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"I have 3 prii (priuses) in my family and all three have gotten upwards..."

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The World's Largest Hybrid

Its wheels are bigger than your car...the driver has to climb a flight of stairs to get to his seat. And, if GE has their way, they might soon be painting it (at least metaphorically) green.

{digg}{/digg}Hybrid cars are generally most exciting when they combine their energy-efficient drive trains with small, lightweight bodies. This is the levitra pfizer canada only way to see Prius-like mileage of 60+ mpg. But hybrid systems also work for larger vehicles like the 2WD Chevy Tahoe hybrid that brought home this year's Green Car of cheap tramadol no prescription 180ct the Year award by getting 50% better city fuel economy than its non-hybrid counterpart.

But GE and the U.S. Department of Energy are taking the idea of making big vehicles more efficient to enter site fda approves cialis the extreme. They're working on a project to hybridize haul trucks which, when fully loaded, weigh more than 200 Chevy Tahoes.

Haul trucks are basically massive dump trucks used in mining operations. They, of course, consume massive amounts of fuel, and so increasing effiency marginally can save massive amounts of fuel. Already, most new haul trucks are electrically powered, like diesel locomotives. Their diesel engines power generators that power the electric motors. This is more efficient than traditional drive trains, and provides much more torque for moving such gigantic loads.

GE is working on a system to basically run the viagra testimonial electric engines in reverse during braking and store the generated electricity in the same battery packs they use for their hybrid locomotives. They've already got a test-system in place and operating. They're trying to figure out how long the batteries will last in the harsh conditions of mines, and are still unsure how how much fuel they can save using the technology.

In general, mines don't have much to lend themselves to being environmentally aware. Maybe this is one technology that will change that...however slightly.

You can read more about the project straight from the horse's mouth at GE's Blog, where the 100mg viagra from canadian pharmacy leader of the project, Tim Richter, talks it up.

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written by Charlesgao, April 25, 2008
More photos needed.
written by Mark, April 25, 2008
"This is the only way to see Prius-like mileage of 60 mpg."

This statement alone proves to it's cool canadian pharmacy cialis me your a tree hugging moron with no actual understanding of how or what needs to be done to help the environment. You and those like you run around in a special place were you believe electric cars though charged in your garage powered by a coal burning power plant create zero emissions. You and your associates also believe the Prius gets the estimated 60mpg in actuality the car averages 37mpg in normal driving situations. Better than a suv but hardly impressive for a car not to mention the batteries you now have to dispose of.

"GE is working on a system to basically run the electric engines in reverse during braking..."

They are electric motors not engines. Also they will not be run in reverse the motor will still turn the same way there will merely be a slightly more complicated electrical system designed to capture and store the lost energy in batteries(that will also need replaced every few years and create more waste).

I say this not merely to cut you down as an individual. I simply hate watching the blind lead the blind. Just because a vehicle uses less fossil fuel does not make its "footprint" any smaller.
written by Andreas, April 25, 2008
Mark you only got some minor points right. electricity can be made green although just on the verge of wow)) generic levitra professional becoming economically, oil on the other hand has a much more difficult path to visit web site buy levitra from china become green..
More Info?
written by, April 25, 2008
More details would have been nice, but interesting nonetheless.
There is a bigger one
written by Oz, April 25, 2008
The is a bigger one, check it out HERE.
Wow, you don't get it at all, Mark.
written by marvin, April 25, 2008
The Prius does NOT get 37mpg. I have read many reports from owners and spoken directly with owners and low to mid forties is free viagra sample the real-world mileage in mixed driving. 40 mpg in the city or mixed driving is a huge leap from the 25 mpg that cars the size of the Prius are currently achieving. Over the roughly 8-year life of the hybrid batteries (80,000 miles at 15mpg better mileage and try it soft cialis 6 pounds per gallon), a hybrid would save about 7,200 pounds of gasoline which is far more harmful than a couple hundred pounds of nickel batteries that can likely be recycled.

