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JUN 16

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"I think it would be cool to be able to charge all my gear while campin..."

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Solar Briefcase: Only $1500 (?!?)

I know that designer bags and briefcases can be pricey, especially if they’re eco-chic. But this seems like a pretty elite item, no matter how handy.

This briefcase by OPTI-Solar will be available in the usa viagra US later in 2008 for those with a spare $1500. The top half has an integrated solar panel, and the bottom half has Li-ION batteries to canadianpharmacy store collected energy. The briefcase can store up to 75 W and charge most any gadget, from phones to laptops to handhelds. I think it could be a great product for some New York business person who likes to lunch in a sunny park and collect Vitamin D and some electricity during their hour break (or, aHEM, a blogger who likes to work while sitting on sunny café patios…). But they’d have to be willing to lug around an 11 lbs. case that doesn’t actually hold any documents – it just LOOKS like a briefcase, I guess so that you don’t look like a dork carrying it around with your Armani suit? Hummm. I don’t know about you, but I like it when gadgets are multi-functional – like if this case could actually hold the gadgets you need to only for you levitra mail order charge – but perhaps I’m being too demanding.

via TG Daily, BornRich

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written by Christopher Reeve, June 16, 2008
Perhaps someone on a science experiment with no power plug for their laptop for miles about would find it handy, in which case maybe the funding agency would pay. smilies/smiley.gif

One general comment about the use of power and energy on this site. Power is i recommend herbal alternative to viagra a rate of energy that a power supply can deliver. Hence you store energy, not power! Energy is typically measured in J or kW hours.
thank you
written by Brian, June 16, 2008
to previous poster for pointing out the incorrect energy storage numbers. perhaps the suitcase can produce 75 W of power in peak sun exposure? I doubt it can get half of this though.

Another comment. I hate these sorts of products. They are NOT eco friendly. silicon based pv modules take a lot of energy to produce and I've heard that they take ~2 years on a roof to produce the canadian pharm propecia online energy consumed to manufacture them. Therefore, a product like this which is only sporadically in the sun will likely never produce the energy used to manufacture it.
Possible redeeming value
written by Nbdy Imprtnt, June 17, 2008
@Brian: this portable solar panel might take the place of viagra 100mg england a small gas generator (which would have an even higher manufacturing cost and energy demand) or a large number of disposable batteries. Either of these could help offset the manufacturing cost of the briefcase panel.

If anyone goes looking for this, it actually not from '' (a thin-film solar cell company); rather, it's from ''. As I type this, the product is not listed on's website, but here's a link to the product as shown at Computex:
written by opti, June 24, 2008
Product can be found at
Much less expensive combo at GoBe Solar
written by John, April 08, 2009
I think it would be cool to be able to charge all my gear while camping in the middle of nowhere. There is a similar product with the same portability at It doesn't cost as much as the opti-solar briefcase, but it seems like it would be comparable in performance.

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