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JUN 05

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"The roads would be less safe with e_bikes particularly for the operato..."

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Uno Does A Number on Motorcycles

It’s not on the market yet, but when Popular Science Magazine has the UnoCycle on the cover as one of its top 10 inventions of the levitra online us]non generic levitra year, this machine is one to watch.

The UnoCycle was developed by 19-year-old inventor Ben Gulak of Toronto who inherited his grandfather’s machine shop, and has been a tinkerer for years. A trip to cheapest price viagra deliverd uk China two years ago got Gulak thinking about the environmental damage done by internal combustion engines. Determined to figure out a better solution, he came up with the Uno, a two-wheel electric motorcycle that’s smaller than the real thing. The all-electric vehicle emits zero emissions. While not the first electric motorcycle, it gets big props for unique design.

It works kind of like the Segway where the rider shifts position on the vehicle to accelerate or brake. Moving forward and viagra pfizer online backward is as simple as pushing forward in the cheap 25mg cialis seat or leaning back. When the rider turns, the wheels adjust for stability by keeping both inside and outside wheel on the ground at the same time.

Gulak has already spent about $50,000 on the prototype and hopes to be able to sell the Uno for about $6,000 - highly affordable for this knid of head-turning transportation. Business interest is definitely piqued, as he has already fielded interest from one motorcycle enthusiast, and producers at the Tonight Show on behalf of Jay Leno called recently to ask about the zippy Uno. Gulak came up with the name Uno, which means One, because it sounds European and from certain angles the two-wheeled motorcycle looks like it only has one wheel.

Via Popular Science and Motocycle Mojo

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written by Lindsey, June 05, 2008
Anyone know how fast this thing can go?
written by Caroline Streich, June 05, 2008
When can I get one?! That's amazing for anyone, but a nineteen year old.
Pretty cool but it does produce emmision
written by Jim Ferry, June 05, 2008
Pretty cool but electric vehicles for the most part are really coal fired in the majority of the worlds markets. and do produce emissions just not from a tail pipe.
written by Carl, June 05, 2008
Jim, a pretty negative look on try it order cialis online canada a method of transportation that is cleaner than our current one. Electric vehicles get only part of buy cialis without prescription their power from coal (currently), albeit a majority of it. But power is generated using all different kinds of power (especially in CA)...whereas a fossil fuel powered vehicle has one energy source that is a gross pollutant.
RE:Pretty cool but it does produce emmis
written by sam winter, June 06, 2008
Do we really have to viagra on sale go over this? By the fact of your comment being on ecogeek, I assume you understand the benefits inherent in electric vehicles.

1) Centralizing the burning of fossil fuels from a million combustion engines to a few power plants means that you can take advantage of different and higher-efficiency methods and materials. It is also much easier to control the combine cialis and levitra emissions in centralized production.

2) Similar to #1, If you have all the energy conversion centralized, you can implement new techniques and it's cool what is the cost of viagra new technologies quickly, rather than having to replace millions of combustion vehicles.

3)Without putting any effort into the vehicles themselves, electric vehicles become greener and more "efficient" when new renewable technologies are added to the grid.

written by PETE, August 10, 2008
The roads would be less safe with e_bikes particularly for the operators.

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