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"If you're only turning 15, then you haven't had the look there levitra best buy joy of filling up ..."

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Hummer Dealer Closing...To Sell Smart Cars

As GM continues greening up its image, and considering selling off the Hummer brand entirely, sales are beginning to plummet. Eight Hummer dealerships have closed in the last year, and just yesterday, one of the largest dealers in America closed down. And one of them will soon be selling ultra-efficient, two-seater Smart Cars!

Towbin Hummer in Las Vegas isn't exactly ultra-susceptible to online propecia prescription blows from hippy environmentalists. Instead, it's the mainstream folks opting for smaller (even if still quite large) vehicles that are killing this dealership. Currently, the average Hummer buyer is receiving $8,000 in incentives for each vehicle that leaves the lot. The average MINI drive receives about $80.

Towbin, the owner of the dealership, says he's going to start selling Smart Cars and Vespas next year along side various mid-sized luxury cars. That's a pretty exciting (though belated) decision.


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written by betsy, September 08, 2008
Ok, that's one of the awesomest things i've heard all week=)
Cool Deal
written by Kyle, September 09, 2008
I'm about to turn 15 in a few months and looking forward to getting a new car in a couple years. I try to live an eco friendly life and i was wondering what you think the greenest SUV is. I really don't want a compact car style vehical
The sign is up - Smart Center!
written by Anthony, September 09, 2008
Where the Hummer dealership used to be, the new sign is put up. Vegas finally has a smart center.
RE: Cool Deal
written by Sam, September 09, 2008
If you're only turning 15, then you haven't had the joy of filling up your own car and what it will cost you these days. As a former SUV owner, my advice is to run some math on what an SUV will cost you in gas per week and you might change your mind on purchasing a compact car. In addition, depending on where you live, parking that SUV is going to cost you a lot more as well (not just in money, but finding a space big enough to fit the SUV).

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