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MAR 11

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Asus Unleashes Its Wood: Bamboo Computers at CeBit

Asus Bamboo computersThe Asus EcoBook was the first computer concept I'd ever seen clad in bamboo. But since then, the idea has looked like it might take off. The highly treated bamboo is non-flammable, lightweight, and, unlike every other computer out there, not made from petrochemicals.

Unfortunately, there have been some questions raised recently about whether bamboo is indeed greener than plastic. But there's no doubt that, just by virtue of its natural look, it appears green. The good news is that Asus is looking at more than just its materials when trying to green its products. The innards of their new computers are labeled for easy repair and recycling and they're some of the first laptops that are truly upgradeable, instead of being semi-solid slabs that are all-but-impossible to levitra perscription required upgrade and self-repair.

But the real viagra online bamboo, it seems, is pretty much a symbolic statement. Though, I have to admit, it's a nice one.

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Nice symbolic statement?
written by Karsten, March 11, 2008
Using bamboo even though it is questionable whether it is environmentally more reasonable than plastic but surely appears to be "greener" than plastic is a NICE symbolic statement? How about marketing a product that has potential benefits in an honest way rather than trying to appear green on the surface while sneaking in the real benefits. Who are they trying to sell the product to? Those who REALLY CARE or those who like to appear green but not think about whether it is actually true?

Sustainability is cheapest generic levitra not about appearance and if it stays about appearance the changes that need to occur will appear to turn into reality.

Living on gay levitra Earth:
Sufficient resources - Wasteful existence - 6.5 Billion humans; Preserve two and abandon the third.
written by Null, March 11, 2008
The highly (chemically?) treated bamboo is non-flammable, lightweight, and, unlike every other computer out there, not made from petrochemicals.

Except for all the computers with metal cases. There are plenty of best cialis price computers with recyclable cases.
Quit your whining you ninny
written by Josh, March 11, 2008
It seems that all anyone does in the comments on this site is complain. It's like you all are more interested in showing everyone that "you are more green than everyone else" rather than offering constructive criticism that promotes healthy discussion. If you are really interested in solutions and not just promoting your image than please stop with all the criticism every time an article is posted and try to the best choice levitra pharmacy see the how to buy cialis in canada positive side of things. Help us be a community that finds and promotes solutions, not just one that complains.
written by Josh, March 11, 2008
Oh, and btw, there is a lot to tramadol online online be said for efforts in changing public perception. The majority of Americans (I can't speak for the rest of the western world) still don't get this idea of sustainability, we are a culture of consumers. So why is it bad when a company promotes green thinking? It's a step in the right direction isn't it? This is a large ship that takes a long time to change direction, every step (as small as they might seem, helps.
I'd prefer colors like before...
written by Vladan, March 11, 2008
I mean, why they let the bamboo without color? They really could make a nice coat of paint (green, non toxic of course... ;D ). This would not be so eye catching, but they could just say it in the Pub, right? :'( Like this - it's more evident, but not Everyonle like to have a laptop looking green...

written by Rob, March 11, 2008
The link posted in the context of bamboo not being so green after all isn't really relevant. It's talking about bamboo that's processed into Rayon and tramadol c o d shipping Viscose, which is an entirely different process to what's going on here.
written by EV, March 11, 2008
The highly (chemically?) treated bamboo is non-flammable, lightweight, and, unlike every other computer out there, not made from petrochemicals.

But what about those chemicals you mention? Are they made from petrochemicals?

A question on the Durability of Bamboo vs. Plastic. Every single portable electronic device I own tends to take a beating, this includes laptops. Accidental 3 foot drops and so on. How will these bamboo cases stand up vs. a plastic one? Add in scratch resistance and a few other things, if you could. Personally, I'm a fan of metal cases for durability, especially for screen protection. (I've broken 3 LCD laptop screens in the past 13 years)
Of course I am complaining!
written by Karsten, March 12, 2008
And don't tell me I (or anyone else who complains) have little reason to do so. Some people complained about child abuse and rape. I complain about other violators. The situation we are in sucks and half-ass solutions, solutions that only appear to be a solution, or attempts to green-wash a product will create plenty of reasons for no-action or just are not enough to generic online viagra change what needs to be changed, or create more damage while being perceived as benefits.

