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MAR 12

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A Letter to the U.S. Coal Lobby: Why I Blocked Your Ad

I'm a little bit angry right now. For the last 12 hours, unknown to me, the U.S. coal lobby has been plastering EcoGeek with B.S. ads for their B.S. clean coal campaign. I'm not really a big fan of helping to spread their heifer droppings so I've blocked the enter site canadian pharmacy cialis generic campaign.

But this somewhat rash action makes me feel like I owe the coal lobby an explanation. I just know they're all sitting in their basements right now thinking, "Why did EcoGeek block us...we're clean technology...aren't we?!" So, to put their weary little minds to rest, I'll answer them.'re not green. You're full of crap.

Your industry turns mountains inside out, poisons the water of the rural poor in America and viagra united kingdom throughout the world. Your industry has never made an environmental move in its long and storied history without being forced to by a government. The promotional video for 'clean coal' at your lame PR site lauds a carbon sequestration plant that has now been canceled because it was determined to be pretty much impossible. The cleanest coal plants in the world still create more sulfer dioxide than the environment can deal with without acidifying the rain and viagra online prices the soil.

Of course, the future is in sequestering carbon, right? Pumping it into the ground so that it never hits the cheap levitra india atmosphere. The problem is, building a sequestered carbon coal plant is actually more expensive than building a solar thermal plant. Why would we stick with you when solar is revving up to very good site buy real levitra be cheaper than coal without expensive, unrealistic sequestration?

The only thing that makes you seem even a little green today is how extremely destructive you used to be. You cannot be, you will never be, green. Give up...go home...enjoy the next few decades because they will be your last.

We're moving on without you, and you're going to have to deal with that. Actual clean technologies are here now. We don't need you anymore. There are 45 gigawatts of renewable energy planned for the United States. You are not are not America's are not the future and you sure as hell aren't green. Stop pretending.


Hank Green and the EcoGeek Team

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written by Josh, March 12, 2008
Although, not sure the google ad-algorithm-gizmo did a better job matching you with the order levitra online uk Oberto Jerky(TM) banner up there now... One battle at a time. Coal sucks.
written by Hank, March 12, 2008
Whatever...I frikkin love Beef Jerky...I don't know how they figured that out, but I can't stop pounding down those 100 calorie low-carb all-beefy snacks.
written by jose, March 12, 2008
Although we all know coal is just bullshit your passionate rant garners kudos. Thanks.
Nice one
written by Craig, March 12, 2008
Hear Hear!
written by James, March 12, 2008
I'd like to see the numbers comparing the cost of levitra generic canada a typical coal plant with a solar thermal plant of similar output. I just can't believe the solar plant costs anything like a coal plant, especially considering the cost of mining and transport.
And never mind sequestering CO2.
Well Put...
written by BetaBlocker, March 12, 2008
...Everyone knows the future is nuclear anyway! There should be Areva and GE banners everywhere.
Good for you
written by Flint, March 12, 2008
Growing up in a coal mining town I know firsthand the damage it does to the environment and buy cialis pill people, and any pathetic excuse mining companies come up with to claim they are 'green' is complete bull.

Nice to see someone filtering sponsors ;)
written by curtis klope, March 12, 2008
Now this ad is showing up at the top...

Energy From Coal
The Ultimate Energy Source See What Coal Can Do for You!

Another one to block? This one's only a small text ad at least...
written by Trevor Faulk, March 12, 2008
and last, but not least - the coal industry has not shown much care for safety and protection of the coal miners
written by Phil Plasma, March 12, 2008
Wow, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel!
Right On!!!
written by BlackMacX, March 12, 2008

You and the EGT (EcoGeek Team) have the right to be miffed and seriously annoyed; this is not the {cough, cough} Clean (oh what crap) Coal lobby site. I agree they are BS'ing people about the subject and just want to continue to pollute and destroy huge tracks of land all over the world (not just North America (I am Canadian, so haven't seen US examples yet)) while keeping their legacy and profits coming in and deceiving us all.

Sadly, to digress for a moment, I don't believe nuclear energy is a solution either (I don't personally agree with them; but that's another matter (sorry to split the "atom" :D)) as there isn't enough Uranium to last the century (nor have we learned to re-use what "spent" fuel there currently is available (if we were to do that, we would be better off and less wasteful in the process) or developed Thorium based reactors yet).