Electricity can be made without coal. Even if it's energy is created with oil, an electric car is more efficient than a gasoline vehicle even with transmission losses taken into account. Petroleum power stations run far more efficiently than gasoline engines. Electric motors are far more efficient than internal combustion at driving wheels. Greater energy efficiency completely wipes out any additional environmental costs due to the hybrid system. The thousands of pounds of fuel saved over the life of an electric or hybrid electric vehicle is much more important than a somewhat higher manufacturing cost.

You must know that refining thousands of pounds less of petroleum will reduce all sorts of horrible pollutants from entering the levitra shop biosphere, including heavy metals worse than those used in batteries. Only a moron wouldn't know that and leave it out of link for you ordering cialis their argument.

Why don't you take your hate and ignorance somewhere else?
Interesting upgrade
written by Alex, April 25, 2008
"most new haul trucks are electrically powered" ... most new truck for the last 30-40years ... and so are locomotive and boat...
written by Jesse, April 25, 2008
Actually, Mark is spot-on. The original EPA estimate of the Prius' 60mpg when city driving was found to be grossly inaccurate in 2007. With the new fuel estimation regulations, 2000-2003 Prius' have been discovered to get 41-43 MPG, while newer ones get 42-44. In addition, Google "prius actual mileage", and you'll get scores of articles from owners stating their actual mileage is canadian drug viagra in the 32-35 range. This is a pretty far cry from the "60 mpg" listed in this 2008 article.

In addition, Marvin's comment that "electricity can be made without coal" is irrelevant, since coal is *by far* the greatest source of electricity in the United States. The fact that coal plants are more efficient than gasoline engines is certainly a good point, but Mark correctly pointed out the ridiculous notion carried by so many people that fully-electric cars will somehow get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels. A nation run on electric cars is only going to marginally reduce emissions, and simultaneously greatly increase our dependence on coal or other fossil fuels for our power plants.
written by Earl Killian, April 25, 2008
GE is also building a hybrid locomotive:
I suspect this is larger than the truck you cite. Locomotives have been diesel electric for a long time, but this one will store the energy from braking instead of turning it into heat in massive resistors.
Jesse is mistaken
written by Earl Killian, April 25, 2008
Coal is 49% of the U.S. grid, but that does not make his statement "A nation run on electric cars is only going to marginally reduce emissions." The 2002 Toyota RAV4-EV emits 3.9 tons of GHG to drive 15,000 miles, when charged from the U.S. grid, according to the EPA website (calculations are on a wells-to-wheels basis, i.e. they include upstream emissions). The RAV4-EV is a SUV. Compare it to cialis soft canada the 2002 RAV4, which the same website rates 8.0 tons of GHG. Thus a U.S. grid powered EV is half the GHG.

More importantly, the U.S. grid is getting cleaner over time, and it is sale viagra possible to get to zero carbon electricity (it just takes deployment of levitra next day delivery existing technology). The path for zero carbon gasoline is much much worse.
Jesse is mistaken
written by Earl Killian, April 25, 2008
Also, on the Prius MPG, Jesse says Mark was "spot-on". I don't see how 37 MPG is "spot-on" when in fact the next day delivery cialis revised EPA MPG is 46, and this is easy to exceed (I get 49-55 MPG when driving a 2008 Prius). Mark's numbers were bogus. To single out the Prius was also bogus, as all cars have had their MPG lowered by the new EPA tests.

However, the aforementioned 2002 Toyota RAV4-EV has an EPA rating of 112 MPG, which blows away the Prius. Electricity always wins in efficiency.
45 to 50 mpg
written by ER, April 29, 2008
I have a 2004 Prius.If i drive under 70 i get 45 to 50 mpg. My car has 147,000 miles.The prius is a great car.
I do get 60 mpg
written by isaac, April 30, 2008
I have 3 prii (priuses) in my family and all three have gotten upwards of 60 mpg. You cannot expect any car to have good efficiency at 75-80 mph on the highway, even if it is a hybrid. Americans need to slow down and we will see gas mileage go up. Needless to say, in my prius, I can drive on average 500 miles on each $30 fill-up.

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