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JUL 03

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"I wonder how much they consumers will save on their energy bill. Will ..."

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Hawaii First State to Require Solar Water Heaters

The state of Hawaii has become the first in North America to require solar water heaters in new homes. The bill, signed into law by Republican Governor Linda Lingle this week, prohibits issuing building permits for single-family homes that do not have solar water heaters.

All new homes will be required to have the energy-saving systems installed starting in 2010. Exceptions will be made for houses in heavily forested areas. But the move to force solar heating is pfizer viagra a big step for a state that relies heavily on imported fossil fuels for 90% of its supply.

Conventional water heaters are typically the largest electricity consumer in the average household, gobbling up nearly 40% of consumption. The measure was first introduced five years ago when a barrel of oil cost just $40. Since then, the price has more than tripled. Solar water heaters can be complex systems or simple cheap models. Here’s how you make one for $5. The government also has a good site on how solar water heaters work.

Not surprisingly, builders and buy cialis online no prescription developers were against the bill, saying it would add too much to only now levitra in uk the cost of new home constructions. But surprisingly, another opponent was the Hawaii Solar Energy Association. Last April, in a story in the Star Bulletin, Ron Richmond, with the association, said the new legislation would cost homebuyers about $2,100 more to have the solar water heaters installed. The average solar water heater, according to the article, currently costs about $5,250, before rebates.

Via ENN, GoSunSolutions; Photo via Skyseeker, Conscientious

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written by EV, July 03, 2008
Conventional water heaters are typically the largest electricity consumer in the average household, gobbling up nearly 40 per cent of consumption.

Are you sure about that?
Water Heating 9.1%
written by Craig, July 03, 2008
bloody brilliant - now if only New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona etc would follow suit - infact the entire country should.

Why use up good land making Solar/Wind farms or coal plants to power a house, when said house has a perfectly good roof where it can produce it's own energy.
Instead of solar how about this
written by Ken, July 03, 2008

A heat-pump water heater add-on.
kudos to Hawaii
written by Melissa, July 03, 2008
Very glad to hear about this legislation and hope other states follow suit. Even climates that are not considered conducive to solar energy (like the Pacific Northwest) are perfectly suitable.

These kinds of mandates should be standard construction policy, particularly for industrial and corporate buildings since those entities can afford solar panels more readily than the buy cialis in canada individual homeowner.

There's no reason a multi-billion dollar company shouldn't be mandated to have solar-powered plants and/or offices.
Australia going down the same path
written by Alexander Kohl, July 03, 2008
In Australia we've got the same plans. Great to see that one of cheap tramadol cod the US states is starting to do cialis australia no prescription that, too. I am sure others will follow.
written by Jan Woods, July 04, 2008
Yeah, OK whatever. Good luck with that. Next thing you know our Dictatorship will be telling us on what days and times we can leave our homes.

What next?
written by i lasered my pubes, July 04, 2008
how about ice powered refrigerators for eskimos?
written by Mary, July 04, 2008
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written by solar rocks, July 05, 2008
Change is good...we will either suffer through this oil crisis or have the grace to make it through with changing the way we consume it. If we can embrace this change for the good, then both the environmentally aware and those concerned with oil prices will be happy. Sounds like knocking out 2 birds with one stone to me:)
systems aren't that expensive
written by SolarDave, July 07, 2008
I don't think that the average residential solar water heater should be $5200. Since they don't need to worry about freezing temperatures, that makes the system a lot simpler. Unless they have some crazy labor costs, I don't know why a single 4'x10' collector on the roof would cost more than $4000 (or maybe $3500 for an "ICS" collector). Given the cost of energy in Hawaii, I don't see why solar isn't on every home already!
discrepency with percent household energ
written by Matt Foster, July 08, 2008
I found this site that says water heaters comprise 11 percent of an average household's energy use.

Whether it be nine, 11 or 40 percent, this legislation is a significant positive move, especially when you consider the political allignment of the governor of Hawaii.

Good idea in Hawaii. Bad idea in northe
written by Sean, July 15, 2008
now if only New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona etc would follow suit - infact the entire country should.

Yeah, that will work out really well in Wisconsin where we will have tanks freezing on our roofs.
a step in the right direction
written by Eco Home Plans, August 04, 2008
Though I'm not generally a fan of forced government policy, this seems like a much needed step in the right direction.

