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MAR 10

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"Everyone boasting about how safe the Hummer is clearly didn't do their..."

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Hummer H2 Eats It: To Be Gone by 2011 or 2014

Hummer H2 Discontinued

GM and Hummer have officially decided to discontinue the levitra discounts Hummer H2 after years of lagging sales and a good deal of negative publicity that the car has brought to GM.

While the car remains popular, the Hummer brand in general, and the H2 specifically, have been on a continual sales slide for the cheap viagra for men last five years or so. The vehicle, as the most inefficient SUV on the road, has become less appealing since gas prices have more than tripled in the last ten years.

GM has also bemoaned that its "iconic" vehicle has such a negative stigma with a large and growing portion of the population while the world's largest company, Toyota, has the Prius as its iconic vehicle.

The question is, what vehicle will replace the H2 as GM's icon in the next 10 years? The bad news is that GM is going to keep selling the car in its current incarnation until 2011 at least, possibly hanging around until 2014. But development on updated H2s, and the planned diesel version, have both been canceled. Hummer will keep making cars, but will concentrate on the smaller H3, and the even smaller upcoming biofueled HX. points out that there have been no set time lines and it's possible that GM could still change its mind on this one. And while that is certainly true, I just don't see room for the H2 in the consumer market place any longer. Let's hope that this focus on efficiency and consumer demand for greener-looking companies will have real effects on vehicle efficiency in the next 10 years.


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..., Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Not liking your comment, March 11, 2008
Um, that would be HumVEEs, the military kind. Show some respect for the troops. I'm not a big Hummer fan but let's not confuse misguided military policy and hatred of American interference with an inefficient car. Those are real people getting killed (on both sides).
written by chris, again, March 11, 2008
I know.
But by the same token let's not mistake an obvious (albeit dark) attempt at satire from being a genuine disrespect for what is happening over there.
... ...
written by bob, March 12, 2008
They're just pissed at how much oil it burns.
written by tommy, March 13, 2008
your all assholes, i love the we like it lowest price cialis hummer, im glad it pisses you off because it polutes so much, and i personally think its assholes like you who have nothing better to do but complain about stuff that you want it discontinued, if i new who started the eco madnass shit i would personally burn his/her house, puch them in the face and take his dog. o yea and if he had children i would kidnap them and not give them back until all the assholes just left the eco crap alone and let us live life how we want to, i dont care if one of my 4 suvs might possable polute the earth, my life, i drive what i want.


written by Porter, March 13, 2008
I drive what I want because I have the freedom to drive it. I don't need any Homo-Euro suicide box that gets 40mpg bring back the h1 and screw all tree huggers if you can't afford 4$ gas tough. I can. This planet was screwed up before I was born and it will still suck after I'm dead! You wanna save the viagra for cheap planet nukes China that's less pollution to deal with and less lead paint! Otherwise, Just shut the hell up!
H2's are UGLY!, Low-rated comment [Show]
Contruction Contractor
written by Bill, April 08, 2008
The comments by "tommy" and "Porter" reflect the mindless and violent mind set of many of those who buy these dangerous, irresponsible, fugly vehicles. The fact that GM relentlessly promotes them and other large SUVs has earned for them my abiding contempt.
Dumb Looking Vehicle, Low-rated comment [Show]
Don't be Jealous
written by King, April 14, 2008
You have to be successful to drive a H2 Hummer, just like Al Gore and his private Jet. Don't be Jealous, just work hard and maybe someday you can afford an awsome vehicle as well. Jealousy will get you no where. Hummers are the best 4 Wheel drive vehicles on the road.
Hot Girls Drive Hot Cars!
written by Jennifer, June 03, 2008
I agree with Tommy, Porter, & King. I love my H2 (I just traded in my '05 for an '08!) and not only is it a hot car, its a safe car! What would you rather be driving in an accident? H2 or a Smartcar!?! Please people, get over yourself! Why not complain about Ford Excursions? Why not complain to the cruise ship companies buring thousands of gallons of fuel a day? Because its not about "saving the earth"....its about jealousy! A Hummer is an American the USA that way and levitra online store dont give money away to companies like Toyota (buying that ridiculous bicycle....I they call a Prius). The Hummer is a hot car that costs alot of money to maintain and all those that cant foot the tramadol no prescription needed bill are just jealous! People just like to hear themselves complain and all those "go green" idiots should just shut up already! If youre not successful/lucky enough to drive an H2, dont hate those that are....just enjoy looking at those people that can block the sun for that quick second as they pass you by in your Prius!
P.S. The H3 is just a Jeep with a Hummer label....get the real thing!
written by HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM, June 03, 2008
While i respect the view of the treehuggers. I realy like my H2. What price do you put on the saftey of your wife and Kids. I feel that I family is safer in my H2 then other cars on the road.I will agree that they use alot of gas. Out thats a small price to pay for the saftey of my family
My H2 [snowy].
written by kal, June 05, 2008
I wake up in the early morning for work and the first thing I do is peek out the window at [snowy] my birch white H2. This truck might suck back alot of fuel but I also have a Range Rover & Ford King Ranch and thier not much better on fuel, But is that what it's really about? I dont think so, and I very much dought it's About someone can't afford one, if someone want's something/anything trust me they find a way to GET IT. I rather think they should focus there attention to the oil companies in general, we all know they have the money and people to make a greener more earth friendly engine for the H2 and all cars but wont make one because bottom line that takes money out of their pockets? right?
hummers make me puke and safety is not a, Low-rated comment [Show]
Where to start?
written by Kyle, June 06, 2008
Wow, well I'll start with addressing the original post. Hank, to say that the H2 is GM's iconic vehicle is not just a stretch, its completely incorrect. GM's iconic, halo vehicle is the Corvette, without a doubt. Beyond that, I'd say the buy real cialis online Silverado would be their next icon with the H2 far down the list.

