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"How is any of this "good news"? It's been almost 20 years after the EV..."

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Chrysler's Electric Shock: An EV on Sale in 2010

Good God! It seems like Chrysler has realized exactly how smart GM has been with their giant investment in the look there buy cialis 50 mg Chevy Volt. First they were dubious, then they were jealous...and now they're getting ready to get even.

Chrysler's plan (and it seems a little bit ambitious) is to have one of these three electric vehicles in show rooms for sale at the same time as the Chevy Volt (late 2010.)

The EVs in question are:

1. A Dodge all-electric sports car that will charge with a regular 110 outlet in eight hours or at a 220 outlet in four. The car will be Lotus designed (sound familiar?) and will probably have an impressive acceleration time, but an unimpressive range (and uncomfortable price.)

2. An extended-range EV version of the Chrysler Town and Country minivan. This will charge at a 110 or 220 outlet as well, but the lithium ion batteries will only take it 40 miles before a gasoline generator kicks in to recharge the batteries. Since it's a minivan and not a svelte little five-seater, the battery is going to be significantly bigger (and thus more expensive) than the Volt's.

3. An EREV Jeep Wrangler that is even boxier and bigger than the Town and Country but still promises 40 miles on each electric charge. And, as you might expect, the battery is even bigger, nearly twice the we recommend viagra 6 free samples size of the Volt's. So, yeah, you can expect that this thing will have a price tag upwards of where to find viagra 60k just adding the price of the battery onto the price of your average Wrangler.

That they'll have one of these in showrooms by 2010 seems questionable to me. If they do, they're either going to be selling them at a loss, or selling them for a LOT. GM has been working for over five years on the Volt, and getting the battery to professional cialis online work without overheating or exploding in an accident has been a gigantic challenge that I don't even think they have yet entirely overcome.

And while I would love for GM to give Chrysler a break and lend them a hand with their batteries...I don't think there's enough love there for that to happen. I'm willing to give Chrysler a chance here. But if they rush these things to the showroom and sour America's taste for plug-in vehicles by selling cars that don't work well, I will not forgive them.

But 2010, as we predicted, is certainly shaping up to be a game-changing year for automobiles. If you're planning on getting a new car...I'd suggest waiting.

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THIS is the best selection they can come
written by Steve N. Lee, September 24, 2008
While this sounds like great news, I don't really know if it is.

Electric cars with a 40 mile range could replace up to 75% of US car journeys with eco-friendly travel.

Sounds amazing, right?

But how will the generic sample viagra actual buying public feel about that? Ford are so sure that the average American cares little for the environment that their new 70 mile per gallan Fiesta isn't even going on sale in the States, only in Europe. (I actually posted this fact on my blog recently, expecting responses from my American readers but no one said a word.)

It seems diesel is buy viagra without prescription simply a definite no-no for Americans, regardless of the massive financial saving in fuel costs or the huge environmental benefits.

Now Chrysler are launching one of these three vehicles? Why? What's the point of an eco-friendly sports car? Who's that aimed at? A minivan? That's slightly better, but not a great deal. And a jeep!? Yeah, because jeeps are renowned for being the dream purchase for the eco-conscious!

Who's this 'eco-aware' car aimed at, because it's certainly NOT the average guy! That's rather unforntunate as who is it that does all these 'average' journeys on US roads? Yep, the average guy!

While this might be applauded in theory and by well off middle class Americans, I think Chrysler have cocked up. They should have produced a simple, bare bones, working car at a cheap price. The kind of car the average guy drives and can afford, only with electric power. I suppose they'll leave that to some producer from India or the Far East to cash in on!

Pity. Probably another opportunity wasted.
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
written by Yoshi, September 24, 2008
Steve, I agree in part to buy viagra in new york your post, but I think that a minivan is quite "average guy"-ish (think of mom taking the kids to soccer practice, or loading up on groceries). The 75% of driving that occurs < 40 miles isn't just the commute to work, it's also the stay-at-home moms shuttling kids around.
I couldn't agree more on your point about the sports car for the eco-friendly. I think this is aimed at the EGO-friendly wealthy who would view it as a status symbol (look at the Tesla Roadster).
The Jeep? I can't figure out who that is being marketed to. That must have been a decision based solely on time-to-market (since it probably has a frame/structure more suited to carrying all of where to buy levitra that battery).
written by Bob, September 24, 2008
The train is leaving the station! We got to hurry and price of cialis get on board!!!

So the execs at Chrysler look around and see what platforms they've got that could hold a bunch of batteries. MinivanVolt and JeepVolt are born. Throw in an electric sports car just to get some publicity in the magazines that celebrate fast.

Nothing here that says that Chrysler has been working hard on the PHEV issue for a while.

But it's great to see that they are agreeing that electric is where things are headed.