In ending, you are in the right and whomever plastered EcoGeek with the FUD of Clean Coal is just their lapdog.
written by Breana, March 12, 2008
written by James Hathaway, March 12, 2008
Anyone else reminded of the end of The Matrix, when Neo tells the machines 'things are going to change'? Well said Hank!!!!

written by secretyay, March 12, 2008
Hey Hank,

While reading your article on banning the clean coal ad there was actually a clean coal ad at the top of the page. Just wanted to let you know they are still on the ecogeek page.

I wish CNN would do the same thing
written by Drew, March 12, 2008
So sick of watching all those "clean coal" presidential debates.
written by novovox, March 12, 2008
Thank you. Finally someone actually delivering a riposte to this industry that is well overdue. Your message is so simple and strong. It is a shame they don't get it. Just keep highlighting the positive progress that is being made in other technologies...
Blocking "Clean" Coal Ads
written by BenInBrooklyn, March 12, 2008
You go Hank! Clean coal is a farce!
Make things clear.
written by mattions, March 12, 2008
Good job.

Good letter.
BTW, Only the truth.
Well done.
written by lucy, March 12, 2008
right on, brother!
Err... Firefox adblock extension anyone?
written by Virgil, March 12, 2008
Why is this even an issue? Are you telling me there are still people out there surfing the internet without an adblocker extension in their browser? That to me is the most disturbing thing about the whole affair.

Kudos for calling these guys on their lies, but coal accounts for a massive chunk of our power. I would bet that 90% of the above posters are sitting at a computer that is chugging along on good old-fashioned coal-powered electricity. Unless you're buying all your power from your local utility's wind-power or renewable option, at considerable extra personal cost, then you're a hypocrite. Anyone can clap their hands when someone publicly delivers a retort to some PR, but it takes action (and out-of-pocket expenses) to make a difference. C'mon folks, be honest now, who out of all of you is actually paying the brand cialis for sale extra to buy clean power?
written by Lisa Simpson, March 12, 2008
I love you. Thank you!
Preach It!
written by Laedelas Greenleaf, March 12, 2008
Thanks for your integrity, Hank.

Also...people, seriously--get an adblocker! I didn't even know had ads until Hank wrote this...
written by Charlie Lawton, March 12, 2008
Preach on, boss. You can rant for me any time.
Not the point
written by Stella, March 12, 2008
Hear Hear Har Har!
the point is not whether you buy clean energy or not but whether you suppport it. Not everyone (such as college students) can afford to pay extra for 100% renewable but that doesn't mean I don't support a change in energy. I buy as much renewable as I can afford right now and that's 20%.
written by Kathleen, March 12, 2008
Thanks, Hank!
With some energy storage, too
written by Preston, March 12, 2008
Right on, bro. Tell it like it is, and let's not forget the role of energy storage systems in extending the reach of renewables.
written by def, March 12, 2008
Yes, everyone go get an adblocker, never look at the ads, and make sure that Hank never sees a penny for his hard work. Yoo Hoo, you go Eco Geekers!
written by Miranda, March 12, 2008
Thank you for standing up to big-moneyed interests. It is the only way the people (and the environment) can be protected. One small step for Ecogeek, one giant step for humankind! :D
You go girl!
written by Jim, March 12, 2008

I spent a career as a marketing executive for one of the largest turnkey power plant suppliers. Truth, balance and ethical behavior in advertising has long since left the coal lobby. Unfortunately there aren't enough educated responses to their blatant deceit.

You have just provided one of the most succinct exceptions.

Great website. Keep up the good work.

Hank means what he writes
written by Enrique, March 12, 2008
Rave and Rant Hank:
I have seen so many innovations bought by the viagra dosage Oil Companies to discouraged alternative energies. There are articles that explain that we could light up the whole United States from solar plants in the Mosave Dessert.
Florididans stopped two coal plants from been built last year.
written by Enrique, March 12, 2008

There is no coal ad that I can see.
written by Andrew, March 12, 2008
Thank you Hank Green and the EcoGeek Team!! I needed to hear a good rant about this BS green washing.... :)
written by Ivy, March 12, 2008
Thanks Hank for setting them and it's cool high quality levitra interested America straight!
written by iDevin, March 12, 2008
You definitely did the right thing! They need to be shown that we are not the fools they make us out to be. We do not believe their PR people. Clean coal is a contradiction in terms.
Bravo ...
written by ASiegel1, March 12, 2008
Putting money (or loss of cialis online no presription money) where the mouth is, turning down your share of $35 million plus, Kudoes!!!

