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JUL 03

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"here's an American Chemical Society link to part of the how to buy viagra concern... ht..."

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Eco-Friendly Fireworks Flash on Fourth of tramadol drug July

Fireworks can be a lot of fun…or scary, depending on what neighborhood you live in. But they use some unhealthy junk in their mix, mainly potassium perchlorate, which has been linked to best levitra price thyroid damage when accumulated in the soil, air, and water. They also contain heavy metals like barium and i use it viagra best price copper, which can be toxic. Ironically, green-colored fireworks are particularly toxic.


While you’re not in that much danger during the one or two shows most people see per year, it’s good to look at the bigger picture. So, to clean up fireworks, researchers in Germany have developed new formulas that use nitrogen-rich materials or nitrocellulose instead of the toxic junk, so you’re that much safer when enjoying flashing displays.


The new formulas produce less smoke and cut way down on the need for toxic heavy metals used for the bright colors. The new (and more expensive) fireworks are already flashing at circuses and rock shows. With lower toxicity, the only safety issues you have to worry about now is someone jabbing a sparkler in your eye “on accident,” or getting a little tipsy and forgetting to let go of that newly lit popper that's STILL in your hand.


Via Science Daily, zdnet, Popular Science; Photo via Maurice

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written by just cool design blog, July 03, 2008
i like this idea although i always secretly savored the stink of the toxic smoke that hovered in the air after a fireworks display. ill miss that for sure smilies/wink.gif
The LED of fireworks
written by Russell Reynolds, July 04, 2008
Nice. Less smoke ..... I don't know if that's good or bad... Don't some shows use lasers to accentuate the cheap cialis uk show... and Don't said lasers rely on the smoke being left behind from the fireworks?
written by jake3988, July 04, 2008
Well, smoke in and of itself is pretty bad. I guess the toxic metals are more so.

Especially when the smoke goes in your direction, it's just awful.
written by Dan, July 05, 2008
here's an American Chemical Society link to part of the concern...

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