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OCT 10

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New Air Powered Car Looks Freakin' WEIRD

I mean, if you're going to radically change the way a car is powered, you might as well radically change the way it looks too...right?

I guess that's what MDI (the company who has been pioneering, or at least attempting to pioneer, the compressed-air-powered car for the last 20 years) was thinking when they created the AirPod. I'm not getting any press releases in English, and my French is horrible, but from what I can tell, this new concept is going to roll off the production line in 2009.

The car will be powered by MDI's compressed air system, which uses electricity to compress huge amounts of air in small tanks. The air is then slowly released from the tanks, driving pistons that move the car. This system is hopefully going into American cars by 2010, and was licensed by Tata Motors for use in India and wow it's great cheap canadian pharmacy Europe.

The AirPod seats three (one facing backward) and the "playful and futuristic" design allows for an extremely light-weight and inexpensive vehicle. The top speed of the thing is just over 40 miles per hour and it has a range of only 130 miles before a refill is canad ian pharmacy needed, so...obviously it will be just for city use.

Refilling an air car can be extremely quick (if you happen to have an aircar fueling station nearby) or quite slow (if you have to charge using an inexpensive home compressor.) But these cars are never dirty. Even if the power used to compress the air is pure-coal-fired power, these things are way cleaner than gasoline, and even cleaner than electric vehicles.

Why? Two reasons. First, their tiny city-specific design means that they're just going to be more efficient. But, second, the fact that the cars require no complicated, metal-filled batteries means that the environmental impact of viagra femele construction is significantly lower.

Unfortunately, the trade-off is slow speeds and short ranges, which hopefully won't be too much of a least in Europe, which is sure to be the AirPod's initial market.

Of course...I want one, but here in America we'll have to wait for the more expensive version that will (hopefully) go on sale in 2010.

Video of another Air Car below

Thanks to Bruno for the tip


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written by matt, October 10, 2008
And....cue post from a so called thermodynamics expert
This one's not in French
written by Matthew Mogen, October 10, 2008
From the ZPM website:

ZPM is planned to be the U.S. based distributor of the Air Car.
written by Hank, October 10, 2008
Yes...but we wrote about that one a while back (and linked to it in this article) and it's not as WEIRD LOOKING as this french thing.
written by Lobo, October 10, 2008
i think it is too cute!!!!! i love it!!!
written by Jake, October 11, 2008
maybe good for taxis.
translation of the french website
written by Ben, October 11, 2008
Basically says that MDI will compete for the offer Paris will propose for its new free electric car scheme called the Autolib
The standard version is actually a 4 seaters ( 3 adults and a child).
and It will cost you 1 euro for 200km , so round about 1.5$ for 130 miles!!
I'd like more information...
written by bbm, October 11, 2008
Even if the power used to compress the air is pure-coal-fired power, these things are way cleaner than gasoline, and even cleaner than electric vehicles.

Before statements like that can be made, we would need to know the efficiency of the compression cycle (expansion should be pretty efficient). And you'd have to compare the car above to similar sized/designed electric cars.

If the overall efficiency (compression and re-expansion) is poor, then that above statement isn't going to prove accurate.

For example, why don't off grid solar arrays store extra power in compressed air instead of batteries, for example? Maybe too noisy, maybe too inefficient.

It is sure to be cheaper, however.

Need to ship any Cars?
written by Darby, October 11, 2008
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written by Yvelle, October 11, 2008
I think other companies that are making air engines should also be highlighted, like Engineair.
Air engines
written by bbm, October 12, 2008
Air engines are nothing special, engineering wise. Pretty similar to a conventional piston ICE except the piston is driven by expansion of compressed air instead of expansion of a burning fuel air mixture.

written by Kyle, October 12, 2008
It's pretty strange.. Obviously the amount of energy of compressed air isn't THAT much, in it's tanks. ... So, what if we put these things on viagra med uk treadmills generators, and had them put power into the grid. Ok it sounds stupid, but 180 miles at 40mph would seem to viagra overnite me like more power than it would take to put compressed air in it's tanks.
written by Kyle, October 12, 2008
my mistake.. 130 miles
Quick refill at home
written by james jones, October 12, 2008
Actually you could refill these things quickly if you stored compressed air at home. You could use a home compressor to keep compressed air in tanks ready for a refill.

