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APR 15

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"Just commenting to say I loved the sarcasm...."

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High Schoolers Break 2,500 MPG to Win EcoMarathon

Twice a year (once in Europe and once in America) Shell puts on the "Eco-Marathon." Basically, it's a way for Shell to say, "Look, we're doing something!" even though, really, they aren't. And it's also an opportunity for publications to put big MPG numbers in headlines, and get all excited!

Really, it isn't that fantastically exciting, though. If a clear coffin with three bicycle wheels and a top speed of canadian levitra for sale 30 mph is your idea of a fine vehicle, then you can go ahead and get excited about getting 2,500 MPG. But, if not, I don't want to see any "if high schoolers can do it, then why can't Toyota" comments down there.

Nonetheless, it is impressive that a high school team took home the prize this year, especially because they were vastly outnumbered (20 to four) by college-level teams. What's up, colleges! Get your act together!

So way to go Mater Dei High School, we hope you'll take that $10,000 prize, have a sweet pizza dinner, and then spend the rest of it on next year's even more efficient vehicle!

Via EcoModder

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written by Dutch, April 16, 2008
OK, no fair comparing this and a family sedan, but if these kids can get 2500 MPG, then can't Toyta (or another large manufacturer) get us onw with say 125 MPG - 5% of that?
How are these things tested.
written by Dan, April 16, 2008
At the top speed of 30mph it would take 83 hours
and 20 minutes to test this.
This is retarded!
written by Jim Walker, April 16, 2008
I have always agreed, these are stupid. No one, not matter how eco-friendly you are is going to drive that. So it's completely unrealistic. The only thing I can think of is someone does something great that no one else thought of and it trickles down to buy levitra australia being incorporated in a "real" vehicle.
Econ vs Real Cars
written by jony, April 16, 2008
The problem with asking why car companies can't get fuel efficiency at even five percent of what a high schooler can get is in many ways because of the demands of dosage cialis both the government and consumers.

To get such incredible fuel economy car companies would have to use light weight materials, such as plastics or carbon fiber (one being very weak and the other being very expensive). Things like air bags and viagra online quick delivery seat belts and all the other less visible methods of keeping us safe always 'waste' a lot of gas. As does the trunk, rear view mirrors, air conditioning, and everything else that isn't a motor, wheel, or drive shaft.

While I think the competition is a great way to encourage kids to work on engineering with a particular goal it is very different than the problems facing a real car. Consumers want a safe and attractive car, neither of which are really conducive to incredible fuel economy. Its like the plane that can go around the world without landing, thats great... but of absolutely no use to anything useful. It does however provide for the possibility of new breakthroughs that might just earn an extra mile per gallon.
written by mc2w, November 25, 2009
Just commenting to say I loved the sarcasm.

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