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"r u serious? ...4gs!!!... Ill go to the local electronics store and ma..."

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Two New LED Desk Lamps

sylvania_desk_lamp-thumbI've got a bit of info on two LED desk lamps that look pretty interesting.  One of them is $90 the other is $4006.  Both are out of my price range but, y'know, at least they exist. 

The first lamp shown here is from Sylvania, it's the 'cheap' one.  Consuming five watts and producing an unknown number of lumens.  It looks pretty cool, produces very little heat and a lifespan of viagra overnight delivery 20,000 hours doesn't hurt. 

The other, rather peculiar looking lamp, called the cialis canada price el.e.dee (el.a.em.e), is basically a circuit board on a stick with a ton of LEDs packed onto it. The idea is cool, minimalist, and I wouldn't mind owning one if it didn't cost $4000.  I actually called Unica to make sure the price was correct.  They assured me that the man who designed it is very well known.


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written by GTW, September 14, 2006
At first I just freaked out but now it makes me think that this high price tag could actually make green things fashionably desirable... you know, like how Bentley's are expensive but you don't bust your money on one just because you want a car.

The only thing that needs to happen now for people to run and start buying these LED desklamps is someone selling something that "looks similar" to this but at a mainstream price. If MTV Cribs could show one of the real things in some celebrity's house it should greatly benefit the outcome I speculated.
written by Rob, September 14, 2006
I quite admire these designers who manage to persuade some idiot to buy something cheap, for a ridiculous price, they must be laughing all the way to the bank.
But someone should tell him, that he has left his Molegrip wrench on the back of the lamp. ;D

It would be interesting to see how much actual illumination the Sylvania lamp provides, as although LEDs are bright, they dont seem to cast much light, if you get what I mean.
Although I have a 3 LED torch that has quite a good focused beam.
written by nathan, November 27, 2007
r u serious? ...4gs!!!...
Ill go to the local electronics store and make the same thing for a quaint $200? ...pending on the price of the LEDs...

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