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MAY 03

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"I see lots of benefits to having complete cell phone coverage of we use it the p..."

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More cell towers in Yellowstone?

There's a thing here somewhere. Yellowphone. Cellowstone. I don't know. But the point is, Yellowstone National Park officials are looking at what their spokesman calls "an environmental assessment for wireless communications."

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) nabbed some documents{mosimage} via that pesky Freedom of Information Act that showed that park officials had contacted a few telecommunications companies asking for ideas. No harm in asking for suggestions, I guess, but who wants cell towers in national parks?
Frankly, I'm okay if nobody can call me while I'm in the park. They should have just come with me in the first place.
And it's not as if there's no reception there now -- just spotty. The photo, by the way, is a tower that Yellowstone put up not too far from Old Faithful about five years ago.
Here's the AP story at
And here's the excitingly-titled "TELECOMS’ SECRET PLAN TO WIRE ENTIRE YELLOWSTONE PARK" press release at PEER's site. I'm getting shivers!
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written by Guest, May 03, 2006
the point of having wireless within a national park would seem to be for emergency cases. not everyone own's/affords a satellite phone or an emergency beacon. imho
written by Guest, May 03, 2006
It's not as if there's NO reception now. Also, there are land lines all over the place, and if you're a responsible hiker/camper, you've got at least one other person with you, maybe more. The digital age doesn't excuse us from using common sense when it comes to bears.
Many Positives, few negatives for JellyStone Park Cell Towers.
written by Dan Apted, October 01, 2010
I see lots of benefits to having complete cell phone coverage of the park.

The towers can be obfuscated to make them look very similar to trees or snags. They can even include nesting boxes in them.

Once everything is alternative to viagra up it is a short hop to virtual park enjoyment for those not able or willing to rough it. At some point you can't keep putting more and cialis sample more people in a physical way into the only today park and still think of it as natural. But webcams on remote trails, elkcams, bisoncams, wolfcams, nestcams, bad visitor enforcement cams all become possible with very little detectable equipment.

Couch potatoes, elderly (like me), handicapped, and educational programs for kids around the world could enjoy many of the sights and sounds of not just jellystone national park, but of all the parks and monuments and reservations around our nation, heck around the globe without fouling the air with exhaust, without more roads, without toilet facilities, without garbage collection. There are a lot of positive things to do with cell coverage besides texting and talking on that cell phone. But you can't put high bandwidth devices in spotty coverage areas and expect good things.

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