Now, might I suggest one additional thought to your great rant.

The oxymoron of Clean Coal is that it is, at best, "Less Dirty Coal" and "Less Deadly Coal" ... sort of.
Hank! hank! ra ra ra!
written by gerda, March 12, 2008
yaay hank!

wot everyone said.

i'm a bit worried about my adblocker now; can the ad 'tell' if it has been seen? (sorry if thats a daft techno numpty question) if so, i'll disable the blocker when on my fave sites like here.
"Clean coal"?
written by Sasha, March 12, 2008
Hank and the EcoGeek team,

Thanks for taking the opportunity to point out the ridiculousness of "clean coal" in a way that generated so many comments... Yay for public backlash!!

(Btw Virgil, my laptop is powered by green energy not coal so no hypocrisy here :) )
Hear hear!
written by Max, March 12, 2008
Well said!

I can't imagine they'll care much, really, but somebody needs to say it! In fact, we all do!
written by Ross, March 12, 2008
A big "woohoo" from us readers!
good stuff
written by travis, March 12, 2008
you did the right thing, Hank. Big coal, kiss your sorry ass goodbye. Price != true cost, and will never == true cost.
written by T, March 12, 2008
your last name is really Green?
Dinosaurs will die
written by Justin, March 12, 2008
Way to go Hank! Keep sticking it to the coal industry. One day the cialis c 50 dinosaurs will die (no pun intended).

@virgil I am sitting at my entirely wind powered computer (and house for that matter) that I choose to pay extra for every month and have so for over a year (since about the time the program was offered in my area).
Better to click and take THEIR money
written by Greenovator, March 12, 2008
Nice rant, Hank

I'm off grid (solar/wind), Virgil (btw, US is about 50% coal)

... tho I agree that Virgil makes a point about folks putting more real effort and dollars into conservation and renewables (it goes a lot further than some of the hot air, and is OH SO GRATIFYING to tell the utilities where to stick it !).

To everyone adblocking: dont't -- instead, click away! Better yet, tell all of you friends to do the same (after reading the real truth about their message) -- every click is paid for by the coal lobbies ... more money for Hank and others to better point out their endless lies. It's as if they're not only giving us the rope, but paying us to tie the noose !!! ;D
Say it loud, say it proud
written by Andrew Hunt, March 12, 2008

Good show! There is no room for silence on this issue. Along the PA turnpike, strategically placed to block the cialis sales in canada view of a dozen beautiful wind turbines, stands a series of billboards sponsored by the Pennsylvania Families for Coal. Each sign shouts in bold font how clean coal is. How superior coal is. How coal is the past, present, and future of best price generic cialis America.

Dirty lies from dirty power.
One thing...
written by BBM, March 12, 2008
There are 45 gigawatts of renewable energy planned for the United States.

And what is the US current usage?

800 gigawatts? What will it be in 25 years?

What will make up the shortfall?

I do expect that a solar breakthrough will help, but clean coal tech (if feasible) should not be so casually be dismissed out of hand. Especially if it can be applied to the mammouth problem that will be China's coal use.

written by Wirelizard, March 13, 2008
Wait a moment, EcoGeek has ads?

It's 2008... there are these lovely things called adblockers...

Still, excellent rant. Green coal = brown bovine by-product...
written by dude, March 13, 2008
Really, adblocking your friendly blogger? How low can you go? Sheesh
Great Article!
written by Jared, March 13, 2008
I love this post, great work ecogeek! i wish more media sites did what you have done!
I posted this to
Re: adblocking
written by Laedelas Greenleaf, March 13, 2008
I thought adblockers just kept me from viewing ads...they prevent ad revenue, too? Hmm.
written by nyceline, March 13, 2008
go hank go!
written by Mike, March 13, 2008
Damn! Hank Sounds like you do not like the coal industry. But maybe that's just me.

I like your thinking but given all the different technologies blooming and so little money going to assist them, they're more than a couple of decades away from going by the way side.

ad revenue
written by dude, March 13, 2008
Not all ad-revenue. But certainly all pay-by-click ad-revenue, like Google Ads, for example. Lots of websites depend on this revenue to at least cover the hosting costs of the website.
written by David R. P. Morris, March 13, 2008
Concise and the best choice levitra and women appropriate polemic Hank, kudos.

