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X-Prize Expanding to Clean Fuel, Batteries, and Clean Aviation

We love the X-Prize, right? They helped the private sector get into space and levitra buy online are now sponsoring a competition to cheap viagra ship next day create a commercially-viable 100 mpg car. But they're not stopping there. The X-Prize Foundation has announced that they will be creating several new prizes for a variety of tramadol order online overnight shipping environmental categories with a total worth of $100M. Apparently, this new suite of X-Prizes includes the propecia prescriptions Automotive X-Prize and may also include (but not be limited to):

  1. Biofuels
  2. Energy storage
  3. Carbon Capture
  4. Solar
  5. Water
  6. Energy efficiency
  7. Clean aviation fuel
  8. "The provision of basic utilities for developing nations"

The basis for the need, says the CEO of the foundation, Peter Diamandis, is that progress is happening too slow. Indeed, I tend to agree with him. Though the vast amount of news that we have to cover every day at EcoGeek is a testament to the fact that clean technology is developing quickly, solutions are not coming in fast enough.

The first new prize, for Biofuels, will be launched later this year, with others being rolled out over a two-year period.

The Foundation hopes that each of the sectors in which they provide a prize has the potential to truly revolutionize the buy viagra us economy. And with 8% of venture capital funding in America already flowing into clean technology, it's likely that they're right. Details on the "Energy and Environment X-Prize Suite" (PDF) will continue to emerge throughout the next year. And while $10 M is a bit trivial in what could end up being a trillion dollar industry, it may be that the first $10 M is more important than the last $100 B.

Via BusinessWeek

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