will listen.
I Love Soap Nuts
written by Soap Nuts, May 09, 2008
Soap nuts work awesome for getting the mildewy smells out of clothes.
written by Kevin, May 12, 2008
I think if there were stations where you could swap your air tanks out in a matter of minutes people could make that fill time a non factor. Of course it would take a few years to implement an infrastructor that would make it convinent and efficiant, but the possiblility is definatly there. If you could stop off at fill stations as frequently as you could gas stations now and do a tank swap much like propane tanks, it would not be much of an issue. The problems would be that there would be costs involving the inspections of tanks and setting up stations that could fill the tanks with compressors that have little noise pollution. Size may be a factor of how many tanks a station is able to have ready and how fast they are able to fill them.
f***ing oil companies
written by pissed off!!!, May 15, 2008
What is the point of the "great design of air powered cars" when you have to still fill it with gas? Why can't we just bring the same ones over from other countries? If a motorcycle is safe enough shouldn't the "original" air powered cars should be too!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
written by Rick, June 03, 2008
Nice idea... but what if you get in an accident and the air tank breaks? Can you imagine?!? It would be like having a pack of TNT exploding right in front of you!
structural engineer
written by Bryan, June 03, 2008
In response to all the comments about the compressed air exploding, see the information on safety directly from the website:

The Air Car will follow the same safety rules and regulations of all approved cars driven in the Unites States. The car’s tubular body provides increased resistance in the event of a crash. The air tank(s), located under the floor, is carbon fiber with a thermoplastic lining. If damaged upon impact, it cracks and the air simply escapes without any explosion, as there is no metal. Aerospace giant Air Bus industries will manufacture the tanks for MDI.

The Air Car comes equipped with Air Bags and ABS braking.
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written by frank, June 27, 2008
I want one. 98% of my driving is not more then 25 mile and work is 10 miles round trip. i average maybe 15 mile a day. this car would be prefect for me. sent me one. i'll fill it up @ home over night. just made sure it has a shutoff when the tanks are full
it amazes me
written by Garth, July 08, 2008
ive read the entire article and all of the here are mine..did anyone besides me read the entire article? ok here's my take on a few of the items. 1, the 1 hr fill time, the american version of this will come with a small gas engine that heats the compressed air, allowing for more power and further drivng. after 800 miles of driving a 1 hour break would be welcome break. I agree this will be a big hit on the big oil companys, but its not a total loss for them..just a little less profit sharing for the big exexutives.. also if you watch the youtube story on this they are also planning to add a compressor so that the car can be self sustaining, meaning it can compress recharge itselr..i'd welcome the chance to get away from $50 - $60 dollars every 4 or 5 days to spending half that every 2 to 3 weeks. For the comment about the internal combustion, its about our future and the future of our planet..i want my children and gran children to be able to enjoy life..with a little less polution.. this car is a great concept that i have tracked from the first article..its needed here in the USA, were we see oil company executives make millions in salary and incentives while poor people struggle to survive.. I have already laid out plans for my self and wife to get one of these soon as they are avail.. i challenge all of you to do the america, save lives,(no more oil wars) save our economy..
written by a;o, July 17, 2008
you all are stupid.
you plug it in at night and buy generic viagra it has an on board air compresser that will take a couple of hours to fill up and you put in 8 gallons of gas, you can go 800 miles before you have to fill up the air tank or gas tank again. also you are confuused because it will take a few hours to fill up the air tank up by pluging it in and it will only take a couple of mineuts to fill up at a gas station
written by richo, July 18, 2008
Does the AIRCAR have brakes that could produce the necessary heat to increase the air pressure? Could static electricity built up on a vehicle be harnessed to power a small motor to produce heat? Like an old coffee cup boiler. Would more, smaller air tanks per vehicle help? Like multiple gas tanks. As I understand it, the motor can run effeciently until almost out of air by use of a regulator. Then when one exhausted, the operator could switch to another tank, even a small one like a spare tire, that could get sixty miles. Then, at the next convenient stop, of even a few minutes, could charge the tanks enough to do the job.

I also understand that there must be some electrical issue. Is it correct that the air runs the wheels and not an electric power plant. There is no transmission, thus much lighter. But clocks and radios and dome lights need electricity.

