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Another Coal Plant Bites the Dust

We have a lot of fun with online maps here at EcoGeek. We like watching clean tech companies pop up on the radar, and organizing vacations with green social maps. There is another very fun map to watch, thanks to Earth2Tech, where you can see coal plants go offline.

There was a recent addition to the wow)) best prices on brand viagra growing mass of pins – Georgia Power is looking to generic viagra samples convert an Albany coal-fired power plant to a wood biomass plant. The plant is cialis cheapest marked with a special green pin to show that it is switching to renewable.

My favorite part of the news blip is that the biomass plant will actually be cheaper to run, let alone that it cuts emissions and canada viagra prescription uses a renewable source of fuel. It’s great to see businesses realize that renewable energy is quickly becoming less expensive to provide, and I hope that fact will help this map be covered in pins, and soon.

Another couple of pins will be going up within the next four years, as a two Xcel Energy plants in Colorado are shut down, being replaced by natural gas and solar. What a nice way to tramadol onformation start out a Monday.

Via Earth2Tech

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