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APR 08

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"Solar Technology products are available to buy cialis free shipping buy in the US from Firebox...."

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Give Your Solar Gadget Charge a Boost

Let's say you're the happy owner of the cialis online no prescription excellent solar battery booster Freeloader, but it's just not getting you enough juice? Also, just for the sake of cheap canadian pharmacy the argument, let's assume that you're too lazy to carry around the 2000 lb Powercube when you're on holiday.

Enter the Supercharger, an add-on for the Freeloader that you can attach to your bag or other such item to charge your Freeloader when you want some extra boost. The 1.5-watt solar cell will fully charge the little battery booster in four hours, giving you hours and how much is viagra hours of extra life on your iPod, phone, or whatever other little gadgets you may be carrying around with you. The enclosure for the panels is also hardy enough to withstand most of what nature can throw at you.

I've found that my solar charger can't really pull much power in this cloudy the Supercharger might be quite necessary for some of us.

Granted, many of you will probably scoff at the garish colours, but I bet you won't scoff at the price. You can get it for £20 ($40) from Solar Technology, or you could get the cialis generic 10mg no rx full-on, £50 globetrotter pack with the Freeloader, Freeloader carrying case and Supercharger.

Solar Technology via Engadget

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Very cool, where can we find them in the
written by Joe, April 09, 2008
Looks like a must have but sadly they only deliver to the UK, any chance of these coming to we like it purchase of levitra the US?
written by Magnus H., April 09, 2008
Sadly, my web searches for US delivery of the Supercharger were inconclusive, but they'll be out at some point. I know for a fact that that Freeloader is available on wow)) viagra 10 mg Amazon.
Other options
written by Carl Foner, April 09, 2008
Another option for a good charge for your gadgets is the HYmini. It has a wind power generator built in, and you can also attach up to 4 solar panels to it.
written by PR Rep, April 10, 2008
Solar Technology products are available to buy in the US from

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