And to everyone bickering about the need for fuel-efficient vehicles versus what people want to drive, leave it alone. Supply & demand is already taking care of the issue, for the most part. Sure, there will always be people who will pay for big engines and power (just look at all the Range Rovers in England, even with their gas prices) and the rush for fuel efficient small cars in the US is on.
Tesla On Its Way
written by MrMan, June 08, 2008
I ordered a Tesla roadster. I never have to drive offroad, like 99% of us. I luckily can afford to drive any 20 cars I want, but what you drive is more about image than reality, given that the real crime is that we all insist on driving cars alone everywhere, and have no mass transit system.

But that being said, the image of an H2 driver is exactly like the previous posters - stupid dumb fucks who don't know they are living in the past, and are outclassed but don't know it yet.
written by brian, June 09, 2008
who the fuck gives a shit you are all so stupid
you can all kiss them goodbye because there not gunna be around for too much longer. plus they get like 10miles to the gallon.. so your an idiot for driving one and wasting money and stupid shit.. and for the person that said your stupid for buying a toyota.. look at you buying allllll that gas that who knows gets the money for. for sure not america... so why dont you all realize that its time to fucking think abou tthe planet and not about some stupid suv that really doesnt do much, because im sure you all drive it around town and think everyone is like omg what a cool car.. but really everyones like what an idiot for driving that gas guzzler..
Love It
written by Livie - Stay home mom, June 09, 2008
:)Obviously people who drive Hummers have enough $$$$ for the gas! My hubby paid for my H2 in Cash. Why is everyone picking on the H1 & H2 but not thinking other ways to conserve? I don't think people think I'm an idiot for driving a gas guzzler and if they do then they obviously have nothing better to think about... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my H2. It gives me plenty of room to carry my Son, his stroller and anything I buy when I go shopping or grocery store... I have more room to add another car seat to the back for when we have our next one. I also have a Lexus RX330 with Rims on it and prescription viagra to be honest I only get 3 more miles per gallon in that as to my Hummer. (Rims on your car make it use more Gas. I'm not sure why but I get less MPG since they have been on.) Check how much MPG you get before you start judging others!!! My H2 10.4 MPG, My small LEXUS RX330 13.2 MPG, My Chrysler 300 15.2 MPG. (No room for my Son's Car seat and stroller.) EVERYTHING USES GAS! I use less gas then someone who has to travel 30, 40 or more miles to work every day! :- I agree with the others who asked what about the Cruise Ships you like to go on for vacation or the private Jets your favorite Celebrity, Deligate or Sports Team uses to get from place to place? DON'T GET RID OF THE H2!!! I HEART IT SO!!!
written by Livie - Stay home mom, June 09, 2008
(for brian, the comment above my 2) :D AWWWWWWW, Brian stop ranting... You sound like a Jealous Psycho. It's OK you drive a Toyota, drive it with a smile. ;D You're saving money on gas. GOOOOO BRIAN! I drive a Lexus too which is a glorified Toyota... I don't think I'm cool for driving my H2, I already know I'm awesome. Save up for that HUMMER, you can do it! And smile buddy someone loves you. YOU'RE SPECIAL!!! Also, Brian is raving about the plantet and what an insesitive fuck us HUMMER Drivers are but he leaves the water running while he brushes his teeth, he doesn't recycle and he refuses to use CFL Light bulbs. :o Oh Brian you are so naughty!
does it make a difference
written by adsfkj;adsk;lfjas, June 10, 2008
