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MAY 23

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"1 gallon = 3 liter and buy ultram tramadol online 1 liter gasoline = (aproximately) 3 usd in tur..."

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Memorial Day and Gas Prices: What to Do!

It's Memorial Day weekend, which marks the beginning of the driving season, and gas prices have topped $3.75 per gallon. And yet the question remains, will the purchase discount viagra on the internet dramatic increase in the price of gas, combined with concern about global warming, actually affect people's driving habits?

It certainly seems to be affecting their web habits. Friends of mine who run sites focused on green cars (ecomodder) and oil prices (theoildrum) have both reported huge spikes in traffic in recent weeks.

Many people want to know how to green their current car is. Ecomodder suggests buying a real-time mileage gauge so you can keep track of how your driving habits affect your efficiency, and gives tips on how to drive more efficiently.

TheOilDrum sees no end in sight. Prices may drop some from yet-to-come summer highs. But, even if there is a temporary drop, demand outside the U.S. will continue to viagra one a day increase until some alternative to gas is developed.

Carectomy, on the other hand, offers the solution of the best site viagra without perscription not owning a car at all, and renting (preferably a hybrid) on days when you need to make long trips. Not having a car is certainly the easiest way to save gas.

But if you really need to drive this weekend, enjoy it while you can. Already 35% of families with children are planning to alter their Memorial Day plans because of gas price increases. While this is a good thing for the environment, I can't help but wish that something besides prices were helping people make these decisions.

Meanwhile, flying is getting more expensive as well. The price of jet fuel has increased 95% in the last year. As a result, airlines have increased prices 11 times in the last year, and American Airlines has reduced flight capacity by 12%.

The world is changing, there is no doubt about it. I hope that people can find some way to enjoy their Memorial Day without spending it in cars or on my canadian pharmacy online planes. Enjoy where you are, have a nice relaxed weekend - without traffic or long lines at security checkpoints. Maybe a nice long weekend at home isn't so bad after all.

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For starters...
written by Robbert, May 23, 2008
You can thank your lucky stars that gasoline is still cheap in the US.
Here in the Netherlands we currently pay about $ 9.18 for a gallon. It will be interesting to see what happens when the best prices for viagra US government stops subsidising gas.
Gas Prices
written by Chris, May 24, 2008
Gas is already up over $4 on average for Los Angeles (national average isn't far behind). Glad I don't have/drive a car.
written by M!hai @ Freshome, May 24, 2008
I might be a little bit sarcastic, ...but we need to invent Teleportation. ;)
written by Andrew, May 25, 2008
Great article. I agree with M!hai. Although that could generate new problems, like people losing kidneys after said teleportation.

I hate to cialis levitra sales viagra nit pick but I found a spelling mistake.
'Many people want to know how to green their current car is.'
Not to worry, these things happen. The sentence would work fine by either getting rid of 'to' or 'is'.
I wouldn't mind being your official grammar or spell checker at no cost. :p
$3.75 per gallon ? very cheap!
written by emrah, May 27, 2008
1 gallon = 3 liter and
1 liter gasoline = (aproximately) 3 usd in turkey!
that mean, 1 gallon gasoline 9 - 10 USD... we are living that prices for a long time...ask to us how you can survive ;)

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