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Solar WiFi Brings Internet Anywhere

Meraki, a WiFi company that sells its mesh WiFi networks all over the globe, has just made wireless that much more wireless – starting in December they will be offering solar powered router to their customers. The units will be pricey - $1,500 for a model that comes with its own solar panels – although there is a cheaper version for half the price that comes without the solar panels (you attach them yourself).

California based Meraki prides itself on the fact that it serves customers around the globe, especially in remote locations. For example, a fishing village in Chile used one of their systems to provide otherwise unavailable internet access to canadian pharmacy for tramadol over 1,000 people. This new solar model dramatically increases the very good site generic viagra sale potential to bring internet access to such far-flung regions, as it eliminates the need for costly electric installations.

However, they are also finding a solid customer base among people who have no problem connecting to the grid, or to other standard wireless technology. Companies buy their systems to use as networks, simply because they enjoy the ability to set up a private system and viagra on-line maintain their own accounts.

Meraki’s networks are already being used in San Francisco, where large parts of what is levitra professional the city are receiving free, public WiFi. One reason that their systems are well suited for a relatively large and sprawling application (such as enabling city-wide WiFi accessibility) is that they employ mesh networks – a setup in which devices are linked to each other in a web. When one unit fails, the other units are able to compensate and thereby “heal” the network.

Via arstechnica, Cleantechnia

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written by Lysh, November 20, 2008
While I can't imagine this in the currently snowy, overcast-y Ohio, I think this is awesome.
written by Total Solar Energy, November 20, 2008
whist trekking through the jungles of SE asia, i'll be able to log on to the internet somewhere. hmmm, i don't know if i like the click here viagra brand idea of that somehow
written by Uncle B, November 21, 2008
In the new "American Dream" that will follow the great republican depression, cloisters of uber-efficient homes with wind power, ground heat, super insulation, practical sizing, zero upkeep, zero running cost, greenhouse enhanced, and with solar energy considerations will communicate with solar WiFi networking to the world,uncensored! and bypass the major constipation and restrictive landlines and their maintenance cost we use now. The 21st Century will be forced upon us by the depression and we will be redeemed by Science and Technology, the new gods of the new age!
written by neuhausen, December 16, 2008
well solar wifi is really cool. I love it.

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