To be honest you guys, seriously ending the hummer is not going to solve the planets eco problem. THe United States uses 20 million barrels of fuel a day(back in 2004). SOOO let me ask you something, is it going to make a difference to stop the hummer h2. People will keep driving cars. Gas will still be burnt. The world is fucked anyway with all the nuclear wars and stuff going on. Furthermore why are h2s the only car being scapegoated for the eco problems. THe Ford Excursion gets the same fucking thing. What about the people who drive 40 to 50 miles a day just to get to work. Or the lack of mass transit in the united states. And yet another example, cruises, private jets. Private jets guzzle more gas than you can imagine faster than you can imagine to carry ummmmmmm 4 to 12 people. The world will not change with the end of hummers. So fucking stop dreaming that the sky will clear up. IT WONT. ;D
written by Hummer2007, July 06, 2008
Hummer haters truly do not understand SUV's / trucks in general. A new H2 will get more mpg, than an older SUV. It would be nice if people did their research before they opened their mouths. We have a 2007 H2, that gets 16 mpg (we upgraded the exhaust and did an air intake, which helped with fuel consumption). We recently traded our 2000 Lincoln Navigator in (for a 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8, which gets 9 mpg. We also upgraded the exhaust and did air intake, which made it ALOT faster, so it burns fuel faster, & decreases the mpg....oh well, it is VERY FUN to drive!!) The Navigator got 11 mpg, which is obviously LESS than our H2.
Back to the SRT8, nobody says anything negative about that car, but it gets WAY LESS than the viagra attorneys H2. Why is that?? Because people really do not care about the environment, gas consumption, ect. All they car about is seeing a very large vehicle besides / behind them & it intimidates them. They know that if we (h2 owners) collide with them, THEY ARE SCREWED!!! Sorry, but saving a few extra dollars on gas, is not worth my life. I can't believe people actually put the environment before their own personal safety.

Not to mention the cargo space in a hybrid vehicle. How do you people buy big items?? Has there ever been a time that you went shopping and could not get something, because it would not fit in your car?? If it will not fit in the H2, it is ok, because I will attach the trailer to it and haul it that way. How do you people do it with sardine type cars???
written by Erik Jones, August 28, 2008
This is a test
Suit your self..
written by Erik Jones, August 28, 2008
OK, Lets see, haters, haters, haters hiding behind a phosaude of ECO Friendly tree hugging obligations. Americans are totally wrapped up in FADS and H2s but more over SUVs in general are just that, FADS.

Now, As we all can agree, Americans love their cars, muscle, Trucks or Prius and visit web site levitra soft gel the looks of each one is in the eye of the beholder. Just like your wifes, Im sure we all wont think your wifes are as hot as you think they are. Is the H2 ugly, sure, is it cool? For sure.

Everyone is jumping ship on $4 a gallon. I say Fuck it, who cares, unless your driving a BIKE or skateboard your polutting the earth as well. Does the H2 make sense? Does wearing your hat backwards or pants around your waist, or driving a car so small you cant even carry more than 2 people? NO they dont, I think the ones that complain are the childish of all. Why dont you grow the dosage levitra Fuck up, Your not paying for my gas or monthly bills and as said earlier, the world is bad enough long before and after me being here.

I do not own a H2, cant afford one, I have an H3 but really not have a need for such a big SUV, are they nice, yep but to each their own. In the time it took me to write this note, 2mil barrels of fossil fuels have been burned.