Capture the waste heat off the compressor and you'd have "free" domestic hot water and water for the old hot tub, pool.

you could also run a generator off compressed air, so if the power went out you'd have a backup.

Probably not as efficient as some other systems, but it uses off the shelf materials.

I'd trade efficiency for something i could buy at home depot tomorrow.

(well the compressor still probably has to hit 1000 psi or so, and my home depot is fresh out of 1000 psi compressors)

written by Nate, October 12, 2008
More like 4,300 psi (300 bar).

>Ok it sounds stupid, but 180 miles at 40mph would seem to me like more power than it would take to put compressed air in it's tanks.

Thermodynamics expert here. ;) Yes, of course it would take more *energy* to compress the air than you'd get out of it. Otherwise, it would be a perpetual motion machine of the first kind, and we'd all be fantastically less interested.
written by schmon, October 12, 2008
One big problem air-compressed car have is the heat byproduct that is used for heating in winter month. And it's a big problem, which is why compressed air cars might be exported to india first.
Making compressed air
written by AustinTX, October 12, 2008
Photovoltaic cells produce an electric current, so it is best to store this energy in batteries. If you want your energy stored as compressed air, consider mechanical sources like wind and water currents. Attach an air pump to your windmill instead of a generator, and store the "power" in a tank at the base of drug impotence levitra the tower. In fact, recent articles have suggested exactly this solution because of the need to store "wind power" closer to official canadian pharmacy windmills instead of sending it by wire over hundreds of miles.
written by subcorpus, October 12, 2008
i want one ... 130 miles is fine with me ...
written by chris, October 12, 2008
have fun avoiding pedestrians and cyclists with those superwide A-pillars
written by Steven, October 12, 2008
This is the technology we need. The example I cite is "How much do you pay for gas?".
written by Sammi, October 13, 2008
Hey, it's cute!
Also I want one. Hmm...

Dear Santa...
Just air or air fuel car
written by doom*, October 13, 2008
This one works just on air, but other one of MDI works on air and fuel.
when speed is low, the car run just on air.
when speed is high, a few quantity of fuel is added and cialis 20 mg canada speed is like normal cars and range exceed 1000 km.
More information about this here :

written by Serge, October 13, 2008
In Tabasco, Mexico we have little cars like the people in India use every day, they are a mix between a motorcycle and cargo bycicle, we call them "POCHIMOVILES" and are gasoline based, we use them in the neigborhood to go from one place to another without leave the same neigborhood, like to take the children to the school, go for the day's food, visit other houses, etc. it cost less than a 1/2 euro, these vehicules will be perfect to use here, hope we have them available in the near future here in Mexico.
It's amazing that air can make this car
written by George Lewis, October 13, 2008
It's great that a car powered by air can travel 130 miles... but why did they let a 10-year-old design the body?

If you search for the CAT (their really cool 3 seater)you'll see that they had a good design.

I hope there is enough backlash that this vehicle will never be produced.

If you want a REAL (freeway capable electric car) for just $20k, visit and search for "triac"
Problems with air power in cold climates
written by daves, October 13, 2008
I was reading through MDI's website and found that they recommend use of fossil fuel in cold climates. To increase efficiency, they use kerosene to heat the compressed air before it enters the engine.
Passenger heat and AC may be a bit of a problem for air powered cars.
Wind powered compressor
written by Windy Miller, October 14, 2008
Just a thought.

Swap a small scale windmill generator with an air compressor. Add a large storage tank.

Voila... major efficiency and cost improvement.

