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JUL 07

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"It seems to me that beating your clothes with plastic chips would make..."

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New Washing Machine Cleans With Plastic, Not Water

Water-efficient washing machines could be relics of cheap levitra without prescription the past should a new machine that uses plastic chips pan out. Friction and where can i purchase viagra solvent are the main ingredients of getting clothes clean, and the Xeros may be the most efficient machine to online pharmacy cialis utilize these two elements and minimize the role of water. The Xeros uses less than 2% of the water and energy of a conventional washing machine, using just one cup of water, a little detergent, and thousands of reusable plastic chips (as the discount cialis cialis “solid solvent”) to beat the clothes clean and absorb stains.

Basically, a user throws clothes in and starts the load, then a cartridge in the back of the machine drops in the plastic chips, and a cup of water including detergent is added. The water dissolves the stains and dirt, which is then absorbed by the chips. At the end of viagra online order the cycle, a grill at the bottom of the machine opens to collect the click here cialis next day delivery chips. The process leaves clothes nearly dry, so using a dryer is not necessary.

Tests from the University of Leeds show that the machine can get rid of all kinds of everyday stains, making it as cleanly as a washing machine, and the chips can be used up to 100 times, which adds up to about six months worth of washing. Xeros Ltd hopes they can get the machine on the UK market by 2009 for washing and dry-cleaning companies, and already has nearly $1 million in investment money from IP Group Plc.

It’ll still be awhile before we see if the method really pans out for the average consumer, and what I have yet to find out is if the chips themselves are environmentally friendly, what they’re made of, and what happens to them after that 100th load. And I’m also wondering how well that grill will work because I can just imagine finding these scattered throughout your house, your sock and low price levitra underwear drawer, your pockets…But the pharmacy tramadol utram system is good choice buy viagra online already getting compared to the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner, which seemed really off the wall at the time yet worked out wonderfully.

Considering the many gadgets and alternatives created to make washing machines more clean and efficient, it’s clear we’re ready for a revolutionary solution. I’m hoping these machines turn out to i use it viagra doses be everything the creators make it out to be.

Via Metaefficient, Reuters, Greenpacks, DailyMail; Photo via ZachKlein

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Contest Rewards Texans for Energy Effici
written by Sophia Stoller, July 07, 2008
These washing machines seem to have great potential. I just want to inform everyone of an energy saver challenge that TXU Energy is hosting.

Texas residential energy consumers can improve their environmental footprint while competing for cash, prizes, and the chance to win $30,000 in the TXU Energy Power Saver Challenge, now through July 25, 2008 at

Fifteen semi-finalists will win $100 in credits towards their TXU Energy bills. Three finalists will each win an HD video camera, a $5,000 cash fund to use for home energy improvements, and a free in-home energy audit with energy-saving recommendations.

The three finalists will be featured on the TXU Energy Power Saver Challenge Reality show. The contestants’ home audits and energy improvements will be videoed for web reality voting and for the web show which will air sometime in the fall or winter. Contestants will be judged by an energy expert panel based on Home Energy Rating System rating improvements, ingenuity, web voting and energy savings behaviors.

The winner will receive $30,000 in cash to be used any way they wish.

Full contest details, rules and other information can be found at
written by Brian, July 07, 2008
So how do you rinse off the residue from the 'small amount' of detergent?
written by bob, July 07, 2008
How do they keep my pockets from filling up with plastic chips in the wash?
written by socks, July 07, 2008
will they put holes in my socks?
Probably okay
written by Clinch, July 07, 2008
The detergent residue is absorbed by the chips, and your socks will be fine.
As for the pockets, you may get a chip occasionally, but if it can get in to the best place viagra from india the pocket, it can probably get out again (also, you should turn out the pockets before you wash them anyway).

But I'm not expert, so you can't take my word for it, and you'll have to wait and see.

Also, the chips are English chips (so to Americans, they be french fries)
How is a bunch of cialis without prescription plastic chips sustaina
written by gardengrrrl, July 07, 2008
What happens to all the plastic chips? Sounds like it would create a bunch of waste in the long term.
About time...
written by QiRanger, July 07, 2008
I would love to see this technology in mass production. It has great potential, not only in terms of being more eco friendly, but with rising electric and natural gas costs, many will see this as the primary benefit.

One of the best things about living where I do, is that everything is much more compact and take propecia designed for quick use. I have no dryer and my washer spins things so well, that after an hour on the clothesline, my shirts and pants are dry. No need for a dryer here.
Too much plastic
written by andrew, July 07, 2008
It's 44lbs of plastic every six months. I read somewhere (couldn't find it) that they were looking into recycling or better options, but until then. Even if they recycle, who wants to lug 44lbs to recycling every 6 months? What about water waste to make the 50mg cialis retail price plastic and recycle it? I assume the chips can't be used anymore because they breakdown and wear off, so 100% reclamation is impossible. If they sell just 25,000 units, every six months over a million pounds of plastic needs to cheap prescription levitra be dealt with. I'm all for water conservation, I just can't see this as viable.
written by Mr Dupont, July 07, 2008
Sounds good to me, as long as they use the right plastic chips and soap.
100 loads
written by Foraker, July 07, 2008
100 loads would not take six months in our house. Anyone with kids could be doing six to ten loads of laundry every week! Ten loads of laundry a week means 100 loads in about 2 1/2 months.
written by socks, July 08, 2008
sounds like a whole bunch of plastic microparticles ambient in the environment, with who knows what consequences?
This is amazing
written by techdude, July 08, 2008
this is generic viagra usa pretty cool
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Plastics help in furthering & simplifyin
written by N.N.Veer, January 24, 2009
Man-made plastics materials are bound to assist in making the technology yet simpler . Plastics Chips will not deteriorate within 6 months, if kept indoors.
Chips can be DESIGNED to impart the necessary SURFACE-FRICTION and IMPACT required to DIS-ENGAGE surface-dirt from the clothes & also ABSORB the one-cup water & detergent used for WETTING the textile-surface.
Start saving water today!
written by Zach Smith, April 26, 2010
According to recent news, the Xeros nearly waterless washing machines might come out late 2011. But we should not wait for 2011 to start cutting back on try it buy discount viagra online water consumption. Use your washing machine smartly. Instead of consuming a lot of detergent per laundry cycle, use only a quarter of tablespoon of HE detergent for your HE washer. It produces less suds without compromising its ability to clean. This way, you don't have to run an extra rinse cycle.
save water washing clothes
written by washer dryers, August 31, 2010
how about a couple more tips on saving water. Get one of those waterless washing machines made be xerox - the guardian ran a story and that's where i heard about it. Pretty cool, not only saving money on water bills but also enviroment - two birds with one stone smilies/wink.gif
written by lg washing machine, February 08, 2011
I wonder how effective this machine is , seems like new ways of washing these days instead of water.
written by maytag washer, February 09, 2011
It is always good to have alternatives to only now levitra without prescription wash with water, we will see how popular these machines will be, only future can tell.
written by moonlantern, September 10, 2013
It seems to me that beating your clothes with plastic chips would make them wear out faster.

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