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OCT 03

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"ED: this is to best prices on viagra help an EXISTING problem, if we recycle everything we c..."

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Trash + Sewage = Green

Dumping sewage onto landfill trash sounds like a bad idea; one would think that combining the two waste streams would produce something even worse. Not so, says Viridis Waste Control LLC. They have developed a process that turns this unlikely combination into a green solution.

It turns out that you can make landfill garbage biodegrade more quickly when you over it with septage (the material that is pumped out of septic tanks… let’s not be any more specific). Faster garbage biodegradation means a longer lifetime for the landfill, which saves land which would otherwise be lost to landfill use.

This is also a better use for septage, which is levitra from mexico often applied to agricultural fields. This can lead to contamination of crops, livestock, and the water table. The septage may also accelerate methane production, which is a benefit if the landfill is set up to capture landfill gases for power production.

Looks like sometimes two negatives really do make a positive.

Via GreenGeek

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written by Marcia, October 04, 2008
I'd like to know more about what leaves the site and generic viagra no prescription infiltrates into the cialis with no prescription seeps, streams, and aquifers.
written by Bob, October 04, 2008
You got to viagra buy uk design the site correctly.

But the overall scheme makes some sense (based on my trips to the dump).

Lots of nitrogen from the sludge, carbon from the dump, and happy microbes eating away. The mark of a good compost pile.
written by madmilker, October 04, 2008
my cows gonna luv this!
written by John Giezentanner, October 05, 2008
Using one form of human waste to break down another form of human waste... that's kind of elegant, I guess.
What is Garbage?
written by Martin, October 05, 2008
I am wondering about the consistency of garbage in communities with operating waste separation. Do they things that aren't recyclable or compostable really biodegrade appreciably?
Senior Editor
written by Urbanwren, October 05, 2008
Who would have thought!? I’d like to know how this impacts emissions from landfills. Would this create more methane (and other GHGs) that could be captured for land fill gas or waste to energy production [url=( ?
written by Dr Dimbleby, October 07, 2008
I dont know who managed to get this article placed in here, but the fact that your improve micriobiological activity is not a positive, but a negative. huge amounts of CO2 and methane will be relaeased in the levitra cost low air, and nutrients will leach out and polute water courses and ground water. by not mixing the rubbish the tip can act as a carbon sink.
written by Ed, October 10, 2008
It's not a green solution but an unnecessary solution.

Compostables such as yard trimmings and food scraps (and food soiled papers) should be diverted from the waste stream and composted.

And, of course, bottles, can, and paper should be diverted for recycling.
written by MoonMan, October 16, 2008
ED: this is to help an EXISTING problem, if we recycle everything we can from now on, we still have huge landfills that need attention, and some things just are NOT recyclable, so helping landfills decompose quicker will always be helpful.

To other people on here, your complaints can be put down with "DER" I doudt anyone is saying lets just dump crap alll over our current landfills. everyone knows that landfills leech and pollute, and if this idea were introduced, properly altering landfills to help with gas release and leeching are an OBVIOUS given.

this is how your argument would work against solar:
guy 1: we should buy some solar panels for out house!
guy2: psh, you dont even have a way to connect solar to your house, hippie idiot...

**obviously it will have to wow look it levitra professional be connected, and I doubt guy 1 is proposing just throwing solar panels onto the roof like a lost frisbee...

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