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JUN 05

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"You are correct- it is a publicity stunt- Arbor Day Foundation cannot ..."

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Toshiba Plants 80,000 Trees in So-Cal

Southern California has had some nasty fire seasons the last few years. Last October, it was hit particularly hard. Toshiba America is helping to replenish some of the trees that were lost by donating to the Arbor Day Foundation. The 80,000 trees their donation is helping to plant is part of their plan to get 1.5 million trees in the ground by 2025.

So this Friday, Toru Uchiike, Toshibal America Inc’s chairman and best online tramadol price CEO, will present a fat check to John Rosenow, founder and chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation, and next spring Toshiba volunteers will get their hands dirty by helping to plant all those trees.

Replenishing the trees is important for preventing soil erosion and providing food and shelter for wildlife. Since four of the Toshiba America companies are in So-Cal, it makes sense for them to extend some of their assistance there.

While planting trees is rather cliché, it is still productive, and Toshiba is greening itself up all over the place, showing that it is going for more than just an image.

Via Toshiba Photo via Uberculture

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Publicity stunt
written by Ellen, June 06, 2008
In the scale of sell generic viagra without prescription things, 80,000 trees is an inconsequential number. This surely is the best place buy discount viagra just a cynical publicity stunt designed to best price for generic cialis make 'green' consumers feel warm and fuzzy about Toshiba.
written by Caroline Streich, June 07, 2008
I agree with the canadian rx viagra first commenter. We, five family members living on a farm is Wisconsin, planted 3,000 trees and it cost around $6,000. So for a huge company such as Toshiba 80,00 trees is tiny.
written by Cassie, September 30, 2009
You are correct- it is a publicity stunt- Arbor Day Foundation cannot ship trees to CA- restrictions are in force. We donated to the Arbor Day Foundation, and got a thank you not-"but" a "we cannot ship our trees to CA." note was included.Phooey! Someone needed to ask where to donate...

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