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JUL 27

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"Your complaining this is the biggest polluter. Its because it is bigge..."

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Climate Change Camp Vows To Close Drax Power

In the heart of "Megawatt Valley" in the UK, the Climate Change Action Camp is threatening to close down Drax power station this August.  Their reason? Drax is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK throwing 20.8 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.  Their course of action? Er...Camping?
Whilst Drax is the biggest, it is also the cheapest prices for viagra most efficient coal fired station in Europe, which leads me to question the group's motives.  If they're goal is to close power plants maybe they should start with some older, smaller, more inneficient plants that are nearing the end of their lifespan anyway. 

The camp offers to raise awareness of global warming, climate change and the impact that big carbon emitters are having on our environment.

I appreciate the camp's sentiments - their case is best place cialis very valid... but the question remains "How Are They Going To Shut Down Drax?" Expect a full report of why does levitra not work whether they achieved their aims and how it was done early September - don't touch that dial!
The camp will be wholly powered by renewable energy, the logistics of renewably lighting and powering the enterprise may turn out to be the most powerful part of the pfizer cialis cheap camp.  As such, there are opportunities for EcoGeeks to get involved, they will very likely need your expertise. So if you are tech-savvy and fancy a week in Yorkshire, get in touch with the camp organizers at :
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written by a guest, July 28, 2006
Yeah, the English have a tradition of ineffectual 'camping' as a means of protest. Expect some media publicity (probably the main positive outcome), a few 'run around with the police' type confrontations and notmuch else. Still at least they'll make new friends and get a tan. And were they do shut down the station, plunge 100's of thousands of people into darkness - this will really get them onside. Really?
written by a guest, July 29, 2006
I cant help but think that while the group is well intentioned, they are naive.

They talk of cutting back to a sustainable way of life, sadly this will never happen, too many people like their large cars, energy guzzling gadgets and appliances and no eco-friendly types are going to persuade them otherwise.

Rather than this essentially pointless exercise they would be more useful putting group pressure on the goverment to promote and develop clean forms of energy and to legistate for more fuel efficient cars. Say a minimum mpg of 50mpg.
Not efficient
written by a guest, August 12, 2006
I don't see how you can describe power plants like Drax as efficient when they lose almost two thirds of the energy they consume as waste heat which ends up in their cooling towers, not to mention the transmission losses that occur as the power plant is located far way from any major population centres.

Compare this with a combined heat and power systems that are common in Scandinavia and achieve efficiencies of over 80% by recovering the waste heat and using it to supply domestic heating systems through municipal heating grids.
re \"Not efficient\"
written by a guest, August 25, 2006
i work at drax and i don't see what the problem is. and no im not a high flying exec, im just a common worker. Drax is as efficient as your gonna get out of a powerstation, its the newest, has had the most money spent on it and is as efficient as you can get. Drax isn't near any major population centers? what about york, leeds, selby etc! and thats what transformers are for anyway, so the power can be transmitted all over the uk!

i wish you people would think a bit harder before just blundering on and protesting, plus i bet you come by car, thats very good for the environment!
Re: Not efficient
written by a guest, August 27, 2006
Ozone Layer healing itself, get a life! or do you not take any interest in the news unless it benefits you.
mr clark
written by a guest, August 27, 2006
Are there actions taken into consideration. if they manage to shut Drax's down what effect will this have on the national grid could it lead to power failures. how many hospitals will be effected and other emergency services. These people are irresponsible and need to get a life. People are aware of the problems and are trying there best in this country the finger would be better pointed else where.
written by a guest, August 31, 2006
I have just returned from the camp and would like to set the record straight - the event is intended to be symbolic and educational. Carbon IS a serious issue and all centralised power plants are incredibly inefficient - we need to start now in finding ways of limiting our carbon production or we our species will be gone from this planet in 2 generations.
written by Local, October 08, 2007
You muust remember that Co2 emissions are not the worst pollutant towards global warming
ie methane CH4 Nitrogen oxide NO2 and sulphur dioxide SO2 flu gas desulphurization takes out NO2 and SO2 and methane is produced by cows go kill some cows if you want to make the biggest impact.
written by ken, July 24, 2009
Your complaining this is the biggest polluter. Its because it is bigger. For eg. Drax has six 660mw generating units compared with somewhere like eggborough which has four 500mw gnerating units so it will produce more co2 but it produces much more power than all of the other coal fired stations in the uk. Drax is also one of the most efficient stations in the country so if it was the same size as foe eg. Eggborough, it would produce less co2 tan eggborough.

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