This said, go to my website read the hundreds of ideas on how to reduce your impact on this planet and then accuse me of not being constructive or making a positive contribution. You may not like to read what is herbal viagra there since I will point out what actions actually have an impact, but that is just the way it is. To clean a big mess you use a broom, not a toothbrush.

A eco-geeky technology product should not look chic - it should work and be ecologically sound. When geekism turns toward fashion it turned too shallow to still be of substance.

Practical Advice to Pollute Less
Paper vs. Plastic.
written by Mark R., March 12, 2008
Its the same old argument just with bamboo but my question is does it improve efficiency of purchase discount viagra the computer by drawing out heat and keeping it cooler. If it makes the computer run hotter and consume more energy, well, it is then worse than plastic.
God I hate symbolism...
Only a start
written by Joe, March 12, 2008
Of course, people can complain about what ever they want. It's their choice. They've picked a stance and should stick with it, if it makes sense to them.

My question about this, and every "new" technology regarding green-ing things up, is have we truly considered how it's exploitation would effect the world? It seems like now days, someone sees an idea and markets' it like crazy, but never really thought about it. Reference the water motor from a week ago. The article claimed that any stream, with moderate force, could run this motor. So we block up or divert a stream? Not to say it's all together a bad idea, just maybe we should really think things through. (Which is one of the great things about the internet and blogs, a dialogue can be started about something and discussed. I'll be the first to admit I don't know or think of everything)

It (back to the Bamboo) is definitely an interesting idea, and anything to move away from plastics, as long as it is comparable, has my vote.
Lesser Of Two Evils
written by J Vail, March 12, 2008
Isn't that really the case here? One is a lesser of two evils? Come on and lighten up. Get off your high horse and if it really bothers you that much, don't buy one. Make your own pc case and accesories out of recycled tires or something. You hippies need to stop taking such an evangelistic and tyranical approach to making the commercial world more environment friendly. ever heard the it's great! levitra 20 expression, "more flies with honey?" you can't jump down someone's throat and hold a knife to everyone else's and expect positive feedback. Seriously, give your two cents like an adult human being and leave it at that. Besides, I think it looks sexy. ;)
written by Lindsay Hobson, March 13, 2008
I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! They really are unique and make a bold statement....I wonder if apple will follow suit?
Have they thought it hrough?
written by Martin, March 14, 2008
Nice idea, but what will the consequences be? Pandas feed on best price for cialis bamboo, so by buying one of these EcoBooks you're indirectly killing off the few remaining panda bears. Similarly, people thought bio fuels were great, until they noticed that the corn pricing are getting too high for the Mexicans to cialis rx afford their tortillas.

Please note that the over-simplification here is intentional. The point I am trying to make is that sustainability is about buying less, not about doing the same thing slightly differently. We need to start thinking in systems. As someone else said on this blog, the greenest gadget is the one that you don't buy.


Asus Unleashes Its Wood: Bamboo Computer
written by RAGHAVAN KANNAN, March 16, 2008
It Looks damn goodand even they should have introduced the keys with Banboos
written by trevor, April 17, 2008
The voices telling us about eco-friendly laptops are getting louder, but so far they sound, to put it mildly, boring and unimaginative. These devices scream “I am ecology-friendly!”, but are they really? One wooden laptop born means one tree dead. With so many wooden designs today it’s high time to consider some other options.
written by stephanie, May 13, 2008
well, im not sure about the actual product, but bamboo IS more sustainable than other trees. It only takes about 48 days for a bamboo to fully grow, meenwhile it takes 48 YEARS for another type of tree to grow, and those trees have more animals who use them as homes. now if the bamboo was organically and locally grown, without being an invasion to local plants, or course, than that would definitely be better
laptop battery
written by battery pack, August 11, 2008
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