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JUN 20

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"Just read that they're also trying out a new kinetic-energy phone char..."

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Green - er, Orange - Charging Station Gets Upgrade

Got Wind has some fun tricks up its sleeve. Last year at the Glastonbury Festival – a massive music and lowest price generic cialis no perscription performing arts festival in the Vale of Avalon, England – phone service provider Orange and renewable tech creators Got Wind provided a tent-mounted wind-powered phone charger – a pretty awesome set up considering that the event is off in the boonies and cell phone charging stations would be in demand. But this year, the team plans to dwarf last year’s charging pod.

The new pod will stand nearly 23 feet tall and host a wind generator and solar panels that will generate enough electricity to charge up to 100 mobile phones and hour, and store any leftover energy in its battery tank. With thousands of buy 150 tramadol overnight delivery people attending the festival, they think they’ll be pretty busy. And the newer recharge pod is buy cialis professional still only a test for bigger, more powerful stations to come. I can definitely see stations like this being useful at any large event where outlets are scarce.

Via TreeHugger, Got Wind, REchargePod

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That's a start
written by The Food Monster, June 20, 2008
Now if only we can use that same technology for our everyday energy needs rather than just a mobile unit at big events. I like where this renewable bandwagon is going.
Making energy funky
written by Green Gadgets, June 20, 2008
Making green energy funky and fun is a great way to encourage us to work towards being greener. Fantastic publicity stunt by Orange.
written by Clinch, June 21, 2008
Solar panels? At the Glastonbury Festival? I can't see them being that useful (Glastonbury Festival is notorious rain [and mud] and there isn't usually that much sun)
But I expect the cheap generic overnight viagra wind turbine will be constantly spinning.
Now if they could only harness the power of the rain...
(also, I live near Glastonbury [but not too near])
written by Clinch, June 24, 2008
Just read that they're also trying out a new kinetic-energy phone charger thing, that you attach to your arm, and charge your phone by the movement of dancing.

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