Hope, for the sake of their employees, that they are running fast enough.
written by E AUto, September 28, 2008
I think the Jeep EV is an awesome idea. My first car was a 1983 Jeep CJ5 and now that I can get one thats electric is awesome to very good site cialis how much me.
I think what they are doing is smart. Everyone wants an Eco car now, not just the cialis on women Eco geeks that want to drive a prius or the weird bug shaped cars.
My next car will be the Jeep EV. That is unless they come out with a Hummer H3 EV.

One last thing, I want some sound in my ride, I almost hit a pedestrian backing up in my wifes hybrid.
I heard that GM is using some sort of Vroomtone sounds that you can download for your ride.
This would really solve alot of the silent problems associated with EV's, it would be really cool too in customizing peoples cars.
Like weird sounds when the doors open. My car talking to me like Night Rider.
Sorry I am rambling!!!!
Electric Chrysler Vehicles Kept Secret f
written by Patrick, October 01, 2008
Hank Green writes Good God! It seems like Chrysler has realized exactly how smart GM has been with their giant investment in the Chevy Volt. First they were dubious, then they were jealous...and now they're getting ready to get even.

Seems old Hank didn't want to put his foot too far in his mouth. Well maybe not. These large companies are in competition and they're going to go after the market which maximum profits can be made. Sure Chrysler got SUV/Truck heavey in a market that just a few years ago was where to be. Remember back in the 80's the Dodge Caravan was announced just months before hitting dealerships. Rather than giving up what they were working on keeping it secret secured them the buy ultram forum market as the sole minivan for a few years.
I feel GM blunder a great marketing opportunity by announcing the Volt too soon. GM's management after all killed Oldsmobile without punishing one single individual for this failure. I bet Chrysler is glad Lutz is at GM and Jim Press is on their team.
written by Colin, October 02, 2008
Why not get on the band wagon? Their designers and engineers have probably been hangin out to have a go and make one of these. l have a mini van,(Voyager), and l would enjoy decent electric power, even if it was only 40 miles worth, instead of a paltry 20 MPG. l slot into that average user bracket for 95% of driving. The battery problem will get resolved and we will have some fantastic power packs in the very near future. Our futures are bright, and l for one am looking on with great anticipation. There are many issues to sort, but they will get sorted!
Ignorant comments
written by Brian, October 02, 2008
if you did your research, you would see all the Jeep people that would love to see an EV Jeep. i currently own an 08 Jeep JK Wrangler. no, i didn't buy it for the best MPG, but i am concerned about the matter. this is my 4th Jeep Wrangler that i've owned and it won't be the last. if they made the Jeep electric, i would buy one, along with 99% of the Jeep owners. here's where you didn't do your homework: an electric Jeep would be the ULTIMATE off-road machine! check out and do a search on the subject. IMO the mini-van would be the best vehicle for this format b/c i would buy another mini-van too. the size of the mini-van makes it better to propecia discount make electric. but to have an electric Jeep would give unmatched torque against any other vehicle off-roading! PLUS, on-road you'd get much better MPG! my Mom retired from Detroit Edison. but before she did, she drove an electric car for a long term test (two years). she logged every mile and charge, problems, etc. it never left us stranded. it was a VW rabbit. the batteries were in the hatch area, but you couldn't see them. it looked like it came from the factory. so don't tell my it has to be a large vehicle to put the batterries into. drive a jeep, talk to owners of jeeps and research forums about jeeps, then make an educated decision.
Detroit, MI
written by Brian, October 02, 2008
OH! i forgot... ever hear of buy cialis in new zealand a little saying called "TREAD LIGHTLY"? if you haven't, it means Jeep owners care about our planet! we leave the environment that we use to off-road,camp,fish,hunt,etc in better condition that when we got there. Tread Lightly... look it up!
written by Patrick, October 14, 2008
The battery technology of these EVs is from a partnership between GE and Chrysler. Hank, why would Chrysler want help with batteries from GM when they're partnered with electrical giant GE. I wouldn't doubt GE may eventually buy into Chrysler. This would make sense more than a GM - Chrysler merger.
written by Disgruntled, November 17, 2008
How is any of this "good news"? It's been almost 20 years after the EV-1, which had 120 MILES PER CHARGE, and for an extended JEEP I only get 40 and that's with a double battery, and for 60,000 dollars more?

What a ripoff, if I'm looking at spending that much money, I'll take a Tesla Roadster, one of the Electric Cars that is actually there to serve as a TRUE EV. These are just crappy diversions from getting true Electric Vehicles on the road, as they are so poor, that only a certain market would buy them.

GM's Volt is also a joke, bring back the it's cool buying levitra online canada EV-1, or make a decent EV, not just try to buy online prescription propecia dazzle us with concepts.

How lame.

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