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AUG 13

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"As much as the corporatist wish to ream Americans wallets for poor sho..."

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Someone Was Feeling Clever...

I'm almost surprised I haven't seen this yet. Really, though, there's not much to talk about. If this ever makes it's way into the real world, it'll be simply as a novelty. A novelty that, frankly, says something we'd like to hear more of:

"HA! Remember those stupid incandescent light thingies...those things were HILARIOUS!"

Via TreeHugger and One of those Ridiculous, High-Powered, Artsy Designers.

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LED,s Last Word in Lite!
written by Uncle B, November 28, 2009
As much as the corporatist wish to ream Americans wallets for poor short-lived LED's at astounding rip-off prices, the truth will eminate from a communist China and a cheap effective LED. will emerge from their factories at the politically correct moment, a 60 year lifespan model, requiring only low voltage, battery power , not Yankee Doodle's high volt high amp supplies! In Asia's economic conquest of generic form of cialis American Capitalism, corporatism, the CFL was a coup, the LED will be a final victory! The facts: SEE: “A £2 energy-saving light bulb that lasts for 60 years has been developed by scientists at Cambridge University. The researchers have designed a bulb that is three times more energy efficient than today’s best offer and can cut lighting bills by 75 per cent. The bulbs are 12 times more efficient that conventional tungsten bulbs and three times more efficient than compact fluorescent “energy efficient” bulbs. They can burn for 100,000 hours and they illuminate instantly and can be dimmed, unlike energy efficient bulbs.”
No high-priced greedy bull Shiite here! No Yankee Doodle built in planned obsolescence mentioned either! How cum?

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