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NOV 06

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"Living in California, I find the need to be environmentally hipper tha..."

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System Waters Your Lawn, Minimizes Waste

Following in the footsteps of energy-monitoring software comes WeatherTRAK, software that monitors your water consumption. The new web interface comes from HydroPoint Data and buying viagra in canada allows users to monitor and control irrigation systems from anywhere.

WeatherTRAK, which just won five industry awards for smart water management, pulls data from 40,000 weather stations and creates a weather map with information down to the square kilometer. Rainfall and evapotranspiration rate are both analyzed for a particular area. The system then decides whether plants in that area need more water.

Landscape companies can program in certain data about an area, including plant and soil types and then the cheap viagra soft software will come up with a watering schedule that uses only the amount of water necessary.

The company states that in 2007, the 15,000 subscribers saved more than 6.7 billion gallons of water and reduced costs by $60 million.

This system is just another great example of how being better informed allows us to make better decisions for the environment.

via Earth2Tech

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Cool but...
written by HankS, November 06, 2008
Just plant some trees in your yard - the shade slows evaporation and prevents the grass from "burning". That and a yard with trees looks nicer too. :)

We have a lot of trees in our yard and are able to avoid watering the grass AND lawn care (no nasty chemicals!).

During the worst months our lawn looks as good (sometimes better) than our neighbors who take great care of get viagra their lawns.
Greening your lawn
written by Kate, November 06, 2008
This is an amazing technology. I live in Florida where it either rains so much your lawn is flooded or the sun is so that it dries it out every day. I have seen people's automatic irrigation systems on when it is raining...

What I see that is great about this product is generic viagra overnight that it is appealing to people who are following the only now lowest priced cialis green movement and those who want to save money.

Being more sustainable while saving money, that is a winning combination. Thank you for the great post!
written by anon, November 06, 2008
how about not irrigating lawns at all? A step in the right direction though, i suppose
What a stupid idea
written by Mike, November 10, 2008
Since when have lawns and gardens needed to be controlled by a computer? This is the silliest thing I have seen since those Chinese MP3 players for dogs.
To water a lawn or not to water a lawn, this is the quesitons?
written by California, June 26, 2009
Living in California, I find the need to be environmentally hipper than the rest of the country, or even the world. I also love gadgets. I've been working on finding ways to make my home and business more energy efficient and environmentally friendlier. My community has a commission that cites us for not up keeping our properties which make our monthly water bill a nightmare during the summer times due to the fact that we have to generic cialis online pharmacy water our lawns so much. Fortunately, I came across this neat device called the WeatherTRAK from HydroPoint Systems in Petaluma. I use it along with their tracking service which I got a free subscription to for a year and how can i buy viagra in canada have saved a bundle over that time on my water bills. I always keep up to date with pricing for products that I like and can recommend

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