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JUL 14

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MIT Researchers Making Dyed Glass Solar Windows Work

In about three years, you may be able to only here cheap levitra from uk buy windows for your home that light up your rooms and your electronics. MIT researchers have revitalized a technology that was dropped in the ‘70s, and are making these windows actually work.

The researchers have developed a method of using dyes painted on to glass to redirect light to the edges of the windows where solar cells wait to collect the concentrated energy and convert it to electricity. The focused light increases by 40 times the electrical power obtained from each solar cell.

The technology is viagra fast quite a bit different than other solar dye windows we’re seeing come out. The concentrator uses a mix of two or more dyes painted onto a pane of cialis online glass or plastic, where the cheapest viagra online dyes work together to suck up light of varying wavelengths, re-emitting them at a different wavelength across the pane to levitra tablets for sale the solar cells fastened on the edges.

The fact that the solar cells are placed along the edges, and not covering the whole surface, dramatically reduces the prices of the windows and makes it possible for them to be practical – and pretty – for home owners. The dyes are actually off-the-shelf dyes used in car paints, making the viagra for woman windows even cheaper, and there is no need for the mirrors, lenses or trackers used in traditional solar concentrators.

These windows can help out the much debated fuggly factor of roof-top solar panels, or simply maximize the amount of electricity a house can generate should it be in a normally overcast location such as the UK or Seattle. The researching team thinks that adding these windows to existing solar panel systems can increase the systems’ efficiency by 50%, without taking much of a bite out of the home owner’s pocket book.

Considering how ridiculously expensive installing new windows in a home already is, I can imagine that many house and business building owners wouldn’t mind shelling out a little more to add a few of these to the sunny side of their homes and cut down on their electricity costs. Their only competition is the solar windows coming about a bit sooner. Just don’t let the levitra potency kids playing baseball outside get too close.

Via cnet, MIT, LiveScience

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0 Cheap Alternative Energ
written by gordon, July 14, 2008
I think it is exciting to see such advancements in solar technology. I think costs will dramatically come down but I prefer active solar technology like the cansolair over using solar to india generic viagra generate electricity.
Great energy loss
written by The Food Monster, July 15, 2008
Windows, can be a great source of energy loss for a home. My green friends in NC have built their home with double paned french windows, with neon or some other noble gas inside which acts as an R33 equivalent insulation. I thought that was pretty neat 5 years ago. Wait until they hear about this.
Is the energy gain worth the energy loss
written by crash, August 12, 2008
My question is if the window is designed to absorb as much visable light as posable, wouldn't that mean that the window would only have a slight glow in the house? If so, does the supply of energy from the window offset the cost of lighting that room. Plus, windows are usefull for heating rooms in the winter( if they are placed in strategic positions). I doubt that the windows will provide useful energy. Coments?
Dyed Glass Solar Windows (Energy Conservation)
written by Hassan Al-Hussain, June 04, 2011

Could anyone please provide me with the contacts of the company who manufacture this kind of glass? I am working in a big oil company and submitted the cialis buy now idea of installing Dye glass for energy conservation. I really appreciate your prompt answer…


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