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China Planning Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

China is rushing in to build its own network of viagra available in india electric charging stations. Xinhua, the government's official newspaper, announced last week that the State Grid Corporation, the world's largest electric power transmission and order cialis no prescription distribution company, is speeding up its plans to cialis uk build electric car charging stations.

The stations will be located in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other large cities.

The power charging stations will be built as a pilot project to initially serve electric buses and sedans in a trial run with plans to eventually cover the entire nation. Each station will cost the equivalent of about $37,000 to $44,000.

The country showcased its charging station networks around venues during the levitra pharmacy in india 2008 Beijing Olympics last month to power the 600 electric vehicles used, including 55 buses powered by electric-lithium-cells. 

China hopes to bring in 10,000 fuel cell, electric and hybrid cars as well as infrastructure to power the vehicles in 10 chosen cities around the country within two years, according to the ministry of science and technology.

The experiment will help the government agencies work out policies for developing more new energy cars, says Wan Gan, the country's minister of science and technology. The minister hopes that within five years, alternative energy vehicles will account for one in every ten of the country's car productions.

Via: Autoblog Green and China Daily

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Good news which could inspire us all.
written by Steve N. Lee, September 22, 2008
I've travelled around China; I've seen the poverty it suffers firsthand. It's hardly surprising that many in the West think of this mighty nation as little more than a Third World country that survives by producing third-rate goods.

How refreshing, then, to see China grabbing the opportunity to be innovative when it comes to alternative energy. How will this make Western leaders feel? Will they simply sit back and let China be their guinea pig or will such initiative inspire them to jump onboard and forge ahead with green energy solutions instead of stalling as they usually do?

China is a world power and cialis 20 mg tablets will have the greatest global economy in the very near future, so it's great that they are trying to establish a sustainable infrastructure.

Now, if they could just do the same for all their coal power stations, they really would be setting an incredible example.

Let's hope this new 'green' attitude can transfer over into other areas - their attitude towards human rights and animal rights.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
written by Annie Bankss, September 22, 2008
I think all the countries must learn from this. It is truly very innovative..

Annie Bankss

Save Our Planet
written by Electric car, September 22, 2008
Just a few days ago I heard about a European city, Berlin i think, which was planning to set up a network of charging stations all over. What would be great is if more civic authorities thought to emulate these far sighted town planners and encouraged people to go green, go electric.
This is bad.
written by Corban, September 22, 2008
What China is doing is good, but the implications for the US are bad. China represents a different kind of capitalism, one where democracy is not a fundamental component. However, this runs counter to cialis from uk supplier the US's message, where prosperity is created through greater democracy.

Should China beat US in several key areas, green innovation being one of them, then this will decouple our message and our credibility further than it already is!

Step up, US!
Choosing wisely with electron carriers
written by Garry G, September 22, 2008
I'm glad to see two things-

1) China thinking beyond infrastructure for the combustion engine.

2) Recognition that 'plug ins' will require tremendous investments. It is not as simple as just tapping 'existing infrastructure'. We will need extensions.

I am glad to see batteries evolving, but skeptical of their long term viability against fuel cell systems. I believe that batteries and electricity are only a piece of the puzzle to electric propulsion systems. We must recognize the chinese viagra pills role of hydrogen fuel cells as complimentary to battery systems.

While fuel cells are often attacked in blog comment sections, the cost of hydrogen fueling stations are likely to be far less than these recharge stations. And the density of click here viagra online sales solid state storage could be a clear advantage for atoms over electrons.

So I'm glad to see the real world applications (esp in China) of plug-ins but also think we need to think wisely about where we want to put our resources.

Cars are not iPods- and it is hard to levitra 10mg tablets imagine batteries being the platform for electric motors in the decades ahead.

I've written a post on a new blog - The Energy Roadmap -- on how to think about vehicle fueling infrastructure!

Thanks for the news!!!

Garry G - Editor,
written by Picky Mc Picky, September 22, 2008
The United States Government could not be happier that China is taking the initiative to adopt alternative energies and make them mainstream. Next, we will be pulling for India to do the same...and they will become the world leaders in alternative energy technology and visit our site canadian pharmacy levitra generic usage...leaving the Unitd States in the dust...and that suits the viagra canada without prescription big wigs in Washington just fine. The more China and India become dependent on alternative fuels and energy, the more oil there is fo the Unieted States to horde and profit on.

China's forward progress in alternative energy may even be subsidized by the Oil giants for all we know. If they were to continue to exponentially grow their economy at the pace it has been growing the past 5 years, it would have caused a major stress on world oil supplies. India's growth as well puts a huge dent into supplies and a stress on production capacity.

The United States is in the middle of an election. If you think that it's a coincisdence that the Volt was introduced 6 weeks before an American election...then I'll introduce you to a Nigerian diplomat that has a million dollars he wants to out into your bank exchange for your bank account #.

The United States has no plans for alternative deployements any time soon. They will tell us anything in an election year...They would rather see the rest of the world deploy such technology at a very rapid pace, while we continue to make hundreds of PROFITS! for Chevron, ARCO and the handfull of other oil mongers out there.

You guys are so gullible.
Why so much?
written by jon, September 22, 2008
This is great, but why does each charging station cost more than a car to build? What is it besides a computer and a an electricity feed?

It would spread quicker if it was cheaper.
But where does the electricity come from
written by Christine, September 22, 2008
It's great to hear everyone fired up about electric cars, but coal-fired power plants are the order 5mg cialis online dominate means to produce electricity, meaning the only thing electric car users are saving is money. Until China and every other country develops true alternative energy solutions, electric cars will still only be a patch for a much larger issue. I'm waiting on cars with bodies built of solar cells...
written by Ken Roberts, September 22, 2008
Why are people clamoring for the government to build these charging stations? Because they're not profitable to build on their own. As another posted mentioned above, they are enormously expensive and will become another financial black hole in our wallets. Not enough people own electric cars in the US for this to buy cialis canada be feasible outside of select cities.

When this country transitions to plug-in Prius and click now cialis discussionsdiscount priced cialis Volt-type automobiles in the near future, then such charging stations may become a better idea. In the meantime, I'll keep my tax dollars. Thank you very much.
written by Bob, September 23, 2008
Ken - a valuable role that government can play is to use a very, very, tiny, tiny, tiny portion of discount generic viagra our tax dollars to fund start-up and trial projects. Just like the government funding basic research.

Once the concept has been proven, the major bugs worked out, and demand demonstrated the market will take over.

That's how we got wind farms. The government largely funded them through tax credits. Now private business is doing the funding because there is money to be made.

That's how we got nuclear reactors. The government largely funded them with our tax dollars. Now private business is walking away from them as they just don't make financial sense.

written by darius, September 24, 2008
Thats very true that China now depands on coal plents for most if its electricity but they have a very stong program and ambitions toward nuclear reactors. they are also working on the development of the super save Pebble bed modular reactors and successfully tested a thermal runaway on herbal alternative to levitra a scaled down version. Reaction just showdown do to physics involved.

China wants 100 Westinghouse reactors

nice video of the Pebble bed modular reactor shutdown
written by Ken Roberts, September 24, 2008

There's no concept to be proven in the case of recharge stations. The technology is extremely simple. The problem is the business model. Private companies are only willing to viagra uk delivery install these things in areas that have a steady supply of electric cars, which is pretty much limited to retirement communities with a lot of golf carts.

Such a program may be only a small cost by itself, but you add up a bunch of similar programs and the combined cost rises very rapidly. Before you know it, you have a $500 billion per year budget deficit.

Anyway, it all goes back to the concept of buy viagra pill limited government. That's too complex a discussion to have in a little comment box, but it is important to the preservation of our liberty that Congress not be given the general budgetary authority to spend money on whatever pet project it wants. Have Congress set up mechanisms instead, such as a tax on pollution, and then let the market sort out the best alternatives.
Charging Station
written by Kris, September 25, 2008
The price for these charging stations is ridiculous. It's an outlet. I have four in my bedroom and it didn't cost $160,000. Why do people feel the need to complicate this. I used to live in northern Canada where every parking space had an outlet so people could plug in their block heaters. It's not new technology. It's crap like this that will prevent electric cars from gaining popularity.
On another note, if these are placed all over the cities, people will be pluggin in during the day time increasing the demand and the price for energy during peak hours. One of the perks of electric vehicles is supposed to no prescription be charging at night when power is less expensive.
written by Francis, October 03, 2008
Yet another reason the US needs to get with the cheapest place to buy viagra program and find better ways to fuel our cars. We don't need to be the only country on oil while the rest of the world moves on to better forms of energy.
written by madmilker, October 04, 2008
$44,000 for a 220volt plug! tats ok as long as its got made in USA written on it!
written by ECOminded, October 22, 2008
This technology already does exist in the United States and the best site levitra online order it is already being used for many material handling purposes. Not many consumers are familiar with fast-charging, which has the capabilities to charge most on-road vehicles in 10 minutes. Yes, ten minutes. Look into a company called ETEC (, they've been fast-charging since the FIRST electric vehilces.
Electric Power Production From Magnetic
written by Basil Dimitropoulos, October 25, 2008
Dear Bloggers:

The answer to OPEC is the electric vehicles at

What we need is an International Public Prosecutor Intervention.

Thank you.

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