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"Ill selettore: Thank you for posting the ENGLISH website for the very..."

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Energy Ball Makes Wind Turbines Look Cool

The Energy Ball definitely looks like one of the coolest wind turbines out there, and it is intended for residential homes, which makes it extra cool. The Energy Ball utilizes the Venturi effect, a measurement of pressure created by forcing incompressible liquid through a restricted section of pipe (think: Liquid Plumber commercials + physics). The Energy Ball channels air through six blades, accelerating the speed of the air as it blows around the wholesale viagra cheap from america rotor hub, creating higher efficiency and cost of generic levitra lower noise levels. It is also effective at low wind speeds and is we use it buy cialis professional attractive, two features that may help it hit residential areas more quickly.

Via Next Energy News

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written by Clinch, September 05, 2008
Looks interesting, and the physics make sense, but
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written by Clinch, September 05, 2008
but the support (the curved bit) looks like it would be perilous under the weight at a much larger scale.

So residential; yes, but for wind farms; probably not.
written by Mike, September 05, 2008
I've been waiting and waiting for some sort of home use turbine but the problem is that the ones out today produce so little energy that the pay off is tens of real viagra years away.

Hopefully this will spur more innovation and allow feasibility.

Keep the info coming. I love this site.
If they are not noisy, its cool
written by Vladan, September 06, 2008
The main problem with the wind turbines is the levitra discount prices noise. You can imagine your neighbour when you install your wind turbine which is noisy on the roof... But if they're not noisy, why not. Is there are any specs to find out more about efficiency? smilies/wink.gif
written by Clinch, September 06, 2008
It was annoying to get these specs, as the original site is in swedish, and googletranslate seems to have problems translating some of the pages, so I translated just the text, but here's what I found;

-Can start working in wind of 2 m/s
-V100 (small ball) has a rotor diameter of 1.1 m
-V200 (larger ball) diameter 2 m
-Is completely silent! ("helt ljudlös") [apparently]

It says why it's silent, but I couldn't translate the most important words
"It is completely silent because it lacks vingspetsvirvlar normally generates the "svoschande" the sound of conventional wind farms."

And from the PDFs
-speed to levitra professional no prescription power graph ( V100 med text.pdf)
-a small ball will produce on average 500kWh per year (more than 1/10th of energy used)
-has a max output of 530 watts
-has a max wind speed of 22 m/s
But on this PDF ( Energy Ball V100-V2001.2.pdf)
-max output is 500 watts
-max wind speed is 40 m/s

Also, lasts for at least 15 years
and "Noise level: Omätbar" (I assume Omätbar means not loud)

Can't find any info on levitra for sale cost though.
written by oliver, September 06, 2008
As far as my Swedish and my knowledge about wind turbines goes:

vingspetsvirvlar: blade-tip vorteces
svoschande: swooshing
omätbar: unmeasurable
written by Ken Roberts, September 06, 2008
Good info, guys. Thanks for that.
Pretty marginal output
written by bbm, September 07, 2008
Less than 2kwh per day on average?

written by Windyoomphmeister, September 08, 2008
Haven't the windy experts pointed out like about 5 dozen times... The energy ouput is related to the cheap levitra without prescription swept area of recommended site cheap quality levitra the "vings".

Put a piddling little thing on your roof there's not much energy to be had. Doesn't matter what kind of obscure shape they dream up.

You'll about 20 energy balls to power your home.
Payback time longer than life expectancy
written by Cheryl, September 08, 2008
Here is the first paragraph of an article I found in Low-tech Magazine. The article goes on to discuss the numbers for wind data, warranty vs life expectancy, output, money, and more. they are using the Energy Ball as their test case.

A small windmill on your roof or in the garden is an attractive idea. Unfortunately, micro wind turbines hardly deliver enough energy to power a light bulb. Their financial payback time is much longer than their life expectancy and in urban areas they will not even deliver as much energy as was needed to produce them. Sad, but true.

Spec in English
written by ill selettore, September 09, 2008
Hey check out the Energy Ball info in English:
written by Dwane D. Davis, April 12, 2010
Ill selettore:

Thank you for posting the ENGLISH website for the very cool, very promising Energy Ball. With the information on the website, I can now contact an Energy Ball distributor in the United States.

The website reveals something I did not know: the Energy Ball had already been displayed in Denver, which is very close to where I live. It was shown at the Governor's Mansion in Denver, but hardly anybody in the city or state realized that. It was merely shown at the Governor's official residence, not installed. I want to can viagra be taken by women have it installed at my house -- provided it generates enough electricity to lower my obscene energy bill substantially.

Thanks again!

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