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"Acer is doing a bit ... i think, but i know that nokia has special RD ..."

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Green Electronics BlackList


Greenpeace has come up with a Green Electronics Guide which ranks 14 technology manufacturers based on reduction of dangerous chemicals in their products and recycling policies.

Nokia, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard are at the top of the list, while Acer, Motorola, and Lenovo are the bottom three.

The list concentrates primarily on companies reducing their use of PVC plastics and brominated flame retardants (BFR). Corporate recycling and take-back was also a part of this ranking.

If you need to purchase new electronics (and sometimes the buy viagra mexico greenest choice can be not to buy, or to buy used), this list can give you some comparison information.

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Measured by green models or green sales?
written by GTW, September 05, 2006
So what's this greenness related to? The greenness of the product lineup or the amount of green product sales? Nothing about this is mentioned in the entry above.

Labelling companies this way is just careless and probably destructive! What if the greenest company's best selling product is the least green product out there? Telling people to buy from that company just because its product models are green on we choice uk levitra sales average is not going to make anything better!

People might also use this guide in the future... and we all know how electronic products change. What if the company was green now and not green later?

This ranking should have been done a bit wisely. At least they could have measured the greenness of the current product lineup for a specific market categories seperately, such as home desktops, office workstations, servers, monitors etc. Then we can have a real usable green guide telling us whether it's better to buy your next desktop from company X or company Y.

If you can't get such detailed information then don't try to compare! If you have considered them already, you should post them here because it's crucial.

"If you need to purchase new electronics, this list can give you some comparison information."

The above comment is by far one of the least intelligent comments ever to discount viagra online be made by a serious organisation to the public. It's like a comparison of religions based on the numbers of their followers.

It's unfortunate if I have been harsh here but, should re-post with some corrections. Do you all just copy and paste stuff that comes up here and there before even reading them?

One more thing...
written by GTW, September 05, 2006
What about the radiation levels of cellphones? Sure... if company X makes bio-degradable cellphones you should buy them even if they're going to fry your brains and the foetus in the pregnant lady sitting infornt of you... it's okay because they're all non-toxic and bio-degradable too! :P

Again... this is comparison is the sort of thing highschool kids would've done if they had access to a bit of information. It shouldn't even come out with a warning label, let alone say "if you need to purchase new electronics, this list can give you some comparison information".

Simply absurd...
written by Arizona Employee Handbook, October 20, 2007
I agree with that scheme.. Nokia is the best indeed..not just in sales but also I consider it the safest company in which I can have trust.. and also SOny-Ericsson because they are both great companies, and combined, even better!
SONY-Ericsson is also green:)
written by ECOhank, June 15, 2008
I agree with Arizona Employee Handbook SONY-Ericsson are as green as Nokia is. I got a friend working there and he says that company gives a lot of work for new eco techniques.
written by Dwai, June 20, 2009
Acer is doing a bit ... i think, but i know that nokia has special RD sections for echo friendly technology...smilies/grin.gif

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