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DEC 03

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"Slow moving rivers tend to silt over regularly... I wonder whether thi..."

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Cylinders Could Harness Energy from Slow-Moving Waters

Water, water, everywhere, but hardly a drop moving fast enough to produce electricity?

Existing technologies that harness energy from water can only operate if the current is moving at five or six knots, but most of the world's currents are slower than three knots. Good news! A new cylinder device is able to produce power from a current flowing at less than one knot.

University of Michigan scientists were inspired by the the best choice viagra philippines way fish swim to create the cylinder system called Vivace. Water flows around the cylinders creating vortices, which push and canadian pharmacy viagra generic pull the cylinders up and down. This energy is then converted into electricity.

The scientists believe that groups of cylinders could be placed in river or sea beds or suspended in the ocean. A field of very good site buy viagra online cheap cylinders covering an area 1km by 1.5km with a current of three knots could power 100,000 homes. Scientists say the technology requires 50 percent less ocean acreage than wave power.

The researchers also say that because the parts move slowly, they are less likely to we like it rx cialis harm aquatic life than dams or turbines, and their position underwater will keep them from interfering with shipping or being an eyesore.

A prototype is currently being tested in the Detroit River, which has a current of less than two knots. If this technology is buy cheap cialis online successful, it could open up most of the world's water to power generation, which could result in huge gains towards powering the world on renewable energy.

via Daily Telegraph

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Same old same old
written by Mike, December 04, 2008
There is no free lunch. Extracting energy from the water creates an energy deficit somewhere else in the system and another species will suffer as a result.
I have an idea
written by Mark Kiernan, December 04, 2008
I have an idea to produce energy from a resource which is plentiful but not renewable in the convententual idea.

Anyone know who I should contact with this idea. It would be low cost but would produce a huge amount of energy (I think).

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by Io, December 04, 2008
Very interesting

This video explain things clearly:
written by Doc Rings, December 04, 2008
Slow moving rivers tend to silt over regularly... I wonder whether this system would get silted over, or if the engineers have ideas on locating them to minimize this?

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