Sounds good otherwise.
Bring It On!
Danger Issue and Question
written by Michael, July 31, 2008
To those concerned about the danger of a compressed air tank you could think the same way about hydrogen fuel cell cars. I had the chance to take a look at a Mercedes hydrogen fuel cell car in an environmental engineering class during college and they have a stem on top that looks like a small antenna. If the car is involved in an accident the hydrogen is released through the stem. From the comments above it seems like they have already addressed this issue with the compressed air car.

My question is how much energy is going into creating the air? I really doubt they took the electricity used into consideration when calculating the 106 mpg equivalent but I may be wrong on that one. This is an interesting concept though and tramadol 180 buy I would really like to see what happens with it in the future.
Air tanks
written by Rick, August 12, 2008
Maybe they could try trading tanks at gas stations like they do with propane. That way people wouldnt have to wait for a refill.
written by Mike, August 12, 2008
Ah the French, from the dark ages of oil, to the rennesance of compressed air.........
I believe the US version utilizes the IC engine to heat & expand the air creating more power, and to recharge the tank. The european version just uses the compressed air which flows out the tailpipe at 0 to 15 degrees. The euro version has a ventalation system that can utilize this clean exhaust to air condition the car.
written by Dave, September 01, 2008
I would not buy this car for 3 reasons.

1. Its too much money. For a car that will sits firmly in the entry level bracket 17 thousand dollars is far toooooo much money.

2. Its butt ugly. I'm not going to drive a car that is that ugly, no way no how. If you want me to get in a air powered car make sure it doesn't make we want to where a bag over my head while I'm in it.

3. Its not Made In America. Shame on you all for buying a car that was made in another country. Because you buy foreign cars you cost Americans their jobs.
Just another car...
written by T.C., September 10, 2008
...that needs fossil fuels to be built.

And do I care if I'm run over be a 'eco car' vs. a Hummer?

Guess what: technology only gets used to boost consumption. It ain't gonna save us.

Move to a city & start riding your bike!

written by Kelly Noel, September 19, 2008
the government just as to get air compressor at gas station and it will only take 2 min. to fill up not 4 hours that's the air compressor build into the car who ever made this site apparently didn't to there research ;)
Compressed Air at Service Stations
written by AustinTX, October 12, 2008
As Kevin said above, service stations will just swap your empty tank for a full one. This will take just moments, using a cart or trolley rolled under the car, or perhaps by driving over a service pit with a robotic system in it. The station will have a big, efficient compressor inside a soundproofed housing. Some service stations could use waste heat from adjoining industry, or install windmills or water turbines on-site, in order to operate the compressor mechanically. This would not waste energy in converting it to electricity.

The cars could employ electric regenerative brakes, which would recharge the battery or capacitor powering the onboard instruments and other electrical amenities. The brakes might even suppliment the fuel-burning engine in preheating the air, using elements like in an electric stove.
written by Mike Wofsey, October 14, 2008
Air has a huge advantage over batteries and electric that has not been too well noted in this thread. If you mechanically couple the air-compression rig to a mechanical wind generator, then you can have very low phase conversion losses.

For instance, a batter electric car has several phase conversion losses: Coal or oil is burned to convert to mechanical motion which is converted to electrical energy with the dynamo, which is then wired to the home (resistance loss) which is then piped into the battery (electrical to chemical phase conversion), stored for a while as chemical energy, then extracted eventually (chemical to electrical conversion) then the electrical is energy is converted to mechanical motion for the wheels by the motor. I count 5 stages of phase conversion loss with this system.

In contrast, a wind-powered air pump for an air car would have 2 phase conversions: Mechanical (wind) is mechanically coupled to piston-driven air pump, air is stored (essentially thermodynamically) which is then extracted to run the piston pump and then the wheels.

There is a way of topping this efficiency though ... use photovoltaics to directly charge ultracapacitors, which then turn a motor. In that case there is only one phase conversion loss, since ultracapacitors are not chemical storage.

Of course, there is still the ultimate zero-phase conversion loss ... walking and bicycles.
written by jack, October 16, 2008
1984 technology:jetta diesel 50 mpg avg.
written by Cajupsi, October 20, 2008
Why don't they put a solar panel on top together wit a solar batery?

They could also make the air tanks replacable, so you could buy a pre-presurised tank and replace it in a few seconds?
written by Kelvin, October 21, 2008
I would like to add. What difference does it make who makes the car or how ugly the car might be. The big issue at hand is that our economy is controlled by gas prices.

I look for the day when all those billionaires who made their money from oil fall flat on their noses. It's time we Americans take back our country and stop companies from exploiting us.

I agree that the future appears bleak unless we can come up with a way to solve our economic and energy crisis. It looks like there are some who is at least trying. The question everyone needs to ask themselves is- What am I doing to contribute to the solution to this crisis?

I wish that we could find another energy source that would be more cost effective and did not need the use of petroleum at all. I for one will be the first one to buy a car that does not use any outside power at all either to recharge or to fuel the motor. There is a way to recharge the air tanks while we commute. The problem is greed. People who have invested in these cars need to see a continuous flow of revenue. If they make something that is fuel efficient then their billion dollar lifestyle would disappear. Greed is the driving force of all things in the USA.

That's why the manufacturers do not want to remove the need for fossil fuels. Because the gas companies have their nasty hands in it and they are frightened by the idea that such a car could cost them their revenue.

All we can do is wait and see what will become of our future. I hope for the best for all.
written by Deborah, October 26, 2008
Unlike his name, the author is not. Please, do your research, before writing on something. You have a responsibility, when you approach that keyboard. You have people thinking that they will be sitting at the gas station for an hour to fill their tanks! If you are on the oil companies' payroll, we will stop reading "green" articles from you. Look, improving your lives in this chemical-laden world will take a complete lifestyle change, for most people. Why is that so scary? Is your overweight, cancer-ridden life that great? It is only hard, if you make it that way. If you look at a drive-thru as comfort food, instead of a homemade organic rasperry tart, your attempts at a healthy lifestyle will fail. I asked my friend to try an experiment. He stayed away from soda, drive-thrus, cut meat way, way back, drank lots of water, and used orgainic products whenever possible. He lost 30 lbs in 3 mos, skin cleared up, and he said he had so much energy. Unfortunately, he saw drive-thrus as comfort food, and has fallen back (getting a little belly, and skin looks bad). But, he remembers what it felt like to be healthy, and is currently striving back for that. Now, unlike before, he knows what he's fighting for. Watch farming videos on These poor animals are suffering (releasing high amounts of hormones into the meat) in their own filth (high probability of disease) - and you're eating that. It is common now for children to have asthma, and adults to have allergies and cancer. Our lifestyle is killing us (and others), and the government isn't going to help you. You have the Internet (be careful what you read, like this article) - learn. Learn how to grow a garden on your patio (the Vietnamese are masters at this). Did you know you can probably have 2-4 laying hens as pets, in the city and suburbs? Chickens, so I've learned, are the ultimate lawn tool, and I can now afford to eat as many egg whites as I want. Transportation in the USA is still an issue. When I lived in Tampa, the bike lanes were narrower than my handlebars. It was a death-defying act just to ride the 6 miles to work, but I felt great! Sitting here with a mini-tire around my waist, I wish I had that little bike lane now. It will take us, the general public, to push our city and state governments for bike lanes, sidewalks, etc. Some people have given up, and are building their own "green" communities - and making tons of money at it. I had no idea that Ford and Edison had made an affordable electric car, until their entire compound was, guess who? Amazingly, the gas powered engine sales boomed. No one fought back then, either.
I like that car
written by Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent, November 26, 2008
I like that car. Are they available in Canada yet?
$17,800 is way too pricey for an economi
written by AJ, December 03, 2008
I do not understand. For all the news that I read about this car, it will be much more economic to produce it. Then, why does it has to cost so much? Because it is new? Becuase it is a new technology? I mean, it is not supposed to be a less expensive car, due to the fact that the manufacturers have to spend way less money than producing any other cars?

It is clear that, whatever seems to be in fashion at a certain time, is there to be exploited. As with anything new, I will wait until the fashion goes away so the car starts coming at a decent price; otherwise, its success will be once again compromised by the glutony of the car makers.
gas engine modified to air power sourse
written by Jo, January 09, 2009
in the philippines, a small gasoline engine has been modified powered by air and air pressure alone and doesn't need of refilling of air again, because of the engine pistons it self is the air pump, and maintain 4,000psi of air pressure in the air tank.
exahaust pipe..
written by Jo, January 09, 2009
exhaust pipe has been redirect to the air tank with oneway vale..
written by chris, February 06, 2009
The car will go over 60 miles in a day if you don't go over 35 and if you are going any further than that you are likely to get on the highway. Everyone will just have to plug in your car at night just like you would your cell phone. I don't see myself ever having to fuel at a gas station. An 800 mile range is more than most Americans can drive at a single time. Do the math if you drive 70 miles an hour for 10 hours (which is a lot) you will only get to 700 miles. After 700 miles of driving what do you do? Sleep. If you're at a hotel I am sure you could find a way to plug in your car. Then in the morning a quick trip to the gas station and your are ready for another 800 mile road trip. People in general will have to plan ahead. Geez, we did it before the advent of the cell phone. You plan your day out. Then let someone know when and where you will be. Who cares if its ugly? If you buy this car it's not for the look. It is for the utility of the car, which is what everyone should consider when purchasing a car, a house, or anything.
written by NB, March 09, 2009
I can think of several potential long-term issues with this car...1st if using compressed air, how do they overcome condensation issues with the varying temps?

2nd, what happens in a collision when a high-pressure tank bursts? Even if they are made from carbon fiber (which would account for much of the vehicle's expense) the tanks could still be dangerous if ruptured.

3rd, what is the lifespan of a vehicle with working aluminum parts? Did we not learn from Chrysler in the '80s that aluminum doesn't handle friction well?

Don't get me wrong, I'd stand in line to buy one...if just to tinker with it.
written by Charles, May 04, 2009
Ya, 800 miles is better than any car of today and better than expectations in the future for lithium batteries cars, solar, natural gas cars, ect.. H20 cars sound good but in freezing temperatures, well it might be bad and the rust factory. Air is just that. The car would not rust as fast, solves CO2 emissions, and if air stations charged $4 per minute it would be looked apon as gouging the customers. For sure, one could plug in their own compressor to get air thus why would a station charge more than the going rate anyhow? Build windmills for extra power verses nuclear power which is still dangerous if a earthquake were to occure. Yes, the cars may still have a issue with collision testing( should split thus have no metal flying around) but it is still alot of pressure that might lift the car off the ground. But the whole thing is 800 per tank of air means no more gas from countries that are our enemies. And America would have the altimate supply that the world demands- food.. Yes, food is not a weapon but a thing we have an abundants of and other need it. Too crash planes into the World Trade Center is not forgotten by me and I seek a new form of fuel to show the Arabs, Iraq, Iran, ect that we have the technology to get off of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel are just that. The way of the past.
written by Jerry, August 10, 2009
Mechanics and full service filling stations already have compressors to fill the car's air tanks. I beleave that the original design provided for a built-in compressor that recharged the car over night. Go to a tire store to fill the car!
Re-Filling the tank
written by Jim O., December 28, 2009
This is a wonderful concept. I have read all the past posts to this article and it is obvious that none of you h ave ever worked with high pressure compressors before. High pressure air compressors are pretty special animals. They are NOTHING like your garden variety compressor you see in your garage or shop. Typically you use a Hascal pump, which is a re-compressor. You take air of say 150 psi and step it up sequentially using different stages of the hascal pump to get to 4500 psi. These pumps are small! about the size of 2 small scuba tanks. They could fill the tank of this car in an hour easily. They do not consume a large amount of energy as they run on the 150psi air from the compressor. Thats right they run on air not electricity. you have 2 lines to the compressor, one to drive the pump and the other is a source for re-compressing.
Cant wait to buy one of these. I think by the time they hit the market, they will incorporate a small compressor inside the vehicle to use to refill it at night. Possibly while driving as well.
Refilling the tank
written by Chad, March 12, 2010

Jim O., I came here to say that.

I've come up with some ideas of using a hydraulic pump and fluid displacement to build a cheap high pressure compressor. Wish I had time to play around and see if I could make it work!
written by mike g, June 10, 2010
Ive been following this car for years its nothing more than an investment scam...always a yr to 18 months from going in production....never having a working proto type that will reach claimed speeds and order generic viagra claimed range
common sence
written by marcus, May 09, 2011
if they can make that car they can make a camaro thats air powerd to or atleast some thing stylishsmilies/smiley.gif
Air Cars
written by Joy, August 18, 2011
What's next?! Flying machines?! This is a great stride towards where we should be going. We should be innovating back here at home. The less processed ingredients that we use in our lives the better. What's more pure than air, huh? What a great idea if they can execute, and it sounds like they might be doing it right. The price is extremely reasonable as far as the initial cost of the car. I'm not exactly certain of how you're going to get that air into the tank, but I will be reading the above comments for that. Thanks for the post!

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