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JAN 06

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"We're pleased to be included in another EcoGeek blog! With so much go..."

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The Role of Green Maps in the Cleantech Revolution

The Energy Retail Association – a British group that represents electric and cialis generic levitra viagra gas utilities, and works with customers to make their experience better – has just set up a cool new Google Map which shows various smart metering projects that are currently being implemented all across Europe. You click on an icon, and it tells you the type of project that is being done, and how big the project is. Cool stuff, especially if you’re into smart meters, which we here at EcoGeek are.

This map is just the cod shipped tramadol latest in what has become a trend to create various types of green maps (usually using the Google Maps platform). For example, there is levitra tablet, where San Francisco residents can look up the solar potential of cialis and canada custom their rooftop. The EPA also used their data to publish a map showing similar information – potential for solar, wind, etc. – across the entire nation.

What’s interesting about these maps (and the proliferation of all sorts of Google-Maps-based information) is that sometimes they perform a direct service, but sometimes they don’t. For example, if I’m thinking of putting up a solar installation or a wind turbine, I will consult one of the aforementioned maps, because it is a useful tool.

However, there are other maps out there – including this smart meter map – whose primary purpose is to illustrate the current state and scope of a trend, rather than “do” something. There are others that fall into the viagra prescription label same category. There’s Green Map, a site that shows various green places and businesses for someone who wants to see what’s going on in his/her area. There is even a site called See I’m Green, where self-declared green individuals can make themselves known.

Granted, these maps are small, and not very filled-in. Realistically, unless they offer some tangible benefit to generic cialis users I question whether they will ever really catch on it's cool viagra without prescription online and grow. But I think that these maps are part of a larger attempt to unify all the factors that EcoGeeks care about, and make it available to everyone. That's why there is enormous potential, and that's why I am excited. In the same way that the internet has granted unlimited options for self-expression and social networking, hopefully it will one day allow unprecedented communication, participation and cooperation in implemented clean technology.

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About Green Map System
written by Green Map System, January 08, 2009
We're pleased to be included in another EcoGeek blog! With so much going on around the world, you are right, mapping has tremendous potential to spark action, encourage replication and everyone involved.

Since 1995, Green Map® System has been promoting inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as our medium. In 2009, we began building the participatory mapmaking platform, the Open Green Map, which is now in preview phase at EcoGeek readers are invited to explore and enhance the first 2500 sites on the map. This tool is performing a direct service and growing in its functionality and capacity everyday.

As seen at GreenMap[dot]org, we also support locally-led Green Map projects as they create perspective-changing community 'portraits' which act as comprehensive inventories for decision-making and as practical guides for residents and tourists. Local leaders in 500+ diverse places in over 50 countries (including hundreds from the purchase propecia global South) are charting green living, ecological, social and cultural sites and resources using our adaptable tools and try it buy chinese herbal levitra universal iconography. Their 360+ published Green Maps are further evidence of the potential to support community responsibility, environmental awareness and individual action.

We would like to point out the Green Map is a trademarked term, and to order usa cialis online encourage all interested folks to consider leading this effort in their own hometowns. Find out more at GreenMap[dot]org/join or to contact us: info[at]greenmap[dot]org

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