Your frigging whiners, haters, mind your own buisness and dont worry about other people, you might be better off.

I might just let my H3 idle all night so I can get 9 MPG just to piss you babies off. God I hate people.
I forgot
written by Erik Jones, August 28, 2008

I forgot,

For you tree huggers, I think Im going to put a hole in my H3 Gas tank so I can leak out even more fuel than im burning, I want to do my part in global warming. Its my world you just live in it.
My H2 Hummer
written by Shawnna, September 03, 2008
I dont understand why people have to put down the Hummer and the owners. It all comes down to being jealous. They are a great vehicle. Very comfortable, lots of room, and look great. Yes they use alot of gas, but they are not the only vehicle that use lots of gas. Its a personal choice of what someone wants to drive, and everyone is intitled to drive what they want so really people should stop making such inappropriate comments. Everyone has there own money and spend it on what ever they please.
Again if you dont own a hummer, you dont understand how great they are, if you had a chance to drive one or own one your oppion would change. They are GREAT.
Rationalization, but you gotta start som
written by Kevin, September 16, 2008
Dang, now you'll have to find something else to hate to maintain your artificial sense of superiority over someone else. I always wondered, if I sell my H2 and get a motorcycle, does that make everyone else a-holes? I mean, as long as you have got someone else doing worse than you, you're golden, right? Reminds of the story about the person who went to church twice a year who felt absolved as long as there were other members who only went once a year - makes em twice as good in the eyes of god, right? Fact of the matter is, whether it's 10 MPG or 20 MPG, the overall effect on the environment and economy is roughly the same. The problem is bigger than pointing at a couple of vehicle makes and models. In the interim, I will pay the premium for driving what I want to drive. My last truck was a 2003 dodge 1500 which got maybe 12 MPG on a good day, but you won't find any web sites and canadian online pharmacy viagra comments dedicated to hating the rather innocuous pickup truck. By the way, it had roughly the same dimensions as the hummer, only a whopping two inches more narrow. Do you know that eliminating EVERY gasoline vehicle in the US will only reduce oil consumption by about 40%, a decrease that will be offset in less than two years assuming a reasonable economic growth rate?
..., Low-rated comment [Show]
written by J, October 12, 2008
Are these posts for real? Hummers and their owners are disgusting. Absolutely sickening.
written by jrod, October 31, 2008
Jesus crist people, i have a 2004 ford mustang and i took the cats off of it. so i think that is a lot worse than a hummer.
Hummer Love
written by Aaron, December 17, 2008
Why would you take your keys to a hummer? Would you wait around for the driver to show up, or run away like a scared bitch? If I knew who you were or where to find you I would show up outside your door. My hummer is protected by smith and wesson, and I think that's the feel that most hummer drivers are going for. They are bigger, stronger, and more powerful than you will ever be. It's the point.
written by JAY, January 22, 2009
Why Can't Environmentalists Leave Us Alo
written by Miik, January 24, 2009
I just don't get it. We live in America, home of the free but for some reason some people believe that they should have the right to impose their opinions on others.

I am an honest, giving person who cares about the environment AND I OWN A HUMMER! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! I don't tell environmentalists what to do with their time nor should they tell me what to do with mine.

I love my Hummer and as long there is one to own I will do so. I just don't get why some idiots are so against it. There is no reason for this except their need to try to control and if I remember correctly, that is very much like a communist country or dictatorship.

