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Self Propelling Fish Farms

Fish farms have their proponents and us cialis their critics. But whether you're of the view that they provide an important source of protein or you think that fish farms breed diseases, there is one fact that's not under dispute: they have to be moved around every so often. That is 5mg viagra because conventional fish farms are set up in sheltered waters but have to be moved once disease accumulates. When that happens, the cages are relocated using massive and carbon spewing towboats which haul the cages from one site to its next location.

Off the shores of Puerto Rico, a test project is underway by researchers with MIT. Scientists with the university's Sea Grant's Offshore Aquaculture Engineering Center are testing a different kind of fish cage: one that can propel itself and not require the use of a massive energy-intensive operation to drag it through the water.

The spherical fish cage, developed by Ocean Farm Technologies, Inc. of Searsmont, Maine, is fully submerged and able to cialis to order move itself using slow-moving propellers. The 62-foot diameter mesh sphere bobs along in the online cialis cheap ocean with electric powered propellers. Initial tests don't show great results. While the cage maneuvers well, momentum and direction were unpredictable. But the future could show improvement if researchers can successfully outfit these self-propelled fish farms with solar cells or wave motion apparatuses to get them moving without the use of grid electricity

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Fish farming should be illegal
written by Rudder_Steerer, November 21, 2008
Fish farms are one of the most effective fast breeder systems for marine pathogens man has yet devised.

The ability for these pathogen laboratories to now move themselves to a new area is an incremental improvement in their abilities to pollute.

We are so screwed!!
written by David, November 21, 2008
The only real solution to all of our woes is depopulation.
written by james, November 23, 2008
Human depopulation will happen, assuming we won't be able to send the excess off plant like Europe did with the Americas.

Just too much greed and pollution..
written by jack, November 23, 2008
If we had looked after the sea we wouldn't need f*** Fish Farms, and now after so much pollution there's too many gay fish in the sea to maintain the population. At least the gay fish had Omega 3 under their skin; farmed fish don't even have that.
Buying the Farm
written by bluetoad, November 30, 2008
I've got a better idea. Why don't we use Sailboats to move them? Sounds ecological friendly to me.
Maybe return all seaborne commerce to Sail.
written by fleish, March 18, 2009
damn right!

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