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NOV 20

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Driving Mitsubishi's i MiEV on the streets of LA

Today, the folks at Green Car Journal, the same folks that just awarded the VW Jetta TDI the Green Car of the viagra fed ex Year Award, brought dozens of the greenest production cars and tramadol websites prototypes to the show for press drives. Luckily, I was one of the first in line and had the pleasure of taking a few of these new and innovative cars out for a spin around the block.

First up was Mitsubishi's i MiEV, the tiny electric vehicle based on a current kei car in Japan. Right now the vehicles are in town prior to their being handed over to Southern California Edison for fleet testing, and they were definitely drive ready. Mitsubishi stressed that these cars were production-ready models, though they may undergo a few final tweaks before they hit the market in Japan in 2009.

On to the juicy stuff. The test drive wasn't very extensive, but we did get to where to get cialis in canada go out on the mean streets of LA and mingle with traffic. At first I was a little timid at the possibility of online medicine rx cialis viagra order getting stuck at lights in a slow, lazy electric car, but I soon found out that the buy levitra online from canadacheap levitra tablets i MiEV was anything but. I've been in the gasoline equivalent of the car in Japan, and I agree with the Mitsubishi reps that the electric version is definitely the sportier of the two.

While it's hard to compare one car to another, the i MiEV is extremely peppy and can shoot down the street from a stop when you really get on the pedal. However, it also comes with an "ECO" mode and regenerative braking mode that allows more conservative drivers to save energy and extend the vehicle range. Even in ECO mode, where I spent most of the test drive, the car has ample power to keep up with the normal flow of traffic. Then, when you release the go pedal the lowest prices on viagra car seamlessly begins regenerative braking and recharging the battery pack.

The car's handling is also exceptional for its class. Though the call is small and tall, the battery pack keeps the center of gravity low and a tight suspension allows for hard cornering and good response. It was hard to believe all the hype, but when compared to the smart fortwo, the i MiEV is definitely in a superior class of subcompact driving experience.

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written by Fred, November 21, 2008
The company which makes these cars is heavily involved in felling tropical rain forests in S.E Asia and Oceania. It does so via front companies and corrupt local politicians.
written by Ben, November 21, 2008
I really like the idea behind the MiEV drivetrain - having an independent electric motor in each of click now natural levitra pills the four wheels. It's so simple, yet should provide tremendous benefits to 50 mg cialis the operation of the vehicle in all kinds of conditions. I'm eyeing the viagra from india Volt as what'll probably be first available (assuming GM doens't go under), but this is what I think the electric car should be moving towards.
Big three going under
written by Going Under, November 22, 2008
It is hard for me to not sound off on the big three. I want them to be punished but I understand their role as they suport a much larger economic base.

The average person can't just build a car right? If the Big three have banked on making expensive SUV and pickups as there main profit lines.

Suddenly gas is so expenisve people are't buying SUVs and Trucks and the Big three don't have anything that the common person realy needs.

Why does it take 2000 pounds of metal and plastic to move just one person... Can't the experts (big three) figure that out? Oh thats right they only know how to build SUVs and Pickup trucks. Give me a MiEV... What happened to the geo metro or honda crv?
written by Vladan, November 22, 2008
Cars like this, Electric powered, are the solution for the city centers. Those days there is buying levitra in canada so much polution, that only clean cars can help out.

I Like
I like
written by r4nd0mn4me, November 28, 2008
I can't wait for these cars, finely cars that computer geeks can play with, mod and cialis testimonial tweek, with out spilling gas and used motor oil on cheap levitra without prescription your carpet.
I see electric cars spurring highly modded aftermarket parts and tweeking industries. Time to invest in some shock restraint gloves...haha...ultrcaps anyone?
attn Fred
written by Micheal, March 19, 2009
Do you have any sources for your claims? (or perhaps names of said fronting firms)

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