Let's see if you whackos can try to keep your arrogant noses out of our business.
I am not embaresed to be an American
written by Ed, January 27, 2009
Listen: Everyone should be concerned to some degree with the environment but there is also a level of ridiculousness. I submit most Americans ( mostly liberals who think reality TV is truely "real" and the liberal press and liberal democrats) like to feel sorry for themselves and want to not to think for themselves. They all want to be the first person to mug in fornt of a camera or emabress themselves on Jerry Springer, just so they can be seen or heard, no matter how stupid they look or sound or how they embaress themselves orr the recommended site cialis philippines country and Hummer brand seems to be a call to arms on this issue.
Let it go people! Ever think that there are some who may really NEED the capabilities of a H2 or H3? HMmmnn didnt think about that when you where trying to key my H3 huh Scott you nitwit.
I agree that scoccer moms driving 1 mile to deliver their one kid to school in a H1 Alpha or a F450 SuperDuty is retarded but when I live in the midwest and it snows I want to go when I need to go. When I go hunting a prius just wont handle it. When I need to buy, move,tow,go mudding or just be safe my H3 is jsut what I need so you shuold respect that decision, one that I made being full aware that Gas at time was sellign for 4.50 a gallon. My neighbors were screaming the George Bush himself together with Detroit did all of this on purpose, had he and his family ( 1 kid and a wide, and doesn't tow anything ) bought a Ford Excursion and they are now being screwed by the aforementioned people that it gets lousy mileage. And yes they voted for Al Gore too.
If you need a multi-purpose offroad vehicle that is very handy and mine, by the way, gets 20 around town and 26 on the highway with 4 adults in it all the time, plus I tow 3500lbs behind it on a regular basis, the Hummer H3 is the best value for you. If you want to make multiple trips to the store, dont mind the AC breaking down or just being plain inadequete, love all the creaks and groans and cialis online sales poor visability from the vehicle and at the vehicle and don't care what happens to you in the most minor of traffic accidents ( I have seen plenty and with the prius, they are always universally gorey ) Buy a toyota prius and leave other peoples choices up to them you commie. This is America
Interesting points
written by Jason, February 02, 2009
This has become quite an interesting topic. On one hand you have all the folks who believe that anything non-green is the end of the world, and seek to impose that on everyone. On the other hand, you have the "might make right" crowd, who I don't like either. Interestingly, I would wager that many of the green crowd, Prius drivers et al, live in suburbs with a fairly lengthy commute to work. The suburban sprawl mindset is way more damaging to the environment, including emissions, than a truck or SUV. However, Hummer aficionados need to realize that the Hummer is not just reviled for its poor emissions, but for the resulting attitude it portrays. It portrays a need for excess, almost bordering on arrogance. Pre-Hummer generations have got on just fine for years without your vaunted "extra space". Many Hummer owners do not NEED the extra capabilities that it affords. For most, we do not NEED off-road capabilities or towing capabilities that cannot be met by other vehicles. In addition, the extra weight/poor braking/bulky handling of a Hummer makes it that much more dangerous for drivers in smaller vehicles on the road and makes it ill-suited to high-traffic areas. The added size affects EVERYONE'S visibility and makes it more difficult to park well, making crowded parking lots more difficult to use.

Please understand, you all suck equally. However, Hummer owners are simply more vocal about it.
written by Gary, March 26, 2009
I just purchased a Hummer H2. One of my reasons for choosing it is the knowledge that liberal Democrats will feel a red hot rage and have their blood pressure rise just seeing me. Knowing that makes my day!
I love my H2
written by IlovemyH2, April 20, 2009
I love my H2 but I am one of those who only drives 5 or 6 miles a year. I do get the finger a lot! lol but I burn less fuel and generic online cialis emit less pollution than the soccer moms who drive suvs and minivans. I also drive very defensive around smaller vehicles as I know there would be no contest between my H2 and their smaller vehicles. I'm sorry for all of you who hate the H2. It's different lookin but it's a nice riding vehicle with lots of room. OH and for the record, our 2008 Tahoe gets the exact same gas mileage as the H2.
Who Wants a Hummer?
written by HURRICANE, April 28, 2009
Guess everyone wants one, just nobody wants to pay to get one, or to give one. Do you give Hummers? Don't really want a Hummer, I prefer the more conventional "vehicles of recreation".
To us Hummer owners.
written by Jeremy Dyson, May 01, 2009
I have a 2006 H2, my roomate has a 1996 H1, there are a total of 5 Hummers on our 1 mile street right now. For a town of 90,000 people I am willing to bet we have the most Hummer's, Viper's, Corvette's and Cadillac's etc. per capita. This town is here to house the generic cialis overnigh thousands of workers who help produce oil out of the ground in the Canadian north. Our attitude for the most part up here I believe is, if you can afford it,
buy it. And our vehicles gas tank guage never sees half full. We have the money to drive these types of vehicles and keep gas in them no matter what the price. Furthermore, if if wasn't for people like myself and a million others who work to produce fossil fuels Smart Cars would be parked too. I have to get the shit out of the ground so I'll burn the stuff in whatever vehicle I choose. I'm not going to pinpoint others comments here but...thank you to those for pointing out that Suburbans, Tahoe's and Excursion's etc. are just as much gas guzzlers as any Hummer...difference is, what is more easily recognizable on the road and easier to remember the name of? Get a clue Hummer bashers, there's a hell of alot more vehicles that are just as hard. As one person mentioned...Do your research. And thanks to the person for mentioning that some people do indeed use there Hummers for off-road use, like most of us up here....and in the winter time after an all night snow blizzard at -35 below I'm not late for work whether the highway is plowed or not and the Prius? or Smart Cars? whatever you call them are all in there Garages, or under the patio steps wherever you people park those things.
noo interest in prius
written by mm, May 15, 2009
I have no interest in prius or the like cars. The total cost of ownership (including the cost of government credits which ultimately have to be collected by raising taxes) is simply too high. And it is basically worthless for going hunting. I would much rather have an H2. Industry also needs to return the buy viagra us business model where people will be able to do their own car repairs without having to go through years of training.
Solar Hummer
written by Edward, May 22, 2009
Since I drive a Hummer that gets 8 mpg, I installed a solar panel (made in America) that looks cool. Now my patriotic car doesn't produce emissions and I am awesome. It only cost $70,000 if you can't afford it too bad.