Though it's spelt sulfur, or sulphur.
ad revenue
written by Robin Hood, March 13, 2008
Hank - if you put the clean coal lobby's ads back on, I will not only view them repeatedly, but also click on them to generate views/clicks revenue for your website --and you can then do whatever you wish with the revenue, including donating it to worthy environmental causes. Wouldn't that be a principled gesture to at least take something back from those who have, for the longest time, profiteered enormously by raping our mother nature?
written by Mark H, March 14, 2008
Amen to that, Hank! Eloquently stated.
written by anon, March 15, 2008
This was just too great of a rant not to comment on. I love renewable energy and hate coal so i found it awesome. but...

Be real please, after going to school for power engineering and working the industry, we are not even close to being able to ditching coal power. The details take many years to learn, but i speak the truth. Please do better homework or attend least 4 years of college before taking your soapbox next time.
written by CHRIS J, March 15, 2008
LOL! I live within sight of a trio of tramadol pain killer without a prescription coal power smokestacks in a state whose citizens have convicted me of a felony for growing a plant. Apathy is a weapon that corporatists have used against our social development since the no perscription female cialis next day industrial revolution began. Your website is part of the knowledge revolution that will reverse our suicidal consumerism and this is why I Laughed Out Loud for joy when I read your response to Big Brother Coal. Thanks HANK!

Chris J., Ames IA
Thanks for the heads-up...
written by Sean Daily, March 15, 2008
Hank, we're proactively blocking them on Green Living Ideas as well in case they decide to start trolling other sites looking for a new home for their ads. Appreciate the heads up, and the very right on sentiments you expressed in your letter.

Sean Daily
Desperate moves
written by Andy Backer, March 15, 2008
I agree overall. At the same time, let´s keep some perspective. If anything we should feel sorry for some. I am sure if the coal businesses were displaced by solar/wind companies, that the coal workforce would more than gladly jump ships. If they don´t currently, it´s due to status quo, missinformation and lack of opportunity/convenience. The country had to rely on them for many years. They see their end in sight. Their marketing deparment is sweating. Look how desperate they are now, posting adds at Ecogeek!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Here! Here!
written by Bryan, March 17, 2008
Well said and well done.
written by Ricardo, March 18, 2008
Beautifully stunning answer
written by Bobby, March 18, 2008
Kudos! I usually roll w/ adblock but i've disabled it on your site so I can now see your ads...
Nice thought....but sophomoric in nature
written by Enoch, March 24, 2008
Well Hank, I don't like the outcome of coal use anymore than the next ecogeek or whatever you want to call yourself, but to think you can rid your life of its consequences is simply stupid. Industry will continue to on with it's use, for decades to come at least (as you said), with or without protest, with or without the government and their lame excuses for 'clean coal' and CO2S research.

And if you think coal use is bad now....well, you're in store for a surprise buddy! You think we're on the verge of improvement? That ship wont arrive for another three decades at least! Mark my words. And, when you think about it, a few decades is a lot of recommended site levitra online shop uk time; a few more decades of relentless coal burning might just be enough to teach us humans a lesson or two.

Even considering the possibility of the U.S. cleaning up it's act, lets not forget about China and discount cialis India - they'll MORE than compensate. So Hank, I suggest that you stop instilling a false sense of hope. I applaud what you do, but I believe a more realistic approach is more effective.
Way to Stick it to Them
written by Clayton B. Cornell, March 24, 2008
I've had enough of this clean coal BS too. Unless we move beyond coal soon we are screwed....
Solar in Seattle
written by GoSolarNow, March 26, 2008
"I" buy green power. I've had have solar on my house for more than 15 years. AND, I live in rainy Seattle! We've got better solar access in Seattle than ANYWHERE in Germany, and Germany is the world's leader in installing PV. The US once was the world's leader in every category of solar R&D, patents, production, installation, export, etc. Reagan killed solar in the US by eliminating the federal support solar once had. The Coal industry continues to suck tax money into its coffers with the BS of 'clean coal', a technology that isn't producing a single watt hour of energy in a commercial setting today. The billions siphoned off by the coal industry would be far better spent developing, encouraging, and INSTALLING solar and wind technologies that exist TODAY!
when you lose your way
written by ashraf, May 04, 2008
The main thing in the life is the life .that mean evey one should have meaning for his life ,and every one should ask himself why am here (in this life )i dont knwo why i write this thing but its the time to leave .
Drain IT
written by Drain IT, January 28, 2013
Coal is extremely important to the heath of viagra uk the U.S. economy. As a country, we depend on coal more than any other fuel source except for gas and oil.

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