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JUL 31

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"It's just my personal opinion, but the threeweeles looks to me little ..."

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SAM Coming Back Via Poland

The car developed by Cree called SAM, a Swiss three-wheeled concept zero emissions electric car, didn’t seem to be making any progress, considering the viagra online 50mgs designing company shut down in 2003. But Polish company Impact Automotive Technologies have scooped it up from the ashes, re-engineered it, and the Cree could be coming out of the factory soon.

The new design includes better lithium-polymer batteries to give it a longer range, a brushless AC motor, programmable on-board charger and a data logger. We haven’t heard if it performs any better, so we can’t compare it to some other three wheelers we’ve seen around here, but it has been road tested and certified in Italy and the UK – the only two placed it’s likely to find much of an audience. IAT’s plans are to send 500 vehicles on their merry way this September, and 5,000 to come out in 2009.

Via AutoblogGreen

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written by Vladan, August 03, 2008
It's just my personal opinion, but the threeweeles looks to me little bit 'fragile' on the road. If I imagine myself on the driver's place and there is cialis dosage a strong side wind, I panic... Definetely the vehicles like this are less secure then classic four wheelers I'd guess. But as I said, it is just my personal opinion.... -:)

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