Both sides should be happy now.
written by bud, August 25, 2009
Only a true idiot would buy a Hummer in today's economy and gas prices.
Gas fumes
written by Jeff, October 04, 2009
You should all lock yourselves in a room and lowest price viagra 10 pills choke on the exhaust fumes from an H1 Alpha. Damn tree huggers.smilies/cry.gif
H2, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Chad O, February 25, 2010
Hm, here all of these Hummer lovers are saying that the eco freaks have no life all the while taking time out of their lives to post these huge comments defending themselves.
The truth is...Hummers have no point.
They suck offroad. If you want that get a jeep.
They aren't the biggest. Get a suburban.
They aren't stylish or luxurious or fast. Get a Bmw or a Landrover.
Also, they aren't the safest. Get a Volvo or an Audi for that.
They just aren't good vehicles.

And, PS. I'm a true "eco-freak" don't worry. I'm not hypocrite. I flip off the big lifted trucks and hummers alike. Also, I stick one of these on each one of these beasts I see:

Get a bigger penis and buy a little car. It's okay.
My 2 cents
written by zack_falcon, February 25, 2010
The comments made by Bill and Andrea are certainly the best I've read so far.

I realize that a few of you actually need it for hauling or climbing over stuff, and I salute those guys, since I actually do some minor off-roading myself. But let's be serious. Most of the owners of Hummers actually use it for purposes other vehicles are better at. Worse, it falls in the hands of urban pavement warriors who will bling it within an inch of its life. And yet Ads say that it is at home at the mountains, on the sand dunes, over rocks and rivers, "Like Nothing Else".

It's price makes it a bit too expensive for bashing around in the rocks. It also does not justify the performance and mileage you get when you use it on road. Simply put it tried, and failed, to have the best of both worlds, seeing as it certainly has the price tags of both worlds. Add an overly arrogant "I will crush your Prius** if you don't get out of my way!" driver, and you have an officially painted Hate machine. And some people actually DEFEND these beastly attitudes, seeing it as "American".

So, it's not actually just the vehicle that's the fault. It's the combination of the vehicle, it's supposed purpose versus it's real purpose, the driver, and the "I'm better than you" attitude steam rolled into one angry package. And then you people wonder why haters target the Hummer more than any other civilian vehicle out there.

Nukes China? I'm glad it pisses you off because it pollutes so much? All tree huggers should die? I'll run over your car/bike? That is what Hummer does.

Of course, I acknowledge that not all drivers are like that. It's just that nothing inspires a superiority complex road rage more than a shiny, expensive, luxury SUV, unless of course some of you have a tank in your garages. No, I'm not jealous of Hummer owners. They own a car, and so do I. They have their advantages and I, mine. And no, I'm not telling you what to do with your money. We all have the freedom to choose, after all. Unfortunately, none of us have freedom from consequences.

