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AUG 04

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"Thomas Jefferson installed a device on a swinging door at Monticello t..."

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Turnstile Power!

For every action there is an equal and just try! buy viagra soft tabs oppostite reaction.  Well...there are a lot of actions in the world...why not hook some of those reactions to a generator.  Decentralized passive power production...I think that's what it should be called.  J.R. East (the biggest railway company in Japan who we've already heralded for their hydrogen hybrid trains) hooked up a generator to tramadol cod online the turnstiles of their railway stations and I call that awesome.  I mean, why not capture energy wherever we can. 

Now, I can't imagine it will add up to much, but if everything we do, from clacking a key to tapping a foot generated power, we might need a few less solar panels on the roof. 

The concept is currently being tested at their office, where you apparently have to walk through a turnstile to approach the receptionist.  Railway office...turnstile...ahh cute...
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written by celia, March 01, 2007
If a turnstile is closed and someone jostles it, does that generate energy also? I look forward to seeing this in a train station near me, soon.
Jefferson did it, too
written by Randall Williams, March 17, 2009
Thomas Jefferson installed a device on a swinging door at Monticello that reportedly pumped water from a cistern every time the door was opened. He also installed double-glazed windows.

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