Only if you have a suitable site for wind.
more details
written by hi, October 14, 2008
According to enter site levitra overnite the website, that car does not require a driver's license but the top speed will only be available if you have a license.
It weighs only 220 kg (!), has a power of levitra online sales only 4 kW and regenerative braking.
They don't say why they had to make it look like a piece of swiss cheese.

It looks like someone had the idea to make something like the Vélib, but with cars instead of bikes. I really doubt it is a good idea...
Not just weird
written by FuglyRides, October 14, 2008
Besides weird, this is just plain full out ugly! It's unacceptable to let something like that on the streets, no matter how "green" it might be. Start ramming it with your gas-guzzling SUV as soon as you see one. It's already on
Not clearner than EVs
written by Dana, October 14, 2008
Whoa hang on there, air cars are not cleaner than EVs. You seem to be comparing this air car to a larger highway speed EV, but comparing apples to apples an electric car will be more efficient with lower emissions.

I'm pretty sure the battery manufacturing is negligible in terms of environmental impact.
Where's the 'old' MDI?
written by frisbee, October 16, 2008
We were promissed to see the previous MDI design by Tata motors on India's roads a year ago. Now still nothing has come of the factory. Was anything wrong with the cialis online 50mg design?
Though I hate the new look, Id love to viagra australia no prescription see this thing work ín our streets in Holland. I think it would indeed be much greener then speed comparable EV's since battery production and generic viagra in canada recycling is very energy and environmentaly intensive.
Yes more Eco Friendly Cars!!!
written by Murball, October 16, 2008
This car is FREAKIN' AWESOME! Not Freakin' weird. I am excited that these cars are finally becoming more popular. The air car may run into some problems with certain cold temperatures, for instance the lovely Canadian winter I face every year. I hope more technology advances happen with these cars. Currently the Canadian electric car company ZENN only produces cars that go 40/k an hour.
This car looks a lot cooler than the Canadian one. I really like the yellow one, it reminds me of a bubble bee. I want it!
I see London, I see France ...
written by mum-under-the-oak, October 17, 2008
Don't drive this to work, ladies ... at least not if you're wearing pants or a skirt that comes well past your knees. Keeping your knees crossed isn't much of an option when you're using the gas and the brakes.

(Although I confess I couldn't see anything in this picture or on we like it womans viagra their site that even hinted at the existence of gas, brakes, or steering. Maybe I'm missing something really obvious here?)
written by akineko, October 27, 2008
these cars are so cute ;D
I really like it. good for daily use.
Since people don't drive that long distance like every day, I wish everyone just buy a new eco car for daily use, and keep their old car for a travel.
Range of 20 miles
written by Pierre, February 04, 2009
"it has a range of only 130 miles"

No, it has a range of 20 miles...
Ok one problem for those who think compr
written by AvgasStew, March 05, 2009
When was the last time you saw low power (sub-kW) electricity escape and disappear.
Now go blow up a balloon and tell me its better than a AA!
written by Julien, March 13, 2009
It's amazing!!

I want one and i think that the concept car is available soon!!

Green Auto Movers
written by Auto Movers, February 05, 2010
I like the basic idea of this car, one of the things that we have always tried to do at our office is be as conscience of environmental waste as we possibly can be, considering we work in the car transport industry. However, what I would like to see in the article is more statistical information about the the best choice levitra blood thinner overall distance, top speed and things like this. With those statistics and tramadol no prescription overnight a estimated retail price I would be curious to see since, as you say in the article, most of the heavy and expensive parts are removed. Anyway, thank you again for your article and new green technology.
Bad news... :-(
written by Fabien, October 06, 2010
See :

But I have bad news. Today, here at EcoGeek, we are declaring the air car dead.

Tata's goal of a 2008 release of an air car has, obviously, not been met. In 2009, Tata stated that the short range of the cars and issues with keeping them from freezing up (when compressed air is decompressed, temperatures drop dramatically) were proving them impractical.

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