** - What did (insert car smaller than Hummer here) ever do to you Hummer drivers? Are they threatening?
Maybe safe for YOU, death traps for the rest of us
written by VWGIRL, February 25, 2010
Oh course the people DRIVING the Hummers are more safe than the rest of us, YOU GUYS are the ones hitting everyone. Do you have any idea how many times I'm almost gotten hit by one of those tanks because they don't use their blinkers and change lanes without looking? It's because people have NO idea how to drive them. You should have a f'ing commercial license to get one of those. Hummer drivers assume everyone can see them, don't check their MANY blind spots, and just mow everyone down. An old roommate of mine got clipped by a Hummer on the 405 in LA, her car rolled into the wall and she was hospitalized for 3 months. People who drive those things are assholes and they drive like assholes. Plus, they create blind spots for other drivers so we can't see other traffic. Those things are massively hazardous for everyone on the road. Get a smaller car for the consideration and safety of OTHER PEOPLE, not just yourself. Volvo's, VWs, BMW's, and Subaru's are ridiculously safe cars, just admit you drive the huge car because you're on an ego trip.

And if you seriously think you need a Hummer just to carry around your kid and their stroller, you need to put your kid on a diet.
Hummer Love!
written by Hummer Love, February 26, 2010
What's wrong with people loving the way a car looks and buying it? Isn't that what most people do? Wow!
written by Hope, February 27, 2010
I Love my hummer. I was blessed with my dream car. It's what I want and I have no problem with my gas. The earth was screwed up before I was born. What happen to buying what you want. I did my research before I brought my H2. I am happy I get about 15mpg. I have a 07. Don't hate just work nite and day and buy one King and the many other hummer lovers I am with you.
So, only the H2?
written by tallbiker66, March 09, 2010
So, GM will keep the H3 around? Source? I sure hope they will.
written by David, March 20, 2010
ok people who hate hummers lets face it the reason yall hate hummers is that there expensive and nice looking. jealous is what it is grow up yall jump on the band wagons with the other idiots out there that dont like them etheir. i own a h2 sut and love it!!!!!!!! Im disappointed to know that there are that many idiots that dont know jack shit abot the economy! O YA LETS ALSO USE BATTERIES THAT ARE THE SIZE OF A CAR TRUNK AND THEN PUT THEM UNDER THE GROUND WHEN THEY GET OLD THATS GREAT FOR THE ECONOMY!!! LOL!
written by bill, March 30, 2010
The hummer is the kind of truck the annoying jerk from high school drives because he is trying to recapture the false sense of superiority he thought he had back in hs.
I know 2 hummer owners: one is an arrogant loud mouthed jerk who owns the body shop near work, and he has these brass testicles hanging from his hitch (classy!) and the other lives in our neighborhood, and is pretty much friendless among the neighbors because he is a know it all idiot loudmouth. Your milage may vary :-)
Hummer H2
written by Shawn, May 17, 2010
Reading these comments, I am pretty sure I just lowered my IQ and wasted 10 minutes of my life I will never get back. Its good to passionate about something I suppose but seriously. This world is full of fruitcakes, I think fuel consumption is the least of our worries. I am gonna go lock the door. Nutjobs everywhere!!
written by nikkola, May 26, 2010
I can't believe how many people have problems with the H2 or hummer's. Just wait and see in a few years there will be problems with the hybrids i've done some research and found out that the batties are made from NUCULAR power, i'm not driving that so if my car is a gas gusler that so be it. But it's no diff from any other SUV, plus i've done many upgrades to it. So i would love to play chicken with all the hybrids!!!
written by Gussie, June 23, 2010
I don't own a hummer,but i seriously like ot own one.
I thing that all comes down to why your a purchasing a hummer.
Many does simply because they can afford one,others because they found in the hummer the perfect vehicule to do many stuff like offroading,towing,etc.

I thing GM should work hard to improve MPG,we all know they can by many ways,bio-diesel is an good option.

The size of a H2 is what makes the H2 an outstanding,but there's bigger SUV's that burns much of the same amount of gas as the hummer.

The H3 is alternative for those like me who thinks that H2 isn't necessary but still wanna drive a hummer.

Out there is many more gas guzzlers other then an H2,ships,aircratfs,etc they all burns more gas but nobody seeems to be worry about it.

I personally don't see the H2 as icon of arrogancy,but as a option for those who want to drive something diferent,driving a prius is not a bad opcion if budget is your main concern.

We all forgot that back in the early 2000's gas prices wasn't an issue as today,so hummer was a popular ride,now with so much enviroment concerns,issues & gas prices going to heaven many people look at the H2 as icon of gas waste.

Beside the safety,comfort & the quality of the H2 comes the satisfaction of driving something that not every one can afford,just as owning a porsche cayenne turbo S that makes only 11 MPG with its V-8 and 520 HP costing $ 150.000 All that money to pollute just as the H2.

I agree GM should try to improve the H2 MPG technology,i stand by that,but taking away the pleasure to drive or ride on one is not fair.

There's another SUV that burns gas as much as the H2,is the cherokee SRT8 with 11 MPG from its 420 HP V-8 engine an SUV that i'll also love to own,but never saw any eco-activist burning one in the middle of protest any where as they did with the H2.

This is not about someone minding your business or trying to imposse you their opinion,it's about the perception of what should be or is the symbol or icon of pollution & green house efects,unfortunately the H2 was the choosed one for that job.
Mr. Me
written by Me, May 07, 2011
I want a Hummer H2. I watched several videos of them rock climbing, towing, and mudding, and I can say I popped some major wood. I don't care about the gas. I have a small car for that. I want a Hummer!
I earned the right..
written by Soldier of Fortune, December 03, 2011
I happen to own a Hummer H2 and I love it. I think that the people who have a problem with one another person drives; simply have far too much time on their hands. I've fought for this country in Iraq and Afghanistan and levitra without prescription online I feel I've earned the God given right to drive what the hell ever I want.
written by GOAT, February 24, 2013
Thank God I live in America. Every day our great country is Independence Day. Love living here? - thank a vet and our forefathers, if you are a Native American sorry a bunch of us white devils rubbed you out, stole your land and basically hosed generations of you - TRULY, they were this Land's original homeland security (sorry is not enough). We can say what we want, drive what we want (btw - do some research on what the president's vehicle, decoy vehicles and the Airforce One fleet gets or does not get for fuel consumption), eat 10,000+ carbs per day, gray haired political pervs can bang teenage girls & boys (don't judge)- and be forgiven, capitalists whores can charge our federal govt. $50.00 for a bolt and compatible threaded nut x 2,000 in an effort to help a nation of ungrateful individuals "win" an ongoing war, while the ungrateful individuals blow up our US brothers & sisters (the greatest warriors in the universe)

Where am I going with this knee jerk rant? If the majority of you mental chimps in this country or world would channel all the negative energy flow against Hummers towards feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, wiping out cancer & down's syndrome, tackle erectile dysfunction, kill, I mean ask tyrants and dictators who practice genocide on innocent human beings to step down the world would be a better place.

In the mean time, I will continue driving my Hummer, my wife will continue driving hers, my friends will continue driving theirs. Caddie, Lincoln, Land Rover, Jeep, FJ, etc. owners will probably continue driving their vehicles (again, research the mileage & technology that goes into various gas combustion 4x4s -educate yourself). You continue driving your Pries, VW, eco-car, & save the world - just remember to recyle you cans, bottles, etc. - I will only bash you folks when I see you chucking your McDonald's wrappers,
cig butts, and non-biodegradable crap out the windows of your cars and from the seats of your mopeds (which get damn good gas mileage). My carbon footprint probably just killed another spotted owl - Sorry.

Hummer Safety
written by Anon, May 01, 2014
Everyone boasting about how safe the Hummer is clearly didn't do their own research.

"As a Class 3 truck, Hummers are exempt from many DOT safety regulations such as passive restraints and third brake lights. However, they do have to have padded dashes, collapsible steering columns, steel roofs and viagra canada doors, and lights (including clearance lights on front and rear)."

They do not have to conform to the same safety standards as other cars.

Also for the mom who was saying it's so safe and more roomy for children and strollers, what kind of car seat and stroller do you have that you can't get it in the Lexus?! A car seat and full sized stroller fit in a Mustang with room for groceries.

Oh and before anyone fusses about my quote the source is here:

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