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JUN 18

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" has way cooler looking bags made from repurposed..."

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Solar Bag Getting Cheaper - Kinda

Solar technology. Love it. But let’s face it: who can carry around solar panels to power up all those everyday devices we carry around? We’ve seen solar beach bags, and out-of-this-world-priced pseudo-briefcases. But now there’s a product that is a bit more stylist, a bit more practical, and a lot cheaper.

Reware’s Juice Bag comes with a universal socket. That’s right, you’re charging as you’re carrying. Reware thin-film solar panels are made up of 52 micro solar cells. The panels are water-proof, military-tested, and create no heat or sound. The moment sunlight hits, you're making electricity. Right now, the bags have an introductory prices of $299, and they’ll kick up to $399 after, I guess, they catch on. That’s better than the $1500 version by OPTI-Solar, but still pretty pricy, especially for something that is only half-way handy. While the Juice Bag has a padded laptop sleeve that can fit a 17” laptop, it won’t charge a computer. Laptops need a higher consistent charge than these small solar panels can give. A solar charging bag for laptops would be four times as big and canadian legal cialis chances are even other eco-geeks will laugh at you for carrying such a thing. The bag can charge smaller electronic devices from your GameBoy to your satellite phone, GPS unit and digital camera. It takes about two hours on average to generic levitra canada charge up a device. The solar panels run at 12 Volts so the user can plug directly into the bag directly so no battery required. I'm thinking the solar beach bag is cooler.


Via: Reware

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written by Evan, June 19, 2008
How about solar beach cooler?
Very interesting.
written by livepaths, June 19, 2008

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written by My Green Blog, June 22, 2008
This is a cool product but if it can't charge a laptop whats the point. Well, atlease its move in the right direction. A solar Blankit that fits in the bag would have been better.
written by allison, June 25, 2008 has way cooler looking bags made from repurposed materials handmade by these two if you're going to spend that kind of dough on viagra england something LIKE the above bag in function, go for a noon bag for sure.

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