Charles Precht
Sustainable Design
water heating end use
written by drusket, October 23, 2008
Water heating end use is a larger percentage of the whole in regions where there is less heating and air conditioning demand. Hawaii has a temperate climate and some homes there don't use any heat or air conditioning while others use reduced amounts compared to most of the U.S. Hawaii Electric lists 40% for water heating. In Florida, the Florida Solar Energy Center lists 19% for hot water. Overall, the U.S. Energy Information Administration lists water heating as 9%.

BTW, in climates where freezing is a problem the water heater systems are designed to use the heat they collect to keep from freezing.
written by SAS, January 25, 2009

Very glad to hear about this legislation and hope other states follow suit. Even climates that are not considered conducive to solar energy (like the Pacific Northwest) are perfectly suitable.

Yes definatly PN
Hawaii home builder
written by Alan, March 20, 2009
The $5000 dollar tag is buy ultram without rx low... try more like $7,000. Prices like that are a burden to disabled veterans like me. My sole income is a pension; but, it is untaxed income...! This makes the government's tax-rebate inapplicable...! While this is yet one more SNAFU; persists that this program is a burden...! You want to do something congress...!
water heating costs
written by Steve Richardson, May 02, 2009
The percentage of home energy use by a water heater is tough to calculate. An easier way to calculate is this: I assume they pay 20 cents/KWH for energy in Hawaii. That means that a standard water heater would cost $60/month just to generic levitra on line uk run(even if you never turned the the best place no prescription water on) add about $20/month in operating costs for each person in the house. You can see that a family could easily save over $100/month. Even without the rebates, it would pay itself back within 5 years. It should be a standard feature on a new home.
What next ?!
written by Laurent, June 18, 2009
This kind of initiative is usa generic levitra a great way to change our standards and habits !!! We are on the edge to become able and used (human wisdom and knowledge) to implement sustainability in, hopefully, most of the human activities; as the traditional Hawaiian Culture used to do. One refers, in this blog, to the government as a dictatorship ... Just for the info, the 2050 Hawaii Sustainable plan was voted by "democratic votes" ... Ok Democracy has been described as "a tyranny of Majority", but if the majority is more aware, responsible and respectful of the environment and future, then I say "Go Green Dictatorship !!!". Government is the Authority that has been shaping culture and how does viagra work behavior since the beginning of Human History. We are writing a new history and society !!! Change is not easy but full of hope !!!
WWII's impact on the solar industry
written by freenergy, July 15, 2009
When WWII broke out, ..."the government froze the use of copper — a principal element required by solar manufacturers — forcing the best place cialis industry to shut down. After the war, servicemen remained in the Miami area, increasing the customer base for Florida Power & Light and therefore lowering electrical rates enough to compete with solar. The utility offered those using solar water heaters the electric equivalent at reduced rates in order to totally eliminate the solar industry in southern Florida"...

these days solar energy is unfortunately a contentious issue between the two-party system. Those that understand the history of solar also realize its potential.
written by Travis, October 13, 2009
Why do new homes need solar panels ? Doesn't it just cost more money to put the only for you viagra and diarrhea panels up because i know they can cost up to how to get viagra canada thousands of buy ultram overnight dollars . im only 14 years old and i think thats a bad idea . it seems kind of stupid to pay more just to save i understand it will help in the long run and it saves the planet but its just pointless to waste your money .
written by fb, November 30, 2009
The costs of the solar heaters are recouped in less than 5 years. Much more so in Hawaii because energy in Hawaii is extremely expensive. Try and do your research before you write... your teacher would be happier.
to all whom are for it
written by Maverick, February 19, 2010
I wounder how many of the pro for people have had to foot the bill for one of these collectors? they should have to! All homes should have to have one installed or none, what about condos, apts. or any new place that will have hot water. or is this just another burden for the working folks to try and overcome? do the people how made this law have them? they should have to! Hawaii may be dependent on focil fuels but WHO isnt?? how much smoke goes up the pipes for the mainland heating bills?
written by Steve, January 12, 2014
I wonder how much they consumers will save on their energy bill. Will it be enough to offset the cost of the heater over time?

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