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JUL 08

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"the standard that's forming in CA is around J1772....."

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Oregon Powers-Up for New EV Charging Stations

Drivers of electric-powered vehicles in Oregon will soon have new places to plug-in. Portland General Electric (PGE) plans to install 12 charging stations in Portland and Salem by summer’s end. According to the recommended site levitra info Oregon State Public Interest Research Group, Portland has the highest per capita ownership of hybrid cars in the country. Newer models can be converted to recharge on wow look it viagra sales uk a grid by a simple modification process.

Backers of the project say it’s not a mere gesture in the name of going green. Instead, it’s a small step toward what PGE sees as a major transition from standard fuel to the future of clean, sustainable transport.

From the Daily Journal of Commerce:

The project will also help the utility anticipate the demand plug-in cars might place on the we recommend soft gel cialis region’s electric grid and design smart grid systems to help even out variability in wind and solar resources.

“We’re not creating a new division or a new product; we’re preparing for what might become a sea change in the electric vehicle market,” said Bill Nicholson, vice president of customers and economic development for PGE.

“As we understand how manufacturers are going to canadain cialis deploy these vehicles, we’ll know better if it becomes a huge focus of our utility or if it will be delayed based on the manufacturer response.”

Presently, PGE is planning for a proliferation of electric vehicles over the next two to five years. The company is viagra cialis online order working on a “demonstration project” that will outline standards for charging stations and promote widespread use of plug-in vehicles through a public awareness campaign. They’re hoping Oregon will go along for the ride. Hopefully, they’ll soon be adding charging stations that don’t rely on fossil fuels for electricity, but rather follow in Japan’s footsteps to create sustainably powered stations.

Our customers are on the leading edge of all things green,” Nicholson said, “and they’ll be the first to adopt the next technology.”

Via The Daily Journal of Commerce; Photo via flickr by aminorjourney

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charging station meters
written by liveinvt, August 05, 2008
they must have a meter at the interface cable, so there is a measure of your energy consumed by the car... I wonder what the going rate is per kw?
any word on plug/outlet types?
written by rahmin, February 02, 2009
the standard that's forming in CA is around J1772..

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