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JUN 05

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"These comments are absurd. Firstly this as about as far from biomimicr..."

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Solar Cells Mimic Houseplants

Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Mitsubishi, and Tokki Corporation have come up with a clever way to integrate solar cells into our lives, making them a little more eye-friendly. Meet the new leaves on a techy version of the houseplant.


The plant-like unit is cialis online softtabs a core branch, with thin-film solar cells in the shape and greenish color of female herbal levitra leaves covering it. It is even potted! The cells are coated with a protective film to it's cool similar levitra keep out water and oxygen and the unit is being tested for durability against the elements. With all the complaints about the f-ugly factor of solar panels, here is one of many upcoming solutions to get the energy without the eye sore. Okay, so this probably won't do much to pretty-fy the towers, but I think it'd be fun to have those fake pine tree cell phone towers covered in these leaves! Might as well make them do double duty since they're dorkey looking in the first place.


At any rate, look to AIST for more unique ideas coming soon, including thin-film solar cell integration in walls, windows, even clothing.


Via Engadget

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Great info!
written by Terri, June 05, 2008
This is the coolest thing - Biomimicry at it's best!!

I just found your blog and find it fascinating. I'll be bookmarking it and returning for future updates. Thanks for the great info!


Hey! Now giant flying turtles can be tw
written by campbell, June 05, 2008
great stuff! Turtle Airships will use thin film photovoltaics to power large, fast, amphibious airships. Always looked forward to cialis uk "blue", with this new green color thin film cell technology......the "turtle" airship will look even more like it's namesake!

and still save the Earth! WooHoo!!!
Why not use real plants?
written by Ellen, June 06, 2008
Real plants can also produce electricity, so why do we need to have artificial plants?
written by Caroline Streich, June 06, 2008
I think that solar panels already look cool. And even if some people don't it shouldn't matter it they like the wow it's great levitra tadalafil solution.
written by MArc, June 06, 2008

Does somebody knows the efficiency of these pv-leaf?

It's cool, I can imagine in future some trees of these.

but, we have to maintain the real trees, because these ones are very importants (photosyntesis)

written by Sebastian, August 19, 2008
These comments are absurd. Firstly this as about as far from biomimicry as you can imagine, asides from looking like a leaf there's no similarity at all. Secondly making a tree of these would be idiotic. You would literally be using solar panels to shade other solar panels.

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