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JUN 20

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"It seems to canadian cialis 50mg me that this car will suit only for family, and and buy no prescription tramadol not sm..."

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Mercedes Eco-Cab Takes to London Streets

EcoCity Vehicles has signed up with Mercedes to launch the new eco-friendly London cab. Based on get cialis online the Mercedes Vito Traveliner, the six-seater is aimed at London’s 25,000 taxi drivers, and will launch in six days.

The cab is nothing record-breaking but it has is mexico pharmacy tramadol low CO2 emissions, which is a must for the increasingly eco-conscious city. Details on the cab’s actual emissions are sparse at best, and so this seems to be more of a marketing ploy, putting up a “green” competitor against the cialis cheap canadian pharmacy classic black cabs that comprise 93% of London cabs. Nonetheless, if it works and other car companies are forced to top it, all while Mercedes continues to made advancements on larger vehicles, then progress is being made.

EcoCity is also contracted with London Taxi International, whose parent company, Manganese Bronze, recently signed a development agreement with the Tanfield Group to create the TX4E, a zero emission taxi, which means green one-upping is definitely in the cards.


Via Autobloggreen; GreenDaily

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written by Clinch, June 20, 2008
London doesn't need more taxis, it need better public transport

And I disagree with you linking to cheap discount levitra the congestion charge as "eco-conscious city", as the congestion charge usually results in people taking a longer route to avoid going through the congestion charge zone, (and thus create more pollution).

But I digress, it's going to be the wow look it dosage levitra taxi drivers who make the decision on this one, and if this new car doesn't meet there standards, isn't as good as other available hybrids, or they just 'don't like it', then it's not going to take.
written by jacob, June 21, 2008
Actually Clinch, London is currently undertaking a project to be energy self sufficient, and they are making mini alternative energy powerplants around the city.
mini alternative energy powerplants
written by Clinch, June 21, 2008
Could you provide some links to more info on them.
The only altrnative energy things I've heard about in London are the Olympic wind turbine but that's the Olympic people doing that, not London, so it doesn't count.
written by Bernard Lavilliers, June 21, 2008
It seems to me that this car will suit only for family, and and not small!

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