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JUL 02

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Strap-on Kinetic Charger Dances Away Dead Batteries

Orange and Got Wind are at it again with fun ways to charge your cell phone. They clearly aren’t content with just a giant wind- and solar-powered charging booth. They also want to give phone users a more personal way to charge up, apparently so they can be in the midst of having fun without the danger of generic levitra from india dropping a call due to viagra gel a dead battery.

The duo has created a strap-on device called the Orange Dance Charge that uses the kinetic energy you create when you dance (or simply move around a lot). The charger isn’t cumbersome for dancers, with a size and weight comparable to a cell phone. It is strapped to a reveller’s arm, and uses a system of weights and magnets to provide an electric current that charges a storage battery, which can later be used to charge a cell phone.

The device was tested at this year’s Glastonbury Festival last weekend, and I’m sure was a big source of amusement. I think it’s brilliant to test out something like this at a venue where folks are already three sheets to the wind and having fun, so they won’t bash on the product’s hiccups too badly. We have yet to hear how testing went, but I'll keep an eye out for news updates.

Via zdnet, Orange Press; Photo via Zanastardust

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written by Clinch, July 02, 2008
Personally, I think it would be better if the levitra online canada device could be built in to mobiles, so it charges whenever you're just walking about, rather than having to have something strapped to your arm.
But it is buy cialis pill a good concept, and if they do go in to production, hopefully they'll end up looking better than the Glastonbury test model (perhaps a belt would be better, and then you get the added benefit of it keeping your trousers up)
Endless Dance??
written by mike, July 03, 2008
Could this mean endless iPod dances??
written by Russell Reynolds, July 04, 2008
Yes.... Imagine the use the Rave scene would get out of this...

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