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DEC 15

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"Trouble is, not only does this Chinese manufacturer not have to worry ..."

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How China Beat Everyone to the Plug-In Punch

There are a lot of headlines scattered around the internet talking about the "surprise" of Chinese auto-maker, BYD's first mass-produced plug-in car. It is, indeed, a big deal. The car is available now in China for a mere $20,000, and should be available in the U.S. by 2010, just in time to beat the Volt.

The question the frik did they do it? How did they beat GM and Toyota and Honda to the punch on this one?

The first part of the answer is that BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable they've got the expertise. They were able to buy cheap tramadol on manufacture a cheap ferrous battery that could propel the car for a full 60 miles without needing to be recharged.

The second part of the answer is that they're allowed to make kinda crappy cars. They can skimp on machining and not worry too much about safety. They've only been around since 2003, and only make cars for the Chinese market, so they don't have a reputation to protect. They just have to make news, and they're doing that quite well. There's a lot of question as to how well this car is going to perform, how long the battery is going to last, and whether the vehicle is at all safe.

BYD, frankly, is doing a fantastic job of obtain levitra without prescription exploiting two critical advantages. They have become one of the world's largest companies making cheap parts for our expensive cell phones and laptops, so they can venture into this new, potentially gigantic, market quickly. And second, they get to experiment without completely destroying their reputation, unlike any established car company.

They kicked the established industry's ass getting this car on the market, but it remains to be seen whether they've done a number on anyone

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written by James, December 15, 2008
I've never really understood why an electric car has to cost so much anyway. I mean you are taking away the complex internal combustion engine, transmission, and all the peripherals to keep it from overheating, etc.- and replacing that with a simple electric motor. Yes, the batteries are expensive, but are they really ALL that expensive? and then you are adding the brakes that recharge the battery somewhat. Not absolutely necessary, just a good idea and it makes sense to have them.

And did the get viagra online Chinese spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS, like GM did with the Volt, to develop this car?!!? I think not. Neither did Tesla Motors. Common, this is not really rocket science. It can be done, has been done, and doesn't need to cost a mint to develop or sell.
RE: Cost
written by J Cortez, December 15, 2008

At the moment, electric cars ARE expensive because the technology behind them is expensive. The current chemical combustion engine model is cialis price the cheapest and easiest way for cars to run.

With regards to why GM, Ford and Chrystler couldn't do it: They can't do it because they are failing companies and they are no longer capitalist in any real sense. They should go bankrupt and 50 mg viagra liquidated. (My greatest hope is that Toyota and Honda-- companies that actually know what they're doing-- buy them out.)

It makes sense that a Chinese company did it because they now have the factories, now have the capital and have the will make use of them. They are a more capitalist system than other countries they are now competing with. And because of that, you have enterprising individuals that will take risks, develop new and expensive technology for profit.

Remember, this is just the start. There's a market for the product and that means others will try to copy so they too can profit. It will start off expensive and then get cheap. The first cars, computers, etc we extremely expensive for the average person but over time became affordable enough for almost anyone to buy.
RE: cost
written by John Pelletier, December 15, 2008
remember that the dawn of the auto age saw gas and electric cars on par, and actually the electric winning, but they were for the rich, they were a play thing, in some cases a horse could still go faster and was more reliable then the brand name levitra first cars. think of that today, the new electric car is designed for the rich, both Tesla models, the volt even (without govt incentive) hell even the hydrogen(500k-1mill) cars. we just need a Henry Ford of the electric car to start mass production and viagra oral gel deliver lower prices due to economies of cialis femele scale, it might just be found in china...
re: cost
written by Adam, December 15, 2008
Another reason for low cost and rapid development is probably a lack of environmental regulation. Chances are these cars and batteries are responsible for far more environmental damage than they are going to prevent. At least the technology and competition will be out there to encourage US and Japanese companies to generic levitra online follow suite.
They Should Lead
written by James2, December 16, 2008
The regulations in developed countries are big hurdle for innovation - look at all the recall in big 3s. And just imagine how much pollution it gave out when the first combustion engine was developed and how dangerous it is compare to today's car. China is kind of like a wild2 west in new tech/design and it's this is kind of environment will sprung some new tech break through - super charge battery which may cause cancer now but later can be fixed or like stem cell research it's has to use sperm and egg but later can use other cell, that's because they don't have a bunch of religious nuts telling them destroying 2 cells is a murder.

If Chinese succeed the world should cheer for them, it's sad that sometimes people hate others success. Think about it if not US invented TV, telephone, internet...Now, it's Chinese turn.
written by Bob, December 16, 2008
Because the car does not work?
written by Greg, December 16, 2008
Does anybody know what sort of subsidies the Chinese government has for its manufacturing industry? I think much of the equipment costs are subsidized leaving only labor and viagra in india overhead as the cialis australia main costs. I'm not sure if that is correct but if it is that will drive the cost to produce down significantly.
No need for subsidies, they make profit
written by E6, December 17, 2008
I don't know about subsidies, but I know BYD is the world's 2nd largest rechargeable battery manufacturer. There is order viagra viagra no way to achieve that position without knowing a thing or two about batteries. Do people really think GM, Ford or Chrysler know batteries even half as well as BYD?

It is no coincidence that Bolloré, a French battery manufacturer is trying to break into EV market by developing their own EV (with the help of Pininfarina). EVs are all about batteries, and BYD, with their 8000-strong research center, seems to have developed a battery that is ahead of viagra pay by e check others.

After 15 years, nobody questions Chinese cars. After 30 years, nobody remembers American cars.
Berkshire Hathaway
written by miltowny, December 17, 2008
I noticed after skimming the BYD website that Warren Buffet has invested heavily in the company. I think the days of assuming failure in every Chinese company is over.

As for batteries and the environment. I seem to remember that GM was outsourcing the Volt Batt's to asia. Maybe for the same reason??? Or maybe because all of our American battery companies are now just label makers.
written by David, January 11, 2009
one thing is for sure..

if you dont produce your own batteries on wow it's great cialis pills a huge scale, you will not be competitive in pricing a EV to market.
written by SgtSally, January 11, 2009
Chinese company = stolen technology.
written by Paul, January 13, 2009
Your assertion re: Chinese companies is SO old school. As the US fails as a imperial power and manufacturer our world position will be overshadowed by more innovative and resource-rich peoples. There are still British citizens clinging to i use it cheap viagra from uk a bygone era when the Commonwealth ruled the world, and probably Spanish with their heads stuck in an era when they ruled the seas. America's great era is coming to a close. Get used to it.
written by mobitronia, January 28, 2009
No wonder why people goes to hybrid and plug-in vehicles these days.. we find it more practical and economical to use.
written by mobitronia, January 28, 2009
No wonder why people goes to hybrid and plug-in vehicles these days.. we find it more practical and economical to use.
No competition
written by Emlyn, March 23, 2009
Trouble is, not only does this Chinese manufacturer not have to worry about safety concerns, but they can produce the good choice canadian healthcare pharmacy vehicles cheaply because they don't pay the same salaries or benefits that one would find in the U.S. or Europe.

That said, the GM dinosaur's days are numbered if their best bet is the Volt. Why is professional viagra online there so much pomp and circumstance about a car that only just barely manages to not already seem outdated? Too big to fail, too big to innovate.

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