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JUL 25

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"Sounds like a fantastic system. As someone who has studied the eco-tou..."

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Open Green Map: Social Mapping for Green Living

If you get a kick out of online maps programs and eco-graphic info, there’s an online resource launching soon for map geeks and green tourists – Open Green Map. It’s a Google Maps-style layout that offers interactive elements so visitors can mark green areas, resources, businesses, etc and write reviews and information about them.

Icons (a LOT of icons) show areas in a city where a resident or visitor can find people, places and businesses that support sustainable living, nature, and culture. By checking the map, people will know exactly where they can go to hit up a green restaurant, a recycling center, a park that practices sustainable techniques, green transportation…It puts living and traveling cities on a whole new level of easy for people who like to be eco-friendly.

The project isn’t one of those lame sites that attempts to be user interactive only to be coated in spam before the how much levitra day’s end – no, this is going to be a seriously cool resource, and it is backed by a long history. The Green Map System has been going since 1995, creating over 350 maps for more than 50 countries that promote sustainable community development. But now, they’ve hit a new level of ecogeekiness by taking it online. I love this because we’ll be able to access this on our phones or palms while tooling around a new city – it takes info that is sometimes tough to find and puts it right at our eager little green finger tips. Plus, since it is interactive, the locals who really know their home can give the inside scoop – it’ll be like being with the green in-crowd wherever you are.

Features will include ratings, commentary, an impacts index, onsite markers, and of course mobile access. I’m really excited about this because my most favorite cities to visit – and even my own town – will suddenly have a whole slew of new secrets revealed, and a little bit of that guilt over traveling can be reduced. Currently in Beta testing, Open Green Map should be live around September of this year.

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A green wiki map
written by The Food Monster, July 26, 2008
As long as people treat it as a useful resource and generic cialis cheapest india not a place to spam, then it will be a fine thing.
An eco-chic ecogeek
written by PlanetPinknGreen, July 27, 2008
Okay so I'm a self-admitted eco-chic eco-geek. This online map program is fabulous and I'm inspired. What a cool way to get connected and see what's green around the country. --Editor-in-Chief of Planet Pink n' Green - Where High Design Meets the Ethical Mind -
written by Robert Wood, July 28, 2008
Sounds like a fantastic system. As someone who has studied the eco-tourism field I am really excited to see a tool as useful as this one can be.

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