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Tata to Sell Electric Car in EU in 2009

Looking to beat all other major car companies to the punch, Tata (the largest car company in India) has announced that they'll be selling an all-electric vehicle in Norway in "less than a year."

The car will be based on the Indica (pictured above) which is already on the streets as a gas-powered car in India.

Tata previously announced that they were looking for ways to electrify the Nano. And concurrent with the Indica announcement, they also brought forward plans to official viagra create another electric car, the Ace, but details were scant. And, as if Tata doesn't have enough obscure "maybe"s on the table, they've also promised a compressed air powered car.

The Indica is being developed by Tata and best prices on brand levitra a Norwegian firm. The car will be sold solely in Norway first, but Tata has plans to sell it in India as well.

The performance of the car leads me to believe that they won't have much trouble delivering. With a range of less than 200 miles and a charge time of 8 hours, it's certainly lithium ion based, but nothing outside of the realm of what is the cost of viagra current technology.

It's not very impressive, but for the average Norwegian to take to work when it's too cold to bike, I think it'll work just fine.

Via CleanTech Group and The Earth Times

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written by Neil Gall, September 05, 2008
Norway is not in the EU.
written by Piers Headley, September 05, 2008
Should be a good testing place as Norway gets VERY cold! It stretches way up into the arctic circle (not exactly bike country).
written by tommy, September 05, 2008
Tala is drug generic levitra one of the worse company in the world. I wouldn't buy that Indian crap. ;D
written by Vladan, September 06, 2008
They developpint the car with Miljoebil Grenland at
But there is not much information at their website >:(
written by patel, October 15, 2008
Tommy.. what do you know about TATA..? It's not the best company but it build the car that last for long time.. not like ford, GM that brake less then 30,000 mile...
written by vivek, July 02, 2009
Tata is the name to which the people trust because they make the worlds cheapest car and now coming in the electric car. This is a good news for keep the online levitra environment healthy and for globbal warming. This is a next generation technology.

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