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JUL 11

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"Damon, naturally occurring methane has been produced before we were ev..."

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Plastic Backpack Bags Cow’s Farts

Now here is something you’d think you’d only see on recommended site buy prescription levitrabuy levitra in the uk The Simpsons. And yet, here it is – scientists are testing out plastic backpacks the we choice buy viagra us capture a cow’s gassy expulsions, to see if this can combat global warming. By capturing the methane expelled by cows, Argentine scientists hope that they’ll be better able to understand the impact the gas has on global warming.

Considering that cow flatulence makes up over 30% of Argentina’s greenhouse emissions, and that methane is >23 times more heat-trapping than CO2, I can see why the scientists interested in pursing this. They’re also changing up cows’ diets to see if that helps them produce less gas, giving them clover and buy tramadol with mastercard alfalfa rather than grain to help them produce as much as 25% less gas – kind of a major DUH thing to do considering cows are evolved to free shipping on tramadol orders eat clover and alfalfa and not grain anyway, so a diet of grain is bound to give them a bit of indigestion.

Anyway, the backpacks don’t seem to bother the cows much, and we’ll have to wait and viagra price online see the results of these odd tests – and wait to see if someone figures out how to run cars on the professional levitra online methane collected from feedlots…and, um, other sources. Personally, I say we all just eat less red meat and skip manufacturing yet more plastic or wasting time on selective breeding.However, I love the fact that cattle emissions is getting the attention it needs, and I won’t bash on this backpack much – and I won’t even get started on the long list of issues to using this on a large scale – because it’s likely not going to cialis fedex be a realistic solution to global warming anyway.

Via EnvironmentalGraffiti, Telegraph

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written by Anonymous, July 11, 2008
Hey, why not just strap a torch to their rear ends and burn off the methane as it's produced? Convert that 'potent' greenhouse gas into less hazardous CO2 and save our noses at the same time...light a match, as the saying goes. As an added benefit, think of all the extra juvenile home videos it would generate for YouTube.
written by Mark, July 11, 2008
The only problem with this bag is that it only captures farts. The fact is that since a cow has 7 stomachs and the stomach that has the bacteria that produces the methane is closer to the mouth, more methane is expelled in a cows burp than in its fart.
written by Buffalo Bill, July 11, 2008
So do you look back with great relief that so many buffalo were slaughtered, because that's a green direction?
written by farmeboy, July 12, 2008
Oh pleeeese ........ this won't work

Who wants to stick the tubes in the cows asses every morning ?
written by Curaitis, July 12, 2008
Plastic backpacks on follow link how to get cialis in canada cows? Hm... maybe it keeps the flies away from them...
written by Cage, July 12, 2008
Get this back pack to power an mp3 player and the cow can listen to its favorite tunes.
written by mightybluebustard, July 12, 2008
It's amazing the buy cialis soft tabs stupid things people will do in response to a religious hoax...
Ass ga
written by Chandler Bluesoul, July 12, 2008
LOL that is some awesome stuff, ass gas!
towards self sufficiency
written by eredwen, July 13, 2008
What a great idea!
Let's extend the technology to all humans as well. Then we could become truly "self sufficient", our collected farts fueling individual or collective transport vehicles, cooking our food etc ... Cabbage and other flatulance-producing foods would become "favourites" on the menu ...
written by Gary R. Hess, July 13, 2008
Sorry dude, but to keep me from eating steak you are going to have to make cows and buy generic ultram online buffalo extinct.
written by Tuemmel, July 13, 2008
Do they fly if the bag is fullfilled ?
written by tull, July 13, 2008
written by Josh, July 13, 2008
What the motherfucking fuck? This is why conservatives don't believe in Global Warming, stupid shit like this. Collecting fart gas from the assholes of cows, jesus tap dancing christ. If this is the only way to save the planet, I say we all say fuck it, and roast.
written by Damon, July 13, 2008
Josh you're fucking retarded. Methane gas from cows is one of the largest contributors to global warming, especially in America! It far exceeds the damage done by all of the cars in the US.

This is a strange but smart move to try and combat global warming.

And anyone who still doesn't believe in global warming? Get a fucking brain.
Damon, educate yourself...
written by Penguin, July 13, 2008
It doesn't matter if the cows are largest etc. Methane gas isn't to start with anywhere near carbon dioxide. And Carbon Dioxide isn't anywhere near Vater Vapor (H2O in gas form) when it comes to female levitra anything like global warming effects. And still, all these aren't anything near what happen if the sun toss out just a little more energy due to the normal cycles it go through. For example the 11 year cycle that currently worries scientists since there aren't any sunspots like there should be.
Back to methane gas; Cows aren't anywhere near production of the normal breakdown of ANY organic material anywhere in and on ground from anything living, if it is plant parts or dead creatures.

You are so easily fooled by a multi billion industry preying on your lack and extremely poor knowledge.
written by Scott Bakula, July 13, 2008
WHAT is this Seaquest Damon?!? Soon cows will be banned and we will murder the species to the brink of extinction...

and I will treasure every last morsel until the end =(
written by James Dean, July 13, 2008
LOL thats the funniest thing I ever seen. I sure wouldnt want to pop one of those bags!
Pseudo-Intellectuals Bother Me
written by Matt, July 13, 2008
Penguin --

Do some research of your own before you bash other peoples:
From Wikipedia:
Methane in the Earth's atmosphere is an important greenhouse gas with a global warming potential of 25 over a 100-year period. This means that a methane emission will have 25 times the impact on temperature of a carbon dioxide emission of the same mass over the buy real viagra online without prescription following 100 years.

The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.

Yes, the sun is going through a weird phase right now. However, it's less than halfway through it's lifecycle, and odds are good that this phase will change. It's still got about 5 billion years of converting helium into hydrogen. Pretty sure not much is going to change with it. Then again, I'm not a nuclear physicist.

Harnessing cow farts is not going to save the planet, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

the problem is burping, not farting
written by Paulo Kessler, July 13, 2008
the methane is expelled via the mouth on burps, ont via the ass through farts.
written by boohoo, July 14, 2008
This whole thing seems dangerous. Cow manure storage silos blow up all the time. Wouldn’t the cows become susceptible to the same fate with methane bags strapped to viagra mexico their backs?
Healthy cows don't fart...
written by Penina, July 14, 2008

All the same, as a meat-eater, I'm surprised to see that no commenters (unless I missed someone) make any reference to Jaymi's reminder that cows aren't supposed to be eating grain.

Here's one link I was able to find quickly. I'm sure inquisitive readers can find more:
written by Quiggs, July 15, 2008
They treat us like retards and mock us at the same time... its outstanding. Carbon footprints lol... what a scam!
written by dennis, July 15, 2008
The Club of Rome ''came up with the idea'' of global warming as a means to unite the planet in this new green direction. They manufactured it into being..through repetition and propaganda many now believe it and a generation is being raised on this nonsense at school. They want a vegetarian world ultimately (GM vegetables at that)!
Cows eat grass
written by Blackie, July 15, 2008
They would never do anything smart like feed em grass, what they are designed to eat.

Global warming is bullshit, or in this case Bull fart!
Pigs might fly
written by Captain Surly, July 15, 2008
One day, if it becomes cost effective to fit a bag of sufficient size to levitra fast delivery the cow, we could also solve the CO2 emission problem of transport for the cows to the slaughterhouse by having the cialisbest cialis cow float there.
very very funny...
written by jane, July 15, 2008
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;) ;) ;)
The cows must be thinking all the humans have gone raving mad
"Oh foolish man what can you not be made
written by Aleksa, July 15, 2008
I wonder who thinks this Sh!T up. I'm sure some expert with a PhD.
oh my hell
written by d, July 17, 2008
next they'll be stapping one of these bags on our bags. so the joke is really on viagra overnite us. :(
Meat eater
written by Bullseye, July 19, 2008
What a hysteria!!!! Feed the cow traditionally, and it will be good for the cow, and for human consumption!
Give less artificial food, grains, hormones and antibiotics, and the harm will be no where!
Cows living around us thousands of indian viagra years!!!
But artificial tainted food not!
So use brain if any left, or if you so stupid, find some, who still can remember of things as natural food!
144 scientist sign the facts, that there is no such as global warming!
This is the fact! The rest is mad and corrupt business proposition for those who want to get rich on the "Global Warming" scheme! >:(
Latest liberal fashing accessory?
written by Ayane, July 20, 2008
I expect to see all the hollywood actors roll up on the next academy awards in their priuses and sporting high-fashion fart bags.
written by Neill, December 04, 2008
Josh is my new hero....
Part Time Emperor of the Universe
written by curtispsf, December 13, 2009
Hey...wait just one second. Notice how the cow's fartpack seems to be full. What happens when the cow takes it's union mandated cigarette break3 times/day and the pack bursts open? Oh yeah, barbecue.
Damon is an idiot
written by MAS, December 23, 2009
Damon, naturally occurring methane has been produced before we were even on this plante. If it was so bad, the planet would have been overcome with green house gas before we had a chance to populate it. Ridiculous.

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