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MAY 01

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"solar is one of the least cost effective ways to invest your money but..."

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OptiSolar Planning World's Largest Photovoltaic Plant

Utility-scale, thin-film solar manufacturer OptiSolar just released plans to create the largest solar photovoltaic farm in the world. The farm would be built in San Luis Obispo County, California, and would, at peak production, produce about 500 MW of solar power. This is roughly the same amount as a coal-fired power plant, enough to power some 190,000 homes.

The largest photovoltaic farm in America at Nellis Air Force Base (pictured) is 40x smaller than this project would be.

OptiSolar uses thin-film, amorphous silicon technology. Their panels use a tiny amount of non-crystaline silicon, allowing them to buy tramadol with visa be far cheaper than traditional crystalline solar panels. The trade-off is that the panels themselves are far less efficient than traditional panels.

The solar farm will take advantage of incentives from the state and county, which both have aggressive renewable energy goals. OptiSolar hopes to begin construction in 2010 with full capacity coming online before 2013. But hurdles remain...the state will have to approve the project, and OptiSolar will have to secure the funding for it, before we'll know for sure if this will take the title of world's largest photovoltaic farm.

Via Good Clean Tech, OptiSolar and BusinessGreen

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Huge Project
written by Book Calendar, May 02, 2008
That is only best offers levitra without prescription online one huge project. If a home uses 2KW of electricity. Then that would be enough energy for 250,000 homes. I am wondering how they are going to run the power lines from the project to the grid.
Clean, yes,..
written by Tom, May 02, 2008
I understand the official canadian pharmacy benefits of solar power, but man, that is A LOT of space. Seems like it might be a good idea to maybe go vertical with them, although they would be really vulnerable to order cialis cialis wind... Seems like. maybe. if people had more forsight, factoring in solar panels to every construction project would begin to help the express cialis delivery problem. I mean, it would basically be a one-time expense versus monthly energy bills. Think of it, an entire developments roofed with panels, totally electrically self-sustaining. I dunno. This is my first time musing on solar energy. I'd really appreciate a reply.
500MW solar not quite 500MW coal
written by PJD, May 02, 2008
Not that I think we should build even one new coal fired plant, but 500MW of solar would equate to a very small coal fired plant due to the capacity factor being so much less for solar.

Likewise... Book Calendar, given that solar is rated as peak watts, if a typical house were to use 2kW average then it would take far more than 500MW of solar to supply 250,000 homes... along with some way to only now viagra injectable store the power.
written by curt, May 03, 2008
Very nice plan, even though I am sure, they are going to change many details, to make it even much better. Development on PV field is so fast, that the final power plant, is going to be far more efficient, if ever built.
LONDON AWARE 08 Green consumer expo
written by jodie, May 05, 2008
Have you heard about this event we are organising for the 10th and 11th May in Exhibition hall one of the Barbican? You can see more info at

Essentially it's a green consumer expo showcasing 80 organisations with products and services which make your life in some way more eco-friendly. From electric vehicles to organic veg boxes delivered to your home to eco-kettles to hubcap creatures(made from recycled hubcaps!) and just about everything in-between.

There are also 11 panel discussion sessions on only now what is cialis professional all sorts of climate change related topics, a children's interactive area, guest authors, a student eco-innovation award, a green cinema and lots, lots more! Tickets are £5 and concessions are free when registering on-line.
Solar is a Good thing!
written by Kreativek, June 10, 2008
It's good to hear that the US is heading in the right direction. But homeowners need to take action as well. It would be a lot faster and would take less time because it would not have to go through stages of approvals by the government. If everyone contributed at least a little bit trying to convert their homes with solar and wind power. Especially now that gas has an effected everything from milk prices to shipping, and so on so as long as people are kept being reminded about what could happen to our planet. i think we can all convert a lot easier knowing it's for a good cause and saves you money too!
written by Renee Wells, June 11, 2008
I agree with the last comment, and I feel like the "it saves you money" idea is heading in the right direction. Not to be a pessimist, but I'm confident that neither your every day citizen nor your large company is going to do anything eco-friendly unless it is saving them money. Hence, no one is cheapest tramadol available online going to inconvenience themselves until we invent efficient ways to use renewable resources. Maybe it's a good thing oil prices are going through the roof..
Solar does not take up too much space!
written by Eric, June 11, 2008
Any such comment astounds me. Have you been to UTAH? Eastern Colorado? Wyoming and the Dakotas?
Except for the transient creature that could easily coexist among the panels, Those locations are practically barren wastelands just waiting to support the alternative energy movement. Wind turbines are common throughout the upper Midwest.

True, it would help if we all had pockets deep enough to make use out of the current real estate and outfit our homes and businesses. Many are doing just that.
Starting At roughly a dollar per watt, ( or about 100 times more than most pay now) that's tens of cheap 25mg cialis thousands of dollars for the average home.
While I will probably be one of those people that does go for a major solar install in a couple of years, I'm well aware that the average family can afford no such expense just yet.

It's important for us to let the larger companies help pave the way by advancing the technology and increasing production.
Solar installer/sales
written by FourWindsSolarStore, June 12, 2008
Solar is here to only for you buy generic viagra stay! Now more than ever with the high cost of fuel and the climate being affected in so many ways, we must! use what we can to stop a global disaster. Photovoltaics can now also provide heating and Air conditioning at a lower than you think cost, see and visit a USA Solar store.
written by ted, June 14, 2008
PV solar cost is coming down, and the efficiency isn't bad. Plus, it is so simple, just mount the internet viagra pharmacy panels, wires, and electronics, and you are done. But the sun only shines in the day, and the cost is still high.
There should be more emphasis on solar-thermal for heating, and improved home insulation as much more cost effective ways to conserve energy and fuel. As for power, solar-thermal-electric offers a way to have short term energy storage via heat tanks.
man on a mission
written by ca, June 21, 2008
solar is one of the least cost effective ways to invest your money but only for a while until all the other businessmen see their is money to be made here then they will invest their time effort and moooooooneeeeeeeeeey and supply and demand will take over and before you know it (quad core computers will cost less than $900 at Wall Mart) the price will go down